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Being stylish has become a lifestyle. Nowadays, people are becoming more alert of their appearance. Since in school level we must wear uniform, we cannot experience as much as when we get to university. Depending on which faculty you apply, each has their own characteristic. If we go deeper, it is even more choice of styles to explore within the faculty style. I know it sounds very complex, but that is the very reason why fashion and beauty industry keep going, right? It’s because each style is customized according to individual personality. Therefore, it’s so rich to discuss.

In this post, I would like to discuss about a whole new Campus Fashion that will soon become the new trend in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. Before I reveal the whole thing, let me ask you questions and please give your answer on the comment box below,

  1. How do you feel going to campus in a hotel?
  2. How would you dress, if your campus is located in a 4 stars hotel in Jakarta?

I know how crazy it sounds, but that’s the reality. I think it will become a new trend soon. Who on earth ever imagine going to a hotel to earn their degree? If it is just a seminar or a workshop, it’s still believable and understandable. Nevertheless, I personally witnessed the sign of the MOU this December at Amos Cozy Hotel, Jakarta. So, it is real!

Since, this is a beauty blog, I will just share briefly about the event. In short, Dharma Bumiputera School Of Business and Yayasan SoliDEO Anugerah Pratama was launching Sola Bumiputera, which will open in March 2017. It’s an Executive Post Graduate (S2) for graduates, especially young professionals who want to improve their knowledge and skills in Management to the next level; simply upgrade themselves so they can go higher in their career or business. And this class will be hold at Amos Cozy Hotel & Convention Center.

This historical moment was attended and witnessed by close family, friends, colleague, bloggers and media.


So, that was about the event. Now, let’s get back to our main topic, Campus beauty & fashion Ala Executive.  I know most people just dress casually to campus – T-shirt or polo, jeans or leggings, a cap hat and a sunglasses (perhaps) as additional accessories. However, if your campus is located in a hotel like Sola Bumiputera, how would you dress? Or let say, once in a while you feel like to dress up better, or you are invited to attend a formal event at your campus such as Cocktail Party with future employers that require you to dress up; the following looks will definitely help you to get ready.

Please pardon me if my explanation about fashion is not detail, because I am not expertise in this field, but I will do my best to explain the ideas as clear as possible. If you have any input or useful information or fashion ideas that may help other readers, please kindly share it on the comment box below. Thank you for your understanding, and Happy reading!


The Macquarie Dictionary defines smart casual as “well-dressed in a casual style.” Oxford defines it as “neat, conventional, yet relatively informal in style.” This style is best suited for women who prefers informal style of fashion, yet look smart at the same time. Trust me, despite of how they look, they know how to slay! As people always say, never judge a book by its cover.



According to, elegant means graceful and stylish in appearance. For women, a short black dress that ends 2 inches above the knee or a cocktail dress of silk, satin or velvet is appropriate as evening wear. Meanwhile, pencil skirts, trousers, white button-up shirts, blazers, silk blouses, pumps and smart belts can be worn for daytime events. A black cloak of velvet or satin is also appropriate.

The Classic Office Style

Well, this is not actually real category. I create the title myself. I called it the classic office style because, when you have no idea of how to dress, this look cannot go wrong. So, the key pieces that you may want to have in your wardrobe are: sleek jumpsuit and blazer, or a sleek shirt, blazer and trouser suits or skirts. Complete the looks with flats or heels.


As for the makeup, Natural Makeup is the best.  If you notice, most Lady Boss do not wear too much makeup, but they are always look fresh and radiant, but feels energetic, sharp and bold at the same time.  Here is the Do’s & Dont’s:


  • Use makeup base (primer and foundation) according to your skin type
  • Select Foundation or BB Cream or CC Cream shade that matches your skintone best
  • Select natural and nude shades for the eyeshadows like brown, taupe, cooper, mocha, dark grey, and mauve to keep your appearance effortlessly enchanting.
  • Keep your eye makeup as natural as possible by selecting natural fake lashes
  • Play a strong brow game (This is the most essential makeup that will determine your whole makeup look, but it is not mean drawing it thick, look picture below)
  • Just contour lightly using bronzer, so you don’t over contour your face.
  • Use blush moderately
  • Select lipstick shades that compliment your skintone best and avoid shades that make you look overwhelming, the safest shade to use is  mauve or nude shades.
  • If you are not sure of what lipstick to wear, just apply a lip color balm like Maybelline Candy Wow Lip Balm that has sheer shades but moisturizing at the same time.


  • Wear overwhelming eyes makeup look like smokey eyes that may make you look too glamorous or sexy.
  • create sexy cat eyes
  • Wear glamour or thick lashes
  • Wear colourfull lipstick (black, grey, green, metallic shades, glittery shades and any other shades that usually only appears on fashion show though it’s currently trending)
  • Wear colourfull eyebrows (again, although it’s currently trending)
  • Strong contour
  • Apply too much blush, enough is enough.



Here is an example of Lady Boss look that I like. Despite of how she looks, you do not want to mess with her! (Img source:



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Here is my version of executive look 😛


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