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Affordable Makeup: Marina Smooth & Glow UV [ MAKEUP REVIEW]

Hello beautiful ladies, today I have an affordable makeup brand, which I came across recently. It’s from a local brand that has been around for years now. Some of you may have heard about it, or probably have been using it.

Personally, I have heard the brand, Marina. However, I only knew its bath and body  products. Only a few weeks ago, when I received an email from Bina Blog Indonesia, I found out that they also have cosmetics line, which is called as Marina Face Care. Attracted with their cute pink packaging, I decided to give it a go. #saatnyabersinar <3

pink-swirly-hiThe Products.

There are 8 products available in the Marina Face Care category:

  • Marina Smooth & Glow BB Cream SPF 20 PA++
  • Marina Smooth & Glow Compact Powder SPF 20 PA++
  • Marina Smooth & Glow Two Way Cake SPF 20 PA++
  • Marina Smooth & Glow Powdery Foundation SPF 20 PA++
  • Marina UV Protection Compact Powder
  • Marina UV Protection Loose Powder
  • Marina UV White Bright & Fresh Face Moisturizer 30ML
  • Marina UV White Bright & Fresh Facial Foam

In this blog, I am gonna share with you two products that I have tried, the Marina Smooth & Glow Compact Powder SPF 20 PA++ and the Marina Smooth &  Glow Two Way Cake SPF 20 PA++.

pink-swirly-hiMarina Smooth & Glow Compact Powder SPF 20 PA++

Their claim:
It is made of natural ingredient such as Mulberry which functions to keep our face smooth with a natural look; enriches with Vitamin C to help maintaining a brighter skin complexion. Further, the compact is formulated with shine control to help us look fresh all day. Last but not least, it is also packed with SPF 20 and PA ++ to protect our precious face from the bad UV B that can burn the skin and UV A that can darken our complexion. Most importantly, it is clinically proven.

Simply, this compact powder is created to help making our complexion look naturally brighter.


There are two ways to use this Marina Smooth & Glow Compact Powder SPF 20 PA++:

  • Use it alone after applying your skin care for a thin layer of coverage. To get the look, I used the sponge given from the compact. So I could get better coverage.
  • Full Make Up as setting powder after applying foundation all over the face. For this purpose, I used my powder brush instead for more control.

I am using the shade 11 – Ivory.

pink-swirly-hiMarina Smooth & Glow Two Way Cake SPF 20 PA++

Some of you may ask what’s the difference between the compact and the two way cake. The Marina Smooth & Glow Two Way Cake SPF 20 PA++ is an all in one Powder & Foundation. So, it is formulated to give a better coverage than the compact powder, because it is created to conceal flaws and imperfections, giving a smooth and natural finish.

Just like the Compact, Marina Smooth & Glow Two Way Cake is also packed with

  • SPF 20 PA ++ to protect our skin from the harmful UV A and UV B
  • Vitamin C to help maintaining our bright complexion, making the skin looks fairer
  • Mulberry to keep our skin smooth and looks natural
  • Natural Microfine Powder; therefore it feels lightweight and gives smoother texture and result, as well as making it last longer than the compact one.
  • Clinically proven, which means it is safe to use daily

If you have tried this, you will notice that it as a sweet soothing scent, which I found quite relaxing, making your makeup experience became more fund and enjoyable to do.


As the Marina Smooth & Glow Two Way Cake SPF 20 PA++ has a foundation mixed in the formula; so, I don’t combine it with other face product such as BB Cream or Foundation.

For the application technique, I like to use a damp sponge to apply the two way cake, which most of you known as the wet application. You can use tap water – put small amount of water into a bowl, deep the sponge into; then drained the excess water. Another way, you can use setting spray by simply spraying the mist or the setting spray onto the sponge on the surface of the sponge that I am gonna use to apply the foundation. I personally like to use  Evian Face Mist because it feels refreshing.

I like it that way because it has an airbrush like finish; it gives a better coverage, so if you have acne issue / black heads / eye bag / pimples and do not have concealers to cover it, worry not! You can build over the layers on those areas and it will conceal it perfectly. Also, it helps to make the makeup last longer.

I am using the shade 14 – Natural here.


The Stores

You can get it almost anywhere in Indonesia: Carrefour, Giant, Lottemart, Hypermart, Naga, Tip Top, Alfamart, and other cosmetic stores.

pink-swirly-hiMy Thoughts

To be honest, I haven’t wore the compact powder as much as the Marina Smooth & Glow Two Way Cake SPF 20 PA++. It’s because I have been too lazy to apply foundation or BB Cream, especially when I was in a rush. Here are the summary of my thoughts after wearing it for two weeks.

Pro – Compact Powder

  • It feels lightweight
  • It last through the day / did not crack
  • It has a good oil control (my favorite part! I have a super oily skin)
  • It is a good powder to use as finishing powder
  • It does brighten the skin to look glow-y naturally
  • It is build-able
  • Affordable
  • Easy to get. It’s everywhere
  • It’s a local brand! (#lovelocalproduct #cintaprodukdalamnegeri #supportbusinesslokal)

Con – Compact Powder

  • It does not have good coverage if you use it single; I have to build the layers about five times before I felt satisfied.
  • Scented. I am allergic with fragrance product. So it made me feel itchy. Otherwise, I would really love to wear it daily. I love the scent though; it smell sweet.

Rating4/5 stars


Pro – Two Way Cake

  • It feels lightweight that you won’t even remember that you have makeup on
  • It last through the day / did not Crack
  • It has good oil control that my face still looked fresh at the end of the day <3
  • It has medium to high coverage that you won’t need concealer
  • It is build-able
  • Affordable
  • Easy to get. It’s everywhere
  • It’s a local brand! (#lovelocalproduct #cintaprodukdalamnegeri #supportbusinesslokal)

Con – Compact Powder

  • The only con I have is the scent. As mentioned above, I am allergic to fragrance product; hence my skin felt itchy whenever I used it; otherwise it will definitely become one of my go-to-products.

Rating4/5 stars

Will I recommend them? Yes! Unless you are allergic to fragrance cosmetic like me, otherwise you have all my support and recommendation to get it. As you can read it for yourself, the only turn down for me is the fragrance issue.

For more information, you check it out from their official page:



That’s all my experience with Sahabat Marina. If you have tried any of their Face Care Products, feel free to share yours on the comment below 🙂

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