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Anastasia Beverly Hills Self Made Palette Review

Hello again dears, today I would like to share with you my thought on the latest Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette, the Self Made Eye shadow Palette.

I have heard lots of good reviews about them. Many beauty gurus and bloggers endorsed it as the “all a makeup artist would need” alot. So, last Christmas I decided to get it, and tried it myself.

To be honest, I did not know what to expect from this palette, except a balance combination of shimmer and matte shades; plus no fall outs, especially from chunky glitters.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Palette - Self-Made Eyeshadow Palette
Self-Made Eyeshadow Palette



The Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette

So, just like the previous Eye shadow Collection, the Self-Made Artist Palette is a limited edition collection too. I don’t own the previous Palettes; so, if you are interested to find out more the differences of the palettes, you may look it up from other bloggers like Mary – My Trip Down The Beauty Aisle.

The Formula:

  • Very pigmented, except the shade ISLA is not as pigmented or intense as I expected.
  • Easy to blend
  • Build-able
  • The texture feels buttery-smooth
  • It has a good mix of cool and warm tones, neutrals and bright shades

My biggest turned down is the fall out, especially the shade Pink Champagne and Spirit Rock; the chunky glitters fell everywhere – on the palettes and on the face when I applied it. It was very annoying.

Another turned down was the staying power, especially of the brighter shades. I tried it with eye primer on, yet it still went messy and fading away. I wore it to work from about 9.00 a.m till about 4.00 p.m. I think it might have something to do with the weather. As you all know, Indonesia is always hot and humid, even on rainy season.

Last but not least, it has less  matte and transition colors. So I had to combine it with other palettes – the Morphe Brushes 35N palettes, which is my favorite!

The Self-Made Eyeshadow Palette Ingredients Detail


The Shades

As mentioned before, the palette consist of 14 good mix of cool and warm tones, neutrals and bright shades. However, it does not have enough matte shades, especially for transition color, otherwise it would make a great palette.

The Shades

Pink Champagne: This shade is pack with quite a large amount of glitters. Hence, it can be quite messy. As you can see on the photo below, the glitters fell everywhere. It’s a good shade for layering to add some shine though.

Metallic Plum: As you can see from the swatch, it looks more like a dark purple-ish brown/plum brown shade with satin finish than metallic plum.

Self-Made: It is a bronze gold shade with a satin finish.

Witchy: A khaki gray with a sparkle finish.

Blush: A light beige with a duo chrome pink finish.

Blossom: A lilac pink with a satin finish. I am in love with this shade. So far, it is the only pink shade that I can wear without making me look tired or sick.

Buttery: A buildable beige with an ultra-matte finish. I like to apply it as a based color after eye primer.

Deep Purple: An amethyst purple, the most vibrant color on the palette that caught my first attention when I opened the palette. You have zero probability to miss this shade.

Treasure: An ultra-light Champagne with a metallic finish. I like to use on the inner corner highlight.

Hot & Cold: A rum brown with a metallic finish.

Sherbert: I would say that it is a bold peachy shade with a velvet finish. This is one of the shade that I found quite intense; so, just a lil bit goes along the way.

Isla: A sea foam green with a duo chrome gold finish. This was one of the shades that I was excited to try. Unfortunately, it was not as intense as I expected though I had used eye primer. I had to build the shades a few layers  to get the intensity.

Spirit Rock: It is practically a black shade loaded with chunky glitters that fell everywhere. Hence, I hardly reach for this shade.

Hot Chocolate: Rich, cocoa brown with a matte finish.

Hand Swatches


The Packaging

To be honest, I found the palette was smaller when you see it in person than it did on Instagram. It’s not a big deal though. As for the design, it’s very simple. The box does not look as fancy as Urban Decay’s or Too Faced’s packaging. Yet, on the inside, it looks appealing and classy.  Just look at the grey clutch with the Anastasia Beverly Hills logo on the middle; it looks beautiful.

Just like the previous collection, the Self Made palette also came with a dual end brush, which I found very handy to have for travelling.


The Store & The Price

In US, you can get it from Ulta and Sephora for $35. In Indonesia, you can find it from online shops (website & Instagram). I am not sure if they still have it or not since it’s a limited edition collection. Anyway, here is the list:

  • Beautyhaulindo – Rp 680,000 (I got mine here)
  • Odettecosmetic – Rp 665,000
  • Lovetoshop – Rp 650,000
  • TWLCosmetic – Rp 700,000

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Here is the look I created with this Anastasia Beverly Hills Self Made Palette

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In summary, Anastasia Beverly Hills Self Made Palette offers you a great deal of shades to play with. I really like the classy design of the packaging. Another plus point is the dual end brush that comes along with it. It is very handy to have when you are travelling. However, it lacks of matte shades; plus, it does not have a transition shade. Another thing that I don’t like most is that most of the shades have lots of fall out.

So, overall, it did not match my expectations. If I have to rate it, I will give 2.5 out of 5. Will I recommend it? I won’t, because I will not recommend anything that I don’t like. Will I get the next palette? I don’t think so. Simply, Anastasia Beverly Hills palette is not my taste of palette.

Well, that’s me, but others may find it interesting and fun to have and play with. If you are interested with Anastasia’s palette collection, I encourage you to try and decide for yourself, who knows that you may actually like it 🙂



So, that’s all my review for the day. I hope you all having a great reading time, and find the information useful. Don’t forget to follow me on my social media for more beauty boosts and updates.

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