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Skin problems – Acne, blackheads, pimples, redness, big pore, uneven skin-tone, dull skin, aging and any other issues that we can come up with, are great enemies that us, women are battling our whole life.

If you share similar issues with me and are looking for the solutions, continue reading.


I understand that for most of us, skincare may have become a must-do daily routine. We search and try many brands and products – local and international. Finding the perfect match for our skin surely is tough. There are just too many products to choose from: the non-organic versus organic products, water based versus oil based, oil-free, mineral, fragrance – non-fragrance, cruelty free, etc. I personally almost give up in my search, but thank God I have found mine.

Another effort that I believe many of us, including me does is by watching out our food consumption – what we eat and how much we eat per-serve daily, and drinking waters regularly according to the recommended amount. As the words say it, “you are what you eat!” It’s true, though not everyone go that far.

Last but not least, some of us even go to beautician on regular basis, consulting and getting a monthly treatment. Many women around me do that. They feel desperate and resorted their case by using prescribed skincare. I am not saying it wrong, but I am not sure if it really is the best answer for their skin problem, as I found that once they stopped using it, their skin turned worse than before. Hence, they have to use the prescribed skincare again. Well, another issue with this case is that they don’t understand their skin enough. They would like to have a flawless skin, but they don’t understand what cause their skin issue; hence they can’t get a permanent solution. For example if the cause of your skin irritation is because your skin is allergic to fragrance skincare, then the obvious solution is stop using it, and look for fragrance free skincare. Therefore, it’s important to find the source of your skin problems.

Here I would like to share 3 main causes of skin problems that I got from Dr. Kardiana:

  1. Stress.
    It affects the level of hormone in our body. Hence, it may trigger and increase particular skin problems such as increase dandruff on our head and causing itchy white flake; causes acne as stress triggers an influx of androgens, which is responsible for the production of sebum; skin outbreak, and worse, it also causes the increased of free radical damage too.
  2. UV Light
    It is a type of electromagnetic radiation. Just like radio waves, infrared radiation, X-rays and gamma-rays, Ultraviolet Light is invisible to human eye. Most of the natural UV light that we encounter daily comes from the sun, which responsible for the summer tan. The issue here is although summer tan looks cool, however, too much exposure to UV radiation is harmful for our skin tissue. UV-A triggers early aging as it attacks the inner layer of the skin and destroys collagen; whereas, UV-B causes skin burn as it damages the epidermis layer.
  3. Free Radical
    There are two scientific terms that have become two of the most talk issues in the beauty world – Free radicals and antioxidants. Free radicals, also known as the “baddies” in our skin, are the healthy cells turned bad as a result of trauma; hence it causes early aging. There are lots of factors that trigger Free Radicals as stress, busy lifestyle, poor diet, alcohol, smoking, drugs, illness, pregnancy (YES! unfortunately it is!), UV light, pollution, and what we apply to our skin.

So, as you can see, all the factors cause the loss of Collagen, which is very important for the skin as the main support of the skin structure. Therefore, the damage and loss of Collagen will cause the skin to break and lead to other skin problems that we have discussed above.



As Collagen is the main support that holds everything together; therefore, the only solution for skin issue is to restore the number of Collagen in the body.

There are 7 things you can do to reduce your problems level:

  1. Change your lifestyle
  2. Face your feelings
  3. Watch what you eat (Remember, you are what you eat)
  4. Clean your face regularly
  5. Quit smoking
  6. Limit your alcohol consumption
  7. Apply Sunscreen before going out

These 7 tips will definitely help you to have a better life and skin condition. However, it can only restore as much Collagen. Therefore, let me share with you the last secret weapon that will definitely Boost Up our Collagen supply in the body: Collagen Drink. Yup, you heard it right! If there is such thing as Immortal Elixir, I think this would be it. It is because Collagen Drink restores the youthfulness of our skin.

On my last post, I have shared with you that I was invited by Agelez Bihaku – is a Japanese Beauty Brand, which just entered Indonesian market recently – to attend their Media & Blogger Gathering. I learned a lot from the gathering as you can read the summary here.

Who does not adore Japanese women? They have been adored for their great skin – bright and flawless, despite of their age. At the gathering, Agelez Bihaku revealed that very secret to us: besides daily skincare routine and watching their food consumption, Japanese women are also consume liquid Collagen Supplement regularly too! Hence, I was very excited when they sent a box-full of their Collagen Drink.


Agelez Bihaku Collagen Drink consists of 13,500mg Premium Nano Collagen and 10 other essentials and active ingredients. Here is the list of the ingredients and its functions:

  • 13,500 mg Premium Nano Collagen
    Extracted from Premium Salmon that has nano particles which are very easy to be absorb our body.
  • Salmon Ovary Peptide
    Functions to brighten the skin, fight freckles, and promote skin regenerations
  • Phyto-Ceramide
    Functions to as UV shield that protects the skin from harmful UV rays
  • Salmon Protein Extract
    Made of 18 amino acid, promoting anti-aging substances
  • Hyaluronic Acid
    Functions to lock the water content in the skin (6000x heavier), making the skin looks healthier, moist, younger and brighter.
  • L-Cysteine
    Help the boy to produce glutathione naturally. L-Cysteine works together with glutathione detoxing poison from our liver.
  • CO-Q10 (Aqueous)
    It’s an antioxidant that actively repairing broken skin, boosting anti-body and keep our heart healthy.
  • Elastin
    function to keep the elasticity of chest and buttocks, as well as reducing stretch marks.
  • Biotin
    Delays the growth of white hair and strengthen hair roots and nails
  • Vitamin C
    Functions to help boosting the production of new collagen cells and the production of glutathione, hence our skin looks brighter. Also function as immune support and energy booster.
  • Vitamin E
    It’s anti-oxidant that soluble in fat and is important to boost skin health.

There are 5 main benefits that Agelez Bihaku offers:

  • White: brightening
  • Firm: restoring the firmness of the skin muscle
  • Glow: restoring inner light through skin regeneration
  • Hydrate: restoring moisture
  • Detox: detoxification

Since it consists of 13,500mg Premium Nano Collagen, therefore it has high concentrate of Collagen. In fact, Agelez Bihaku is the only brand that offers the highest amount of Collagen in Indonesia. I have checked and compared it with other Collagen Drink, and it’s true.Other brands’ liquid collagen do not offer as much amount of Collagen as Agelez Bihaku’s. Also, it is the first brand that use Nano technology in the process; hence, it is easily absorb by the body that none of the Collagen will be wasted through urine nor sweat.Well, since it is produced by the biggest Pharmaceutical company in Japan, we can expect as much.

If you wonder whether this Collagen Drink is safe or not to be consumed, I have checked that Agelez Bihaku has got BPOM approval in the Supplement Category – BPOM SI No. 154605791, and also has been tested in many Indonesian laboratory such as Saraswati and Indonesian University (UI) lab.


The Price & The Store

The price +/- Rp 890,000.-/box
You can find it Online and offline:

  • Guardian
  • Tokopedia
  • Qoo10
  • Lazada
  • Elevenia
  • Bilna


My Experience

If you know me or ever met me in person, my face skin has big pores; what’s more, I also have pimples, acne scars, dull skin and over oily skin. Also, on my body, I have a common post-pregnancy issue, i.e. stretch mark problem.

So, after drinking Agelez Bihaku Liquid Collagen for more than two weeks; I finished about 8 bottles – two bottles per week as suggested; I found my skin look better now. My face skin is now look brighter, clearer, have less pimples, most of pores has diminished and felt tighter. As for my stretch mark issue, it’s almost gone. I still have some stretch mark, but mostly has faded away.

Another thing that I like most is that the fact that Agelez Bihaku Collagen Drink is safe to be consumed by pregnant woman and those who suffered specific illness such as heart attack, as the liquid collagen helps replacing the broken cells by producing new healthy cells needed by the body. Also, it is safe to be drunk by people with diabetic disease too because it use stevia sugar instead of normal palm sugar. Therefore, if you are on diet like me, don’t worry! It has zero calories!

Psstt… It taste like peach! I like to mix it with Iced Tea, and it becomes Peach Ice Tea <3

Recommendation: I will definitely recommend this to everyone age 18 and above, especially to those age 30+ to drink this. So, we all can stay healthy and beautiful <3

Rate: 4.5/5

For more information, you can check the official sites of Agelez Bihaku:



Facebook: Agelez Bihaku Indonesia

Twitter: @agelezbihakuid




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