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I am so grateful to be able to grab this Lorac Mega Pro 2 last year as I missed the first one two years ago. It is very hard to get Lorac’s product in Indonesia. First, as we all know, they haven’t entered Indonesia yet. Hence, it can only be obtained through individual online stores. However, most online shops only sell the Lorac Pro & Lorac Pro 2 palettes. Third, only some online shops sell them and with very limited amount of stocks. One of the sellers told me that it was very hard to get because Ulta has been very strict. Some of them even got banned. So, I was lucky to get it.


Similar with the first one, the Mega PRO Palette 2 is loaded with also 16 Shimmer and 16 Matte velvety-smooth shadows too.If the Lorac Mega Pro was packed was very warm-toned–only a handful of shades are neutral to cool–and it is a more light to mid-tone palette; the Mega Pro 2 has cooler undertone.


Classic Pink SeparatorThe Formula:

  • Has silky but soft, light and lightly powdery texture
  • Just like the original Lorac Pro palette, the shades are quite pigmented. To get the best result, apply eye  primer in advance.
  • Easy to blend and build-able shades; simply, very easy to work with
  • The shadow last up to 12 hours with eye primer and looked fresh all day.
  • The only turn down is they have lots of fall out. A quick tip to handle this issue is remember to tap off your brush as you use it.

Classic Pink SeparatorThe Shades:

Inside are 32 shadows — 16 mattes and 16 shimmers which range from practical, everyday shades (matte beige and browns) to frosty, fun greens, blues, shimmery browns, golds and purples. It is a challenging but fun palette for me to play with, trying to create a new look that I don’t usually pull off. Cool tone shades are not really my thing. So, it’s a good challenge to get me out of my comfort zone.

Here, I have made the swatches per-row:

(L-R) Bisque, Lavender, Purple, Sorbet, Goji, Carbenet, Ash, Black
(L-R): Porcelain, Custard, Tawny, Burlap, Melon, Tangerine, Saddle, Forest
(L-R) Sugar, Chiffon, Prosecco, Soft Plum, Cinnamon, Sandstone, Gunmetal, Blue Quartz
(L-R) Moonlight, Seashell, Peony, DK, Sienna, Penny, Olivine, Gold Leaf, Black Ivy

Classic Pink SeparatorThe Packaging

The outer packaging is made of a reflective blue box. It’s pretty hard to capture it, but fortunately, I managed to get it. Basically, it just tells us the shade names, finishes, and suggestions for how to use the colors in combination with one another; nothing more.


Classic Pink SeparatorThe Store & The Price

It was Ulta Exclusive. Means it can only be obtained from Ulta store only. They sold it for US$ 59. In Indonesia, we can get it from online shops such as Beauty Haul Indonesia, TWL Cosmetic, etc. The price range from Rp 1,150,000 to Rp 1,800,000. I got it from @LioleCosmetic (Instagram seller) for Rp 1,150,000. I am not sure that they still have it though, as it is a Limited Edition for Holiday Collection 2015; feel free to check the links provided.

Classic Pink Separator

In summary, despite of the fall out, Lorac Mega Pro 2 is a great palette to have. It has great shades combination that I am pretty much enjoy playing with to create looks that I never made before.Below is some of the looks that I created:

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Recommendation: Yes!
Repurchase: It is limited edition, so they do not produce it anymore. However, I will definitely get the Mega Pro 3, if they gonna make it.
Rate: 4/5


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