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Bye – Bye Tangled Hair [Hair Tools Review]

On my last post, I shared with you some tips and advice of how to get a beautiful and shiny healthy hair. This time, I would like to share with you a hair tool that can help us managing frizzy and unmanageable tangled hair. Some of you may have heard about it, some may not. It’s called The Wet Brush. Wanna know how it is difference with the Tangle Teezer Brush? Read on to find out.

So, tangled hair is a common issue faced by everyone who has long hair, including me. Untangling tangled hair is not easy and often painful. I believe I am not the only one here who find it painful. Whether we brushed, picked, or combed it, the hair continued to snag and break.Wet hair is especially hard to managed and easier to break. Ever since my teenage years I have used a wide toothed comb to untangle wet hair. Then, in 2013 I moved on to a Tangle Teezer, and now The Wet Brush.

I have tried a few solutions to solve the problems, such as using hair conditioners and trying a few types of hair comb, which were failed. Next attempt, I decided to perm. I knew it sounded weird, but I really thought that if I got curly hair, people would not notice whether my hair was messy or not (LOL!); therefore, I did not have to comb my hair as often. However, it turned out to be harder to comb when you rarely brushing your hair. So, I am very happy to find this brush and decided to give it a go.


The Brand

In my research, I found that The Wet Brush is apparently America’s biggest selling hairbrush. Created with unique IntelliFlex™ bristles, the Wet Brush claims to run effortlessly through hair, detangling without pulling or tugging. There’s no pain, no tears–whether the hair is wet from the shower or dry; curly or straight; thick or fine.

The Wet Brush

There are 6 types of Wet Brush, namely:

  • Detangle
  • Prints
  • Shine
  • Squirt
  • Epic
  • Pop Fold

By function, they are the same, mainly to detangle tangled hair. Between the detangle, prints and squirt brushes, the size, colors and motives are the difference, as you can see below. As for Pop Fold, it is the Detangle brush that can be fold; it is designed to be travel friendly.

Meanwhile, The Wet Brush – Shine, this is the brush I owned; it has extra functions. Not only it helps to detangle tangled hair, but it also makes your hair shiny. I never heard a hair brush can make a hair shiny. This is my first time. Guess what, it does make our hair shiny!

What’s more, it also can be used to give more volume to the hair too by sasaking the hair. I find it very helpful, as I don’t have any sasak comb. Now I can get more voluminous hair on daily basis. You can say, it’s a three in one brush.

Last but not least the Epic brush collection. It consists of four different shapes of brushes: Deluxe Detangle, Long Blow Out, Quick Dry Vent and Extension Brush. For more information please click here.

pink-swirly-hiHow To Use?

There are three ways to use it:

Wet Application

For wet application, you can use it in the shower or after shower on you damp hair. Simply, brush it like you always do. I know some people do not like to brush their hair when it’s wet or damp because it’s harder to comb, and not seldom is painful. However, trust me, I have tried it, and it went smoothly without pain. It’s because the flexible bristle allows the brush to play along with your hair situation when detangling the tangled hair. With normal hard bristle brush, it won’t work that way. It is because the hard bristles forced through its way on your tangled hair, forcing it to detangle. That’s why we find the detangling process as painful experience.

Dry Application

Simply, comb your hair after after shower in the morning, as normal, or whenever you feel like brushing your hair, or after you blow dry your hair, if you just washing your hair and do not want to do the wet application. What I like when I brush my hair with the Dry Application method is that not only it detangles the hair, but it makes my hair shiny. I never heard or experience something like this before. I am still not sure why Wet Brush can make my hair shiny. Please note that I don’t apply any hair oil or hair vitamin upon brushing my hair. I just comb my hair normally with this brush. It surely is amazing, because I can’t use hair oil, it will make my hair looks way drenched in the afternoon, especially if I have outdoors activity, as I have oily root hair.

Voluminous Application

Yes, as mentioned above, this brush can be used to give extra volume to your hair. I am not sure what you call it in English, but in Bahasa Indonesia, we called the style as sasak style. Here is two reference of how to sasak (Voluminous) your hair for daily hairstyle, click here or here (Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with them in anyways to reference both girls).  

*I will update with my The Wet Brush Application soon, I am currently having trouble with the video software. If you have video editing software reference and any tips & tricks, please share with me on the comment section below; I can use some advice and tips here. Thank you!


The Wet Brush VS Tangle Teezer Experience

The Wet Brush:

  • The intelliflex bristles, which is very flexible, are kind to wet hair. It helps to protect against snapping, tearing, and pulling; it makes detangling experience better, even with stubborn tangle hair. No more pain and tears.
  • The anti-slip handle is definitely an added benefit.
  • It has longer bristles than Tangle Teezer’s perfect for thick hair
  • Since it is much like normal hair brush, it can be used on wigs and hair extensions too
  • There are heaps of options – motives and sizes – to choose from for both adults and children.
  • The price is cheaper than Tangle Teezer (starts from IDR 90.000,- )

The Tangle Teezer:

  • The main obvious difference, of course, there is no handle on Tangle Teezer brush, but that’s what makes this palm size hair comb travel friendly.
  • The bristles are better for scalp stimulation
  • The bristles is shorter than the Wet Brush’s
  • Need more brushes for stubborn tangle hair
  • It costs more than The Wet Brush (starts from IDR 269.000,-)


Another thing that I like about it is, I never have my hair staid tidy and voluminous, but it was like magic. After 12 hours of activity, nonstop, I found my hair was still tidy in its place, just like after being brushed (see picture below).

10 AM, just finished getting ready for the Cosmobeaut Indonesia 2016.
10 AM, just finished getting ready for the Cosmobeaut Indonesia 2016.
11PM, I never have my hair still looks amazing after 12hours, usually my hair felt oily and looked messy, dull and drenched, but not this time! <3
11PM, I never have my hair still looks amazing after 12hours, usually my hair felt oily and looked messy, dull and drenched, but not this time! <3 (Please pardon the low quality picture, I took this with my front camera of my smartphone)


The Store & The Price

The Wet Brush can be bought online on their website The Wet Brush Indonesia. The price is ranging from IDR 90.000,- to IDR 350.000,-


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