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Hair Vitamin For Oily Hair (Review)

I have been relying on hair vitamin a lot these days. Well, who never has a bad hair day issue? It’s a common issue that has been experienced by many women around the world, including me. I am in particular has oily root and dry hair tips. Not only that, my hair is always frizzy and difficult to manage; what’s more, I also experienced dull, split ends, and hair fall. In short, I just want healthy hair! Well, who does not?


At first, I tried the lazy ways. I decided to solve the issue by going to hair Salon to get hair treatment. However, since my schedule was very tight, I hardly have time to go to Salon. Plus, the treatment cost was also getting more expensive each month. So, I decided to stop the treatment. Besides, just like other treatment, I needed to be consistent in the process; otherwise, I wouldn’t get the expected result and only wasting my time and money for nothing.

As alternative, I went with the at home treatment, or most people know it as “do it yourself treatment”. I have been trying a few hair shampoo and conditioners that claimed able solve my issue. However, I have no luck so far. It was till a few months ago when I discovered Ellips’ Hair Mask and Hair Oil at the supermarket shelves. There are other brands offering similar treatment, but Ellips’ were the ones that caught my eyes.

Before I continue my story, I would like to clarify that I post this blog post not only because of I was invited to Ellips’ Blogger Event last week, but because I am really satisfied and happy with their product. Therefore, I decided to share the knowledge I got at the event, and my personal experience as a regular user with you.I hope and pray sincerely, so all of my blog posts, including this post can be a blessing for you, my readers.

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The Brand

Ellips is one of the Personal Care brands of PT Kino Indonesia. Claiming themselves as the pioneer in hair Vitamin in Indonesia, they believe that one of the most appealing things in women is her healthy, shiny, silky soft hair. No matter what her activities are, be it indoor or outdoor, the way her hair is styled is always a concern.Therefore, Ellips dedicates its products to solve all hair problems commonly faced by women, returning their hair to its nurtured and beautiful state.

The Products

After visiting their website, I just found out that Ellips is not only manufacturing Hair Vitamin Oil, but there are other hair products such as hair mask, hair conditioners and hair serum too. Each of Ellips products is enriched with various advanced vitamins and active ingredient, which offers different solutions for different hair issues.

If you have been to their websites, you will know that Ellips divides its products under two categories:  Natural Series and Pro Keratin Complex. Under each categories, there are products options to choose from, like under the Natural Series, for example, we have selections of Hair Vitamin, Vitamin Hair Mask and Milkshake Conditioner; and under the Pro Keratin Complex, we have two options: Hair Vitamin and Vitamin Hair Mask. Under each options, we are offered with products variants in which each variants represents solutions for different hair issues.

I know there are heaps of products to choose from; therefore, I am glad to find that Ellips offers a hair analysis quiz which can be accessed here on their website. From the quiz result, they will suggest us the best Ellips products that match best with our hair conditions. Here is an example of my quiz results. They suggested me to use Shiny Black Vitamin combo since my hair is naturally black, but I have not tried it yet.

From the lot, I only have tried and use regularly 3 products:

  • Ellips Hair Mask Treatment
  • Ellips Hair Vitamin Oil – Hair Treatment
  • Ellips Hair Vitamin Oil – Hair Vitality

Recently, I am switching to Ellips Pro Keratin Complex Serum and Ellips Pro Keratin Complex Vitamin Oil – Hair Repair, which I received from the event last week. I know the test result suggested me to use the Shiny Black, but I leaned toward hair repair treatment more because I got damaged hair due to daily use of hair drier.


My Experience

Ellips Hair Mask Treatment

There are actually four types available to choose from:

  • Ellips Hair Mask Volume Miracle – for smooth and volumise hair
  • Ellips Hair Mask Nutri Color – for colored hair
  • Ellips Hair Mask Smooth & Shiny – for normal and dull hair type
  • Ellips Hair Treatment – for damage hair

From the four, the Hair Treatment Mask is my hair bestie. From my experience, I find the Ellips Hair Mask’s texture is similar with hair conditioner. The application is also the same, you apply it after shampoo, leave it for about 2-3 minutes, and then rinse. However, there are 2 differences: 1) The formula is different, Ellips’ hair mask is more intense. Perhaps, it is due to the fact that the hair mask is packed with heaps of good nutritions needed by our hair like Vitamin A,C,E, Pro Vit B-5 dan Jojoba Oil. 2) Although it has similar texture with hair conditioner, but they, in fact, are different. Ellips hair mask is more concentrated and heavier in texture. After using it intensively twice a week for two weeks in a row; I found my hair looked less dull or more shiny, healthier and stronger. However, since I have been lazy of late, I have not use it for weeks now (#confession 😛 ) Think I need to start using it again, otherwise my hair mask stock will pile up in the drawer.LOL!

Ellips Hair Vitamin Oil

As I have shared above, before the event, I have been a regular user of Ellips Hair Vitamin Oil too. From the event, I received Ellips Hair Vitamin Oil from both categories, Natural Series and Pro Keratin Complex. Some of you may be confused of the difference. So, let me break it down for you:

The first and main difference of both hair oil is the formula of the vitamin. The Natural Series’ main formula contains with Moroccan Oil, Vitamin A,C,E and Pro Vit B-5. Meanwhile, in the Pro Keratin Complex series’ main formula is Keratin.

Second is the function. The Natural Series Oil functions mainly is designed to repair and to nourish damage hair: In contrast, The Pro Keratin Complex main function is to restore Keratin back into our hair. To be specific, Keratin is the protein that protects ephithelial cells from damage or stress.

Third, The Natural Vitamin Series has more variants than The Pro Keratin Complex series. There are 5 variants under the Natural Vitamin categories:

  • Hair Treatment
  • Smooth & Shiny
  • Shiny Black
  • Nutri Color
  • Hair Vitality.

On the other hand, there are only 3 variants under the Pro Keratin Complex series:

  • Silky Black,
  • Smooth & Silky
  • Hair Repair.

The application: Apply one Ellips Pearl after shower on your damp hair, and leave your hair to dry naturally. I usually used hair drier 10 minutes after application to faster the drying process, as I always washed my hair at night, before going to bed. Click play on the video below to see how I did it.

After using it for about 3 months now, I find my hair feels lighter, healthier, stronger and more shiny. Nevertheless, I still experienced hair fall. Perhaps, it’s due to my laziness using the hair mask. I have oily hair root, which I am still trying to figure out, the how to treat it. Another possibility is because I don’t have the right hair comb; my hair is easily tangled. Some people suggest me to try the Tangle Teezer Hair Comb, but it does not really work for me. I just get my brand new Wet Brush hair comb. Let see how it goes, the hair mask and the wet brush hair comb. If you have suggestion for me, please kindly comment below. I can use some hair tips here.


The Store & The Price

It can be purchased both online at Lazada and Tokopedia, and offline at supermarkets like Giant, Hero, Carrefore and at beauty counters like AlfaMart and IndoMart.

The price of the hair mask is about Rp 5.500,-. As for the Hair Oil, it ranges from to Rp 9.500,- to 120.000,- depends on the packaging size.

*The price may change anytime without notice


The Event

At the Ellips Blogger Tea Party, I learned alot about hair issues from their beauty ambassador and hair experts. One of the most important lessons I learned, which I tended to neglect was, “we need to pay more attention and be more considerate with our hair condition”. I could not agree more with them about this fact. Most people, including me, tended to be more concerned with their face and body conditions, and hardly think of their hair conditions and issues. We applied body lotions or body butter because we could see how dry our body skin was. For similar reason, simply because we could see the acne, pimples or blackhead, etc. on our face, we immediately went to clinic or applied face cream or serum or lotions, etc. to treat it. How about our hair? It needs some love too!

Ellips Hair Vitamin Blogger Gathering

Here are the cause of damage hair and the tips that Yosef Santoso (Brand Manager Ellips) and Lala (Hair Stylist) shared during the Talk Show:

  • The main reason our hair turned dry, easily broke and ended up with split ends, is because of the lose of Keratin. Hence, they suggest to use Ellips Pro Keratin Complex Vitamin Oil on our damp hair after we wash it clean at night.
  • Hair dryer and the styling iron are another cause that lead to hair damage. So, if you use it on regular basis, keep the heat to its minimum level.
  • For my Muslims friends who wears Hijab daily, it’s suggested to wash your hair in the afternoon or at night, instead of in the morning, and apply one pellet of Ellips Pro Keratin Oil on your damp hair as per-instructions on the packaging, and use blower with minimum level of heat to blow dry your hair. It is because wearing Hijab throughout the day under Indonesia’s hot and humid weather, causes your hair to go oily, which results on the appearance of dandruff, itchy and hair fall, as the heat and the humid air collected and stuck in your Hijab until you open it.
  • For those who dyed or highlight their hair, Yosef highlighted to use shampoo for colored hair, and to use Ellips Nutri Color Vitamin regularly and to apply hair mask, at least once a week, to restore the health and strength hair bone. It is because the chemical used to dye our hair is very rough for the hair; as a result, many people who colored their hair experience various hair issue from damage hair to easily broken hair and serious hair fall issue.

And here is my picture with the beautiful Julie Estelle <3 She is so slim and pretty <3


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