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Get Ready With Me To The Beach

Title: Get Ready With Me To The Beach

Hi guys, how are you all doing? I am currently super excited because next week, I’ll have a long weekend due to Midterm Holiday (I am working at School, fyi)! It’s been a while since I can have a quite week for myself and my family. Therefore, we are planning to spend the holiday at the beach! Wohoooo…

If last holiday I went to Bali, this time, we choose Pasir Putih Beach in Anyer. I can imagine the sun, the peaceful wave sound, the sand and most importantly, a fresh Coconut Juice! I am a big fan of fresh coconut Juice. I like to drink it directly from the coconut shell, that’s the best way to enjoy it.Ow.. yeah! Mann… writing it all up here, makes me even more hype!

For the preparation, I have made a list. Well, I don’t usually do it, but since now I have a toddler, there are heaps to prepare and to bring. If you have kids already, you must know all the hec-tic-ness of #parenthood in getting ready for holiday trip. I really can’t imagine how people with more children do it. I am really impressed and proud of you moms!

So, here is my Check list category:
1. Beach Clothing
2. Cosmetic & Skincare (Don’t forget to check if they have SPF in it!)
3. Toiletaries
4. Baby Food
5. Baby Toys
6. Baby Box
7. Electronic

For those who have kids, you must know that baby grows up very fast. It felt like only yesterday he was born at the hospital, then suddenly he has grown up. My baby is now one year and five months old, but none of his one year old clothing fit him anymore. He is now wearing clothes for two and three years old size. Therefore, he needs new baby clothes. Since I have been busy working this week, as I have heaps of works to be done before holiday; hence, I decided to shop for his clothing online.

I never shop his clothing online before, that’s why it took me forever to find the right shop. For me, it’s not just clothes. I consider his comfort and health beyond the design of the clothes. I know what some of you think, but baby has more sensitive skin than us, adults; therefore, I can’t take this issue lightly. Since it’s online shop, there is no way for me to find out the quality of the materials used.

Some people may find it tough in deciding whether or not to trust online stores. The following list is my Measurement Guide for E – Stores. Hopefully it can be useful for you:

  • The brand : known vs unknown brand. Of course, I consider unknown brand the least requirement. So, you want to make sure that the sites associated with trusted institutions that have been around for awhile and have a proven track record of reliability and integrity.
  • Commercial Website : Sites run by companies and business – their websites usually end in .com – are more often than not trying to sell you something. And if they’re trying to sell you something, chances are whatever information they’re presenting will be tilted in favor of their product.
  • The website layout/design: A good brand usually has cleaner, more sleek and friendly website. If the site looks poorly designed and amateurish, chances are it was created by amateurs. However, you still need to be careful – just because a website is professionally designed doesn’t mean it’s reliable.
  • The price: Is it overpriced or under-priced? Under-priced is definitely considered as dodgy. If the price is expensive, I will check the brand first and search for online review, because if it is from well-known brand, people must have make some comments of review; at the least, you will be able to find haul or pictures of the products online.

Back to our Beach Trip preparation, I just found out that MAP (Mitra Adiperkasa) has an e-mall. Has anyone ever shop there yet? It was launched last year, in 2015. So, it’s arguably new. Just like the physical retail shop, it has Women, Man, Kids, Sports, Travel, Beauty, Home and Voucher sections. It’s pretty interesting, and I find it attractive.

Let’s use this MAP E-Mall as our case study; why MAP is included in one of my trusted E-Store:

  • Brand: Who does not know MAP ? It’s been around for years now, and it has lots of well know brands as their affiliates.
  • Commercial site : Since they declare it as E-mall, therefore, it obviously is a commercial sites
  • The Website Layout/Design : It is professionally designed. It has clear, sleek design,and user friendly
  • The Price : It’s about the same as the ones at the retail store.
  • Quality : As MAP is a well known Department Store Brand, which carries heaps of famous brands in its boat; therefore, we can rest assure of the quality.


There are heaps of my favorite brands available like Kidz Station, Mark & Spencer, Dr. Martens and Crabtree Evelyn.

I know I am actually looking for clothes for my son, but well…. you know.. which women do not like window shopping.. hahaha.. Check this Dr Martens‘ boots out. Aren’t they cute? Unfortunately, I can’t wear them to the beach. Not only it does not suit the occasion, but it would also be too hot to wear. Think I know what I would like to get for my birthday this year <3 Hopefully they still have it by then.

I am in love. You can say I am obsessed. Just look at that red, very beautiful. The design looks classy and elegant.

All of Dr Martens‘ (link) shoes are available in size 36 – 40. So, if you have big feet like me, don’t worry, they have it in store! As for colors they have various options from bright – neutrals and dark shades for any occasions.

For casual look, Dr Martens also has some casual design, Dr Martens Clarissa (link) which I like. Which one do you think look better for Beach? I personally think the white one suits better for Beach Trip. Please help me by commenting below your color choice.

As for my son’s clothing, here are some of my choices. Think he will look cute in blue.

I think I will browse around some more before purchasing, but I will definitely get the Dr Martens boots  <3. I am really obsessed with it.

So, that’s all my sharing for now. Please help me in deciding which Beach shoes to get, the white or the black one. Thank you so much for your help.

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