7 Rahasia Awet Muda Clinelle Indonesia

Hello semua, update post hari ini, aku mau share 7 rahasia awet muda. Siapa sih yang mau gak mau awet muda? Semua orang pasti mau terlihat awet muda. Aku sendiri sejak setahun yang lalu, mulai concern dengan yang namanya penuaan dini. Pasalnya, aku setahun lagi masuk kepala 3 (opsss.. jadi ketahuan deh umur aslinya). Karena […]

Terminologi Skincare A – Z [Bahasa Indonesia]

Siapa disini yang berpendapat bahwa untuk bisa merawat kulit wajah lebih maksimal, kita perlu memahami Terminologi Skincare? Saya pribadi merasa perlu banget untuk mempelajari terminologi – terminologi skincare. Kalau kita tidak paham terminologi – terminologi tersebut, gimana caranya kita tahu bahwa Skincare A lebih cocok untuk kita ketimbang skincare B? Oleh karena itu, lewat postingan […]

Evian Mineral Facial Spray Water [REVIEW]

Was I the only one who felt the weather has not been friendly lately? I think so, though the sky looked cloudy and rained down, but it still felt very hot and humid. Especially this afternoon, though it was raining for a while, but still.. I felt like a melting ice cream, sweating and sticky.. yuck! Then, […]

Skincare Review: Gizi Super Cream

Gizi, anyone ever heard a skincare brand name Gizi? Two things that first popped in my mind was balanced nutrition and children. It is because in Indonesia Gizi means a digestive process in which food is transformed into energy. Hence, I never thought that it is actually a local beauty brand. I was even more […]

Bio-Oil: Blogging Competition

Yay! I am really grateful for His grace & blessing for me. I could not believe it, I won the Runner Up position for the Bio-Oil blogging competition that was held last month! <3 I initially joined the competition just for fun. It just happened that I was doing a Bio-Oil routine last month, and was […]