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Valentine Beauty Tips & Gift Ideas

It’s almost Valentine Day, I know many of you are looking forward for it, and been busy browsing around for beauty tips like skincare routine to enhance your skin condition; looking for makeup looks ideas, and of course, gift ideas for your love ones. Me too! Although I am married now, but who says that Valentine Day can only be celebrated by singles?

I know that there are too many options out there – online and offline. Online, there are more beauty gurus on Youtube now giving out their best advice and makeup tutorial than ever. Further, there are many lifestyle Youtuber also trying their best with their DIY Valentine’s Day Treat & Gift Ideas.

Offline, all the stores in the mall are working hard to attract us by putting together their best Valentine theme decorations, displays off attractive goodies, and of course, their Promotions and Discount Banners.

So, to help you out, I am putting together in post my search results that I like and I think are interesting to try. Enjoy! <3


Beauty Tips

Who does not want to great on Valentine’s Day? Everyone does. No matter how old you are, and whether you are married or single, everyone to look at their best condition. The issue here is that many people have the wrong perception about skincare. It is not always have to be expensive. The key is you have to be consistent. No matter how expensive is your skincare, if you are not maintaining it on regular basis consistently, you won’t achieve anything.

Here I have three Skincare Tips & Trick that you may find it useful. Two are DIY Skincare Tricks that you can make by using domestic ingredients that are easily found in the kitchen; and last but not least, a Tips on how to get a more clear skin. All the tips and tricks here are by the famous Youtube Beauty Guru – Michelle Phan.

On separate video, Michelle does a tomato Scrub skincare routine which you can watch here. It is very useful to get rid of blackheads and acne. In regards with the cucumber pad, I like the idea of adding other useful ingredients such as Tomato, which is useful for oil control.  The antioxidants lecopene works more potentially on the skin pores and cleanse the skin pores.

pink-swirly-hiMakeup Look

Here I am sharing with you some makeup tutorials from both Indonesian and international makeup guru. The difficulty of the tutorials are ranging from easy to medium. In the video, some of the guru use drugstore makeup only, or high-end makeup only, and others use the combination of both.

The beauty guru (Top – Bottom):


If I have to decide which one I like most, Tina Yong’s tutorial is my favorite. It is because I have similar eyes shape with her. However, in the video, she used high-end which not everyone can afford; plus there are lots of steps to follow too. So, if you are looking for a simpler and easier tutorial to follow, I like Lizzie Para’s tutorial best :).

pink-swirly-hiNail Ideas

Similar with makeup look, the difficulties level of these Nail Ideas and tutorials are ranging from easy  to medium difficult.

The Tutorials are by (Top – Bottom):

pink-swirly-hiValentine Treat & Gift Ideas

The followings are some Valentine treat and gift ideas. I think these ideas are not limited for gifts; you can also use the recipe for snack ideas for party, or birthday, or even for yourself.

It’s also a good idea to try the recipes together with your girls or family or with your kids (if you are a parent). It will definitely make a great activities for quality time with your love ones <3.

The youtubers (Top – Bottom):

My favorite is the first one, because it’s simple, does not require lots of ingredients, and easy to make, yet it looks awesome and delicious! Well, it’s chocolate after-all 😛 I will also try to make the DIY Card by Idunngoddess. It’s very cool and looks expensive.


That’s all my recommendations of Valentine’s Beauty Tips, Makeup Tutorials, Nail Tutorials and Treats & Gift ideas. I hope you find this compilations useful. Let me know on the comment below if you have Tips or Ideas with the links so I can check it out; also, comment below too which tutorial you try 😀

See you on my next post!




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