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Unboxing Isi Beauty Pouch Mertua

Hi gengs, ada yang pernah check isi beauty pouch mertua ? Yesss… dalam post kali ini, aku akan share apa saja isi dari beauty pouch mertua aku. Jarang – jarang kan ada menantu yang berani bongkar isi beauty pouch mertua. Kalau konten tentang isi beauty pouch pribadi sudah banyak yang bikin. Karena itu, kali ini aku mau ajak kalian untuk intip isi beauty pouch mertuaku. Yuk dibaca …

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Clinelle Caviar Gold Luxury Series Review

Hi gengs, postingan kali ini aku mau share tentang Clinelle Caviar Gold Luxury Series. Rangkaian skincare ini adalah produk anti-aging dari Clinelle Beauty. Setelah aku pakai secara rutin selama 3minggu+, aku bisa melihat perubahan yang menyenangkan dikulit wajahku. Buat kalian yang kuatir soal aging skin, atau soal kantong mata, atau mungkin sedang mencari produk Anti Aging, yuk dibaca …

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ASTALIFT: Renewal Jelly Aquarysta [SKINCARE REVIEW]

  Have you ever heard about ASTALIFT Renewal Jelly Aquarysta? It basically is a Japanese Anti-Aging product. So, before this, I never tried any ASTALIFT product. Therefore, I don’t really know what to expect about it, except helping my skin to rejuvenate. However, after I came to their Beauty Blogger Gathering, everything changed. Why? It’s …

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Bio-Oil Talk Show: Love Your Skin & Life [Event Report]

Hi everyone, I hope all of you are feeling great today. I know, today is Monday, and most people feel lazy about it. However, look at the bright side; it’s a brand new day and week! So, we new opportunity to make this week as a great week to enjoy. To cheer you up, and …

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Enhance Beauty From Within [Beauty Review]

Skin problems – Acne, blackheads, pimples, redness, big pore, uneven skin-tone, dull skin, aging and any other issues that we can come up with, are great enemies that us, women are battling our whole life. If you share similar issues with me and are looking for the solutions, continue reading.