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Skincare Review: Gizi Super Cream

Gizi, anyone ever heard a skincare brand name Gizi? Two things that first popped in my mind was balanced nutrition and children. It is because in Indonesia Gizi means a digestive process in which food is transformed into energy. Hence, I never thought that it is actually a local beauty brand.

I was even more surprised to find out that Gizi has been around for more than forty years now! That’s very impressive. A good friend of mine told me that her friend used to use Gizi too when she was in high school back in 1997. Even my senior at the office also know and used to use Gizi’s moisturizer too. Both of them told me that Gizi moisturizer used to be packed in a pot. I think the picture below is the product they are referring to, which I have checked on Gizi’s website, is still available to get and has been reformulated.


About two weeks ago, I got an email from Kawaii Beauty Japan that I was one of the lucky bloggers who have been selected to try Gizi Super Cream. That time, I did not know about Gizi at all. I thought it was a Japanese skincare, especially it was a representative of Kawaii Beauty Japan who contacted me. Therefore, I was very surprsied to find out that Gizi is actually an Indonesian beauty brand. But, after finding out more about Gizi, as an Indonesian, I am very proud and honor to be part of this project.

So, here is my review of Gizi Super Cream after two weeks application. Enjoy! <3



The Product

Initially, in 1972, Gizi was the pioneer in Indonesia’s local beauty industry that first promoted to use seaweed as main ingredient in cosmetic. Completed by six other local natural ingredient – lime, rice,aloe vera, papaya, soy and winter melon; Gizi offers only the best from our national natural resources for our precious skin. Further, their products have also been approved by SJH (Sistem Jaminan Halal – Halal Certified Product) & MUI (Majelis Ulama Indonesia – Indonesian Council) as safe to use. What’s more, this is what I love most from this brand is that they don’t do animal testing; hence, their products are cruelty free!

There are 3 products sent to me:

  • Daily Natural Lightening Foam (Mild)
  • Daily Nutrition Cream (Tube & Pot)
  • Daily Nutrition Cream SPF 18

pink-top-border-hiDaily Natural Lightening Foam (Mild)

It is made of five natural ingredients,Gizi Facial Foam is function to clean dirt, makeup residue, remove dead skin cells naturally, reduces excess oil on the face while at the same time keeping moisture longer, so the skin does not go dry (mild formula); further, it also makes the skin clean and looks bright

I have been using this foam for more than two weeks now, consistently, day and night. I like how lightweight formula it has. I like how the foam, as it is mild formulation, does not make your face feels tight that we can usually found on certain face cleanser. However, I will still recommend you to do double cleansing when it comes to heavy makeup. If it is just a light daily makeup – bb cream and finishing powder, light touch of blush and eyeshadow, the foam can do the job. But if you have waterproof makeup on, you may want to clean it first with makeup remover before washing your face with Gizi Daily Lightening Foam (Mild), especially the waterline area which is hard to reach.



Daily Nutrition Cream

Having a super soft and light texture, Daily Nutrition Cream is made of 7 local essential herbal. Produced using nano technology, it allows skin to absorb the cream easily, faster and last longer. The main benefits of the cream are it softens, brighten and protect the skin from the harmful UV rays.

As the name said it, it is a face cream. I usually wear it after a good face wash in the morning, before applying any makeup, after liquid essence. I never expect that there is an Indonesian brand that will suit my skin. I have tried other local brand, but none works for me. So, yeah.. this is my very first local skincare favorit! I am really happy that it works, especially as it is lightly scented. My skin is sensitive with scented products. Three months ago, I tried a  face oil that has a strong fragrance, and my skin reacted badly that it caused itchy-ness, acne and pimples. It took me a full month treatment to get my skin back to normal. However, I am quite surprised that Gizi works!

In short, after two weeks plus of continuous application, I can see that my  face becomes brighter and has less acne. In fact, I have actually noticed the difference during the first week of application; my face looked slightly brighter than usual.



Daily Nutrition Cream SPF 18

You guys may be as confused as I am when you first read the title on the box. When I got the product, I also confused of the difference between the Daily Nutrition Cream and Daily Nutrition Cream SPF 18, especially because both contain SPF in it.

So,  what’s the difference? Daily Nutrition Cream SPF 18 is actually the same product as Daily Nutrition Cream – is also made of 7 local essential herbal, and produced using nano technology, just it contains more UV protection formula in it, SPF 18. Also, I noticed that the texture of the cream is more solid than Daily Nutrition Cream. Perhaps it is because of the extra SPF formula, but relax it’s not an issue to worry about.

I have tried it as well. Although it has more solid in texture, but thanks to Nano Technology, this cream is as easily absorb by the skin as the Daily Nutrition Cream.  Just for your information, I wrote this post in Bali, as I am currently enjoying my year end holiday with my love ones. Of course I took Gizi Super Cream along with me so I can test it further, especially the Daily Nutrition Cream SPF 18. So, based on my experienced, I noticed  that the Daily Nutrition Cream SPF 18 has a cooling effect. I think it is due to the Aloe Vera ingredient it has. Therefore, though it was very hot in here, of course it’s summer in Australia now, but my face did not feel as hot and also did not get as oily and greasy.



The Price

Gizi Super Cream is really affordable:

  • Daily Lightening Foam: Rp 25,000.-
  • Daily Nutrition Cream (Tube, 18gr): Rp 35,000.-
  • Daily Nutrition Cream (Pot, 9gr): Rp 18,000.-
  • Daily Nutrition Cream SPF 18: Rp 40,000.-

pink-top-border-hiThe Store 

Gizi Super Cream can obtained Online on Gizi’s website and offline at:

  • Apotek
  • Mini Market
  • Toko Kosmetik & Salon
  • Klinik
  • Koperasi
  • Toko
  • Supermarket


That’s all my review of Gizi Super Cream. I hope you all enjoy and find the information useful. I myself will definitely purchase them all when I have finish the sample. Definitely recommend this to everyone who is looking for an affordable but great in quality skincare.


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