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Hello, today I would like to share my thoughts about Make Over Gel Eyeliner. it’s been a while since I post my last makeup review. Please accept my sincere apology. My days have been hectic with endless flows of work. Also, since I have been receiving lots of invitations lately, hence, as you all know, my posts been filled with event reports and sponsors’ review. It was amazing to be able to attend those events. I have been learning alot about beauty industry, beauty trends, networking and trying new goodies that I haven’t tried.

So, as for today, I’d like to share with you my thoughts about eyeliner from a local makeup brand that I believe you all familiar with: Make Over Cosmetics – a sister makeup line with Wardah from PT. Paragon Technology And Innovation.

From my first impression, the texture of these eyeliners are creamy. But, are they waterproof and smudge proof? How long do they last? How pigmented are they? Last but not least, are they as affordable as Wardah?


I have been meaning to try this brand for a while. However, since Make Over does not really have interesting product display, I tended to walk through their display whenever I went shopping. First of all, their packaging is plain black and just have their logo; so, I don’t know what to expect. Other brands like Sariayu, PAC, NYX, MaxFactors, Maybelline, and so on have more catchy and interesting packaging and displays. For example, the Make over’s display at Watson Summarecon Mall Serpong is placed next to Emina Cosmetics. Since Emina’s packaging and design are more vibrant and cheerful, of course Emina will definitely win our attention first.  I understand that Make Over is created as a professionally superior and trusted makeup line. However, if they want to successfully penetrate a wider scope, they need to work on their outlet display to be more catchy and interesting, like the one at Aeon Mall BSD. I think that’s the only outlet that has successfully made me stop and browse around their products.

I did not shop my eyeliner at the Aeon outlet though. I only got the catalog home that day to learn about the products. I like the catalog because it was not only tell me what they have, but how much it costs too.

Initially, I visited Watson Summarecon Serpong last Saturday to get their Marble Blush. Unfortunately, they did not have it, a.k.a sold out. Then, I saw the special price. There were two items on Sale that day, the Make Over Mascara, which the lady offered me to get, and the eyeliner. I have been thinking of getting colored eyeliners for a few weeks now. Since the eyeliner was sold for Rp 60,000.-/piece, normally they cost Rp 80,0000.-/piece; as you all could guess, I was sold! Hahaha… I got myself 7 from 9 shades available:

  • White Techno
  • Goddes Gold
  • Classic Green
  • Brown Latte
  • Black Jack
  • Royal Blue
  • Posh Purple
(L – R): White Techno, Goddess Gold, Brown Latte, Classic Green, Royal Blue, Posh Purple, Black Jack

The other two that I did not get were Navy Blue and Glam Gold. It’s because I already have other eyeliners with similar shade with Navy Blue, and the Glam Gold contains too much shimmers that make it too glittery for my liking.




Make Over claims on their website that this pencil-liner is:

  • Versatile
  • Rich & Intense pigmentation
  • Long lasting
  • Waterproof and tears-proof
  • Smudge resistant, won’t transfer or cake


My experience

As you can see from the hand swatch, the colors are very pigmented and have intense color. I did the swatch by making a single line side by side for each color block. Yup, the pigments are that rich and intense, especially the darker shades.One stroke is enough.

After doing hand swatch for this post, I left the swatch staying on my hand for about 5 – 10 minutes before cleaning it off. Firstly, I tried to clean it with just water, no wet tissue, no soaps or  remover; it did not smudge at all. Even with hand soap, the colors hardly moved. Then I tried to give it a hard rub it with my fingers, the lighter color like white and gold faded very little bit, but mostly still staying where they were; meanwhile, the darker shades were still very hard to clean. After about 5 – 6 times hard rubbing, the lighter shades fade away, while the darker just started to smudge. In short, I managed to clean it with hand soap, but my hand looked like it got some bruise or look smokey because of the stains from the darker shades. This morning, as I updated this post, I still have the stains. LOL!

Another effort I tried was by cleaning it with wet tissue. As you can see on the picture below, it hardly moved. So, it’s safe to conclude that Make Over eyeliner is waterproof.

In regards with the smudge-proof and won’t transfer, if it still wet or still freshly applied, the colors can smudge. Below, on the last section,I have some pictures of eyes looks I created purely using the Make Over eyeliners only. There was no eyeshadows used here. I have wrote down the step by step tutorial below on the Application section. However, once it dried up, the color won’t smudge.

For the longevity, I created the look below, and wore it for day activity, included out doors activity, for about eight hours, and it faded away a little bit, but as you can see, the colors were still there. Please pardon my oily face and messy eyebrows. I really need to clean them up soon. Anyway, we can agree that the Make Over eyeliner is last long.




I normally just using black or dark brown shades to define my eyelids. I do have other shades like navy blue, dark purple and khaki green, and they are not creamy in texture like these Make Over eyeliners here. Yup.. those are neutral shades. Nothing vibrant in my collection. Hence, some of these shades made a breakthrough.

Anyway, I bought new eyeliners because I’d like to experiment with it. I have been inspired to create eyes-look by using eyeliner shades instead of using eyeshadow. I know it’s not a new-fancy-thing. But, I’d like to give it a go. Therefore, I decided to get them, especially since they were on special.

So, if I normally just made a line, this time I:

  • colored my eyelid using the pencil directly
  • I smudge the shade using a flat and dense eye-makeup brush till it covers all of my lid and create smokey eyes.
  • line the lid and the lower lashes to frame the eyes
  • Curl the lashes, and of course
  • Apply mascara

Below is the step-by-steps pictorial:

These are the brushes I used to create the look above and below:


How To Clean

There are 3 ways to clean or to remove the eyes makeup:

  1. Wet Tissue
    Simply, take a Cosmetic Wet Tissue or a baby wipes (I use this!); then using a dabbing motion, sweep it gently on the eyes.
  2. Makeup Remover
    There are lots of varieties of makeup remover available:

    1. Cleansing milk: it has a thin, creamy consistency, and is massaged into the skin and rinsed off with water. It removes makeup effectively without stripping skin of moisture and natural oils.
    2. Cleansing oil: it dissolve makeup almost instantly, and are especially effective with even the toughest products like waterproof mascara and false eyelashes.
    3. Cleansing water: this type of remover is perfect for dry and sensitive skin. It acts double as cleanser and moisturizer, and yet, it does not leave a sticky or greasy film. No need to rinse.
    4. Cream cleanser:  it has a thick and rich consistency; it can dissolve even the toughest makeup. Perfect for heavy makeup wearers, especially for those with dry skin.
  3. Face Foam
    If you are too lazy to remove your makeup in advanced before taking a bath, like me.. LOL! Then, make sure you use the cream cleanser instead of normal face foam. It because it works better than the foam type when it comes to heavy duty like cleaning makeup. If you wear a heavy makeup, I will recommend you to clean your face twice to make sure that there is no residue left behind.

Personally, I always do double cleansing. First I cleaned my face with wet tissue, in this case I like to use baby wipes instead of the cosmetic ones. Then, I double cleansed it with washing my face using cream cleanser.It’s because I always wore waterproof makeup. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that I have cleaned them up properly.



Just like other Make Over’s cosmetic packaging, it’s black. I would say black is the Make Over trademark color. It has a transparent plastic lid that allows us to find out the real colors, so we can compare it with the color code on the bottom part of the pencil.

Another important thing that we should pay attention is the expiry date which we can find printed on the lid of the pencil. I believe I am not the only one who usually don’t really pay attention with this small, yet important detail. Not all eyeliners or other cosmetic products printed their expiry date somewhere catchy like this Make Over Eyeliner here. Most cosmetic products  usually printed the expiry date on the plastic sealed, which will definitely be thrown into the rubbish bin as soon as we open them. So, it’s important to check the expiry date, write it down somewhere. I believe that none of us would like to spend our money on soon to be expired makeup or even worst, expired cosmetics.

Here is a great example from my own experience to highlight the importance of checking expiry date before buying. As you can see on the picture below, though these eyeliners were bought from the same display and shop, none of them have the same expiry date. The earliest here will expire August this year. I myself learn from this experience the importance to check expiry date before buying. If you are in a rush, better don’t buy, unless you really need it.

In regard with the size, it has same size with normal wood pencil. I have no problem with the size at all. Last but not least, the pencil does not come with a twister. Therefore, we have to sharpen the pencil when the pointer has run out. I know it’s annoying for some people. I also prefer the twister one, but I don’t mind sharpening it.


The Store & The Price

For the price, it ranges from normal retail price Rp 80,000.- to Rp 108,000.-* (online price)  per-piece, depends on where you buy them. You can find them by using their Store Locator, click here. Also, you can find them online at:

*price is subject to change anytime


Summary & Recommendation

In summary, Make Over is a local makeup brand that has good quality products – rich and intense pigmentation, last long, waterproof, and easy to work with. The best way to clean it is by using cleansing cream or oil based cleanser. As for the packaging,  it has same size with normal wood pencil with color code at the bottom of the pencil body. As for the lid, it is transparent, so we can see what’s inside; plus, we can compare the shade of the pencil with the color code. Another plus point is they printed the expiry date on the transparent lid, instead of printing it on the plastic sealed, which most people will miss and throw it as soon as they open it. Last but not least, For the price, I think it’s quite expensive for a local brand. But, if we consider the quality they offer, which I think is better than some overseas drugstore makeup, I will argue it’s reasonably affordable.

Rating: 4.5/5
Repurchase: YES!
Recommendation: Black Jack is definitely a must have! Other shades are lovely too.

Here are some looks I created using the Make Over Eyeliners


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