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Have you ever heard about Collagen Drink? Most of us must know or at least familiar with Collagen, as we obsessed with it, especially those who are at their 30s and above. But, have you ever thought or imagine drinking it? I know, it sounds crazy. How can it be? How will it taste?

Feeling curious, I attended Agelez Bihaku Media and Blogger gathering at Ritz Carlton Hotel, Kuningan last Friday to find out.


Welcomed by Shelli from Agelez Bihaku, the Ritz Carlton ballroom has been transformed into a beauty festival. I was immediately attracted by Agelez Bihaku booth, where they offered the guess a free skin consultation.

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Besides the consultation booth, they got Agelez Bihaku Bar, which was attended by a cute Ritz Carlton bartender.  We were served with a special Agelez Bihaku Fruit cocktail – Peach Cocktail and Lemon Cocktail. The taste was very uniquely delicious.

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There was also a Photo Booth. Of course I had to take pictures there 😛

I was sitting at table 4 along with other fellow beauty bloggers. It was fun to be able to meet with other women who share the same passion for beauty with me, and made new friends. I was also lucky to be able to meet Astie from in person! She was really nice and friendly.

The event was opened by a pretty MC, Rahma Umayya, which was then continued with a Beauty Talk Show with Dr. Kardiana Dewi, Sp. KK. In the talk show, she shared about skin knowledge, which are important to know and learn. Hearing her lecture, I realized an important issue that most of us neglect; simply because it never occurred to us that it is important, i.e. learning about skin.


We claimed that we care; however, after listening to her, I rethought; have I really cared for my skin health?  At the talk show, Dr. Kardiana encouraged us eat well. It was because we are what we eat. If we lots of junk food; no wonder our skin went bad. It was because our skin could not find the nutrients needed to replace the dead cells. Hence, our skin lost its supporting Collagen structure; therefore, our skin aged earlier than it supposed. Also, she highlighted the importance of drinking enough water as recommended – 8 litters/day, and got enough sleep daily.

Listening to her, I now understood why they chose “Discover The Most Beauty In You” as the event title. It is because what’s inside is what matters most. No matter how much makeup we put on, it won’t be able to hide the flaws permanently. Plus, makeup can’t help us become healthier as well. Therefore, I made a commitment to myself to be watch out more of my food consumption, drinking more water, and consume more fruits and veggies. I will definitely eat outside lesser, especially fast and junk food, which are obviously bad for our health.


Afterward, Mr.Agung Paramita, Agelez Bihaku Exibition Manager, introduced us to Agelez Bihaku, Indonesia’s first Nano Collage Drink Supplement. It is the first most advanced liquid collagen supplement with nano-sized made in Japan. Consisting of 11 premium ingredients, it is created to synergistically restore our skin natural glow and help reduce the signs of aging from inside out.

It is very impressive to know that inside that tiny bottle, we got 13,500mg Nano-sized Collagen from Salmon. If there is such thing as immortal elixir, I think this must be it! hahaha.. At least, it helps us to stay young and healthy.

Another good news, this product has passed HALAL and BPOM RI SI censored. So, it is safe to be consumed.

IMG_4701 IMG_4720 IMG_4718

Last but not least, this was what we all had been waiting for, DOOR PRIZE TIME!! It was because one lucky winner would receive a free trip to Japan! Wohooo…! I never been to Japan, so, it would be amazing to win it. Unfortunately, I did not win. Sad, but I believe that one day I will go to Japan.So, I gave thanks to God for His blessings.


Overall, it was really a great experience. I got to learn a lot about Skin health and made new friends. Also, I got to bring home a box of Agelez Bihaku Collagen Drink. So, stay tune for my update on this Collagen Drink! Hopefully, my skin gets younger and more beautiful afterwards! <3


“Above all else, guard your heart,
    for everything you do flows from it.”
– Ancient Proverbs


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