Maybelline – Baby Lips Candy Wow Lip Pencils

Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow lip pencils are new variation of the beloved Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm that was launched in Asia – Australia around June this year (2015), which just entered Indonesia recently.

I found these gems last Sunday at Watson Gading Serpong.


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The Product

There are six colors based on fruit flavours available:

  • Peach
  • Orange
  • Rapsberry
  • Cherry
  • Mixed Berry
  • Lychee

However, I did not see the Cherry and the Lychee flavours on the shelves. It is either the store ran out of them or it does not enter Indonesia. Hence, I am gonna share with you the other 4 flavours on this post.

Candy Wow Lip Balm punya 6 pilihan warna yang diciptakan berdasarkan rasa buah:

  • Peach
  • Orange
  • Rapsberry
  • Cherry
  • Mixed Berry
  • Lychee


Just like the other Baby Lips lip balms, Candy Wow is tinted lip balm that moisturized your lips with sheer colors.

The formula:

  • Similar with the regular Maybelline Baby Lips balm, it is light but moisturizing on the lips
  • Creamy
  • It applies smoothly
  • Scented with light or inoffensive fruity scents that are similar to its names.
  • has glossy finish
  • not sticky
  • Giver you the sheer-pop of colour

As for the longevity, it lasts only so long you can expect from a lip balm. Also, it transfers when you eat and drink.

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The Swatch



IMG_0454 - Copy










Mixed Berry




Cherry *(new update)




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Comparison with other Lip Color Balm (for Indonesian readers)

Kategori ini didesain secara khusus untuk memberikan sentuhan warna yang ngepop tapi sheer. Jadi kita gak bakalan dapat kualitas pigmen yang pekat seperti Silky Girl Lip Color Balm atau My Favourite Things Lip Balm-nya Emina. Namun, secara kualitas, jika dibandingkan dengan kedua brand diatas, Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow lebih melembabkan bibir. Kalau mau diurutin, secara personal saya lebih suka Candy Wow, karena saya tidak suka warna yang terlalu mentereng; baru sesudah itu Emina – dengan warna Library Queen – diurutan kedua, dan.Silky Girl terakhir, karena lip balm Silky Girl gak terlalu melembabkan.

Jadi, kalau teman – teman mau cari Lip Color Balm dengan pigmentasi yang pekat, saya bakal rekomendasi Emina My Favourit Things Lip Balm. Tapi kalau kamu seperti saya, lebih mencari  comfortable wear + balm formulation + subtle pop of colour, Baby Lips Candy Wow adalah produk yang kamu cari.

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The Packaging

I am in love with these comic-book style packaging! It’s very unique and catchy. Plus, the colors are very vibrant too. So, it’s almost impossible to miss it! Just like the other Lip Balm pencils that I have reviewed on this blog, Maybelline’s Lip Balm Pencils are also color coded. So, each tube is colored according to the color of the product inside.

As for the tube itself, it is made of solid plastic, styled as a chubby-stick tube. The size is just about right that you can have a good grip when using it – not too big not too small. What I like most about this pencil is that you don’t need to sharpen the pencil. Just like Emina’s lip balm pencil, just twist up the pencil to reveal the slim round bullet.

The only turn down is the lid. It’s a bit loose, so it’s easily drop.

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The Price

In Indonesia, it cost Rp 35,000.-/pc. I have checked both online and offline retail shops, they cost the same. And in Australia, they cost AUD$6.50/pc.

The Shop

Here is the list of shops that sell these chubby Baby Lips Candy Wow pencils:

Indonesian shops


Australian Shops


Priceline Pharmacy





Chemist Wharehouse

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That’s it for my swatch and review of these Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow! I’d definitely recommend you picking up at least one shade. Hopefully the Lychee shades is sold in Indonesia, if you see it somewhere, please let me know; so I can complete my collection!

Also, don’t forget to check my instagram – @blossom.shine for more pictures & makeup swatches <3


Blossom & Shine




  1. Gracia Cita says:

    Hi Chika, klo bibir gradasi, aku saranin pake warna yg matching dengan warna gradasi “gelap” bibirmu aja.. atau pakai liquid lipstick skalian.. jangan pake gloss atau lip color balm, karena kedua makeup ini memang tidak didesign untuk mengubah warna bibir..terlalu transparent.. kalau liquid lipstick kan memang didesign untuk memberi warna pada bibir.. dan cenderung lebih pigmented juga daripada lipstick biasa.. tapi kalau gak suka liquid lipstick.. aku saranin pakai lipstick yang pigmented seperti lipstick dari brand Wet ‘N’ Wild. Hope my reply can help you 🙂

  2. Chika says:

    Sumpah tulisannya menarik bgt, seru bgt bacanya. Btw bibirku gradasi gt warnanya, recommend untuk keliatan natural kaya ga pake lipstick pake apa yaa?

  3. BS Beauty says:

    wahh.. lumayan banget tuh! kapan lagi bisa beli Candy Wow Baby Lips dengan harga segitu! <3
    hahaha.. iya, semuanya bagus! TApi favoritku mixed berry & cherry <3

  4. dewisaladin says:

    Nice review, Kakaa..
    Baru beli in tadi seharga 27k (lagi disk dari 32k) hehe

    Baru nyoba yang Cherry dan lumaya menyamarkan warna gelap bibir (bibirku gelap banget bagian luarnya). Tapi liat itu yang orange kayany bagus 😀

  5. BS Beauty says:

    Hi sis, buat bibir yang tone dasarnya gelap, bagus pake warna tipe Mauve & Nude untuk natural look seperti L’oreal Colour Riche Lipcolour, Fairest Nude; kalau mau pake warna Pink: NYX Matte Lipstick, Shocking Pink; untuk tampilan yang lebih bold dan sexy bisa pilih pakai warna tipe Burgundy Rose. Atau kalau sis mau rock red shades bisa pake Maybelline New York ColorSensational Lipcolor, Red Revival.

    Beberapa Brand lain yang recommended buat tipe bibir kayak sis include: Nabi, & Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick (ini famous sebagai best caring lipstick for dark lips).

    Hope it helps 😀

  6. Jojo says:

    Kalo untuk nyamarin bibir hitam tapi tetep keliatan natural bagusan yang mana y?

  7. BS Beauty says:

    Hi Salma, untuk bibir pucat, aku saranin pake yang warna Cherry (finish-nya kemerahan) atau Rapsberry (finish-nya blushing pink) 🙂
    Let me know jadi coba yang mana ya 😀

  8. salma says:

    kalo untuk bibir pucat itu mending warna apa ya?

  9. BS Beauty says:

    Thank you for reading my review! I am glad to know that my review is helpful for you 😀 U too dear, you stay fabulous too! Happy Sunday <3

  10. Fifi says:

    Very detailed and fun review to read!
    Very helpful too, I’m new to makeup and was looking for Maybelline lip balms.

    Thanks! Happy Sunday, stay fabulous 😉

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