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Too Faced: Le Petit Tresor [MAKEUP REVIEW]

Hello again, as promised, here is my first update on Holiday Collection 2015 – Too Faced Le Petit Tresor. I am really in love with Too Faced Holiday Collection. They are all amazing that I have been having hard times in deciding which of their collection to get, as I could not buy them all. Surely, they know how to make a girl feels special. Just look at their packaging! Who will not feel special to receive a gift like that?

I was very sad last year as I missed the previous Le Petit Tresor, which was called Under The Mistletoe. It was a set of three shimmer versions of Too Faced best-selling Naked Dolly, Marshmallow Bunny and Spice Spice Baby La Creme Color Drenched Lip Creams. It came with a pretty to-go pink glitter bag. The bag was sooo… cute! I am still cannot let it go, though I know I can do nothing to get it, as it was limited edition. Thank God I managed to get this year collection.




Le Petit Tresor

It is a limited edition set of three full-sized La Crème Color Drenched Lipstick shades.


The Formula:

  • Infused with moisturizing white-lotus-flower extract; it provides lip conditioning benefits
  • Infused with power-peptide formula;  it helps stimulate collagen and aid in the appearance of smoother lips.
  • Pigment-rich – stains
  • Has creamy texture
  • Has shimmery finish


The Shades:

This year the trio includes three permanent shades: Nude Beach, Wham! (a limited edition to my knowledge), & Taffy.



Nude Beach

It is one of Too Faced’s bestselling shades from the La Creme range. It is described as a nude peach shade.Due to my light Asian eige Skin, Although it has a decent pigmentation, however, the formulation does accentuate fine lines and rough patches on the lips. It will work best if you scrub your lips first before applying this lipstick. This is a very gorgeous shade, however it does not suit my light Asian beige skin. It looks pale on me. I think it suits people with more tan skin than me.








It is a brand new limited edition shade that is exclusive to the Le Petit Tresor Set. The shade is described as frosted cranberry. It is packed with blue, red, and purple micro sparkles. The pigmentation is semi-sheer but is build-able. This is not the kind of shade that I will normally wear, but I really love the berry-wine shade. However, I don’t like the micro sparkles. It is very hard to clean and spread all over when I tried to wipe it; therefore, I will definitely suggest to clean it properly with makeup remover. This color is definitely a universal color that will suit any skintone.








It is another bestselling shades from the La Creme range. The shade is more sheer and glossy than Nude Beach.It has a pink-based neutral. It is described as a pink marshmallow nude. Just like Nude Beach, I also really like this color, however, it also does not suit my Light Asian Beige skintone. It looks really pale on me. Will definitely be a gorgeous color on people with darker or more tan skin.








The Packaging

This year, Too Faced decided to go green! The box is designed to look like a fancy gift with Too Faced logo at the front side and a green bow on top of the box. At the back is detail of what’s inside. It’s very cute on its own that you don’t need to wrap it again.




Inside, you will find sparkling green-bluish pouch.The bag is nicely decorated with a tiny gold Eiffel tower zipper pendant. The glittered fabric feels super fabulous and festive. However, the size is very small that it only fits three full sized Too Faced La Creme Lipsticks.



When you open it, you’ll find the three matte gold metal tubes of full-sized La Creme Lipsticks come bundled with pink tissue papers. The design of the golden tubes is very simple yet feels very luxurious. However, it has a pretty nice weight though.




The Store & The Price

This set is available online and at Sephora & Ulta counters:



As mentioned above, the nude shades are too pale for me to wear, and the bolder shade is too daring to wear for day look, but this berry-wine shade is still wearable to party. Nevertheless, I still like the set. It feels special to me. I don’t regret buying it. However, I will reconsider buying the next holiday La Creme Set though, because I don’t want to waste my money on something that I cannot wear daily.

Will I recommend it? I will recommend you to Google the swatch that match your skintone first, and see if you think that the shades will suit you well or not, as well as if the shades can be wear daily; unless you have spare money to spend on.



That’s all my review, swatch and recommendation on this beautiful Too Faced Le Petit Tresor. Hope you have a great time enjoying this post! See you on my next post <3


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