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Face Makeup For Oily Skin 2: Pixy BB Cream [Makeup Review]

I originally titled this post as Foundation For Oily Skin; however, I found along the way that it was not just foundation that mattered. There were a lot more products to discuss. As you all know, there are lots of products available out there. However, none of them are the same. It may have the same generic name – Foundation, BB Cream, and so; nevertheless, each brands has their own formula that differs one another. Therefore, from this post onward, I rename the title to Face Makeup For Oily Skin.

Here I have Pixy BB Cream to share with you today.  I have been meaning to try one of their products, but was not sure of which one to get. That’s why I was very happy to find it in my mail box.

The Brand

Pixy Cosmetic is a local cosmetic brand in Indonesia. Though it’s local,but the brand is supervised directly by its parent company in Japan, the mega beauty company non other than  Mandom Corp, which also regulate many other great brands such as Gatsby, Pucelle, dan Lucido-L.

The Product

All Pixy products are made according to Japan cosmetics standard that suits best for Asian Skintone and Skin conditions, and are developed using Japan advanced technology, using Japan’s best natural ingredients only.

As for The Pixy BB Cream Bright Fix, it is specifically Formulated with Smart-Lock Powder to keep the makeup to look bright and fresh up to 12 hours. I initially feel pesimist about it. It’s because I have a very oily skin. Well, I used to have just an oily skin, but after giving birth, it gets very oily. I am not sure why though. Does any of you experience similar experience with me? Hence, the BB Creams that I used to wear, are no longer suitable for me. I have tried couples of BB Cream from different brands since, but with no luck. However, thanks to this Smart-Lock Powder formula, this Pixy BB Cream Bright Fix has become my daily staple! I tested it on three different situations:

First, I tested it indoors. That day, I did not have any outdoors activity at all. It really lasted up to 12 hours. Up to the first 6 hours, though the T-Zone area looked shiny, but nothing was overwhelming. In fact, my skin looked dewy like Korean girls. Please note that the BB-Cream takes time to set. Afterwards, I did use blotting paper to keep the excess oil around my T-Zone area under control. Other than that area, the rest of the makeup was looking great.

Second test, I tested it Semi-outdoors, if it makes any sense. I mean that I went in and out of the room throughout the day. On this test, the BB Cream lasted up to a good 8 hours. Since I went in and out the room, my face got oily faster than when I stayed indoors. Hence, after just a good 4 hours, my face, especially the T-zone area got oily already. After 5 hours, I needed to use blotting paper already to keep the oil under control.

Last but not least, the third test was done outdoors, the makeup lasted up to 6 hours. As you could expect it, under Indonesia’s hot and humid weather, a makeup lasted up to 6 hours considered to be very good. Of course, I would not survive without the blotting paper. I started using it from the 4th hours.

Notes: I do not use any primer and setting spray when testing, but I do use blotting papers after hours.

In regards with the coverage. As you know, BB cream has a combination of makeup and skincare formula; therefore, I did not expect much from it. Surprise – surprise! It is actually having a medium-high coverage! I knoww… for a BB Cream, it’s really amazing, isn’t it?  It covers my redness and panda eyes, giving me a fresh radiant look. It also covers most of my acne scars, though not all are well covered. I will still recommend you to use concealer to hide the difficult-to-cover-acne scars to get the best result. For me, personally, I am satisfied with the result already, because I do not want to plug the pores unnecessarily. Too much makeup applied is not good for your skin; it will not only causing clog pores, which will result on oily skin, but it will also causing acne, pimples, pre-mature aging and many other unhealthy skin conditions.

In the descriptions, they claimed that this product is clinically tested and proven to be non-comedogenic, which I have to admit is true. Usually, when you have your makeup on up to 12 hours – indoors, or up to 6 hours – outdoors, you will find new pimples are popping. However, I got none with this BB cream, especially since they also contains SPF 30 PA+++. I usually have troubled with products that contain SPF; it’s because sunblock has oily texture that cause us feels greasy when wearing it. This oily formula usually causing pimples. However, I personally find it comedo-free if I use blotting paper to help controlling the excess oil after hours.

My makeup after 12 hours, please pardon me for not touching up the lipstick

The shades

Pixy BB Cream Bright Fix comes in 3 shades: Beige, Ochre, & Cream.

Mine here is the Beige shade. To be honest, this shade is a little bit too dark for me; I wish they have brighter shades for my skin tone, but it suits the majority of Indonesian skintone.

In this kind of situation, I highly recommending you to first, calm down. Different makeup base shade like this can be handled with a few makeup trick. Here is what I do, apply lighter face powder; so, the face powder acts as highlighter; then set the whole makeup with translucent powder. There you go, I got a contour face without contouring it at all. Easy right?

The Packaging

The packaging is totally Pixy. The box is colored pink and decorated with floral lace which goes circling around the box. It gives me the impression of girly but mature feeling, which reflects the personality of Pixy’s website a lot. Inside, the BB tube is the other way around of the box. It is colored white with the same floral laces pattern going around the tube, and completed with pink lid.

The Store & Price

It can be purchased at your nearest beauty counter like Giant, Hero. Carrefour, watson, guardian, and any other affiliated store. For the price, it costs Rp 35,000.- at Giant.  I am not sure how much other stores price them.


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