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Emergency Makeup Kit

Have you ever been in a situation where you must be ready for something very important just in minutes? I have been in such situations very many times, especially in weekends. My husband’s family are always spontaneous. It’s very contrast with my family. My family like to have things plan ahead.

For example, today is cousin A’s birthday. In the afternoon, my mom in law may suddenly ask us to come to Jakarta for birthday dinner at 7 p.m. I finish work at 4 p.m. the fastest, and it takes about 2 hours to get from BSD to Jakarta. Please keep in mind that  it’s peak hours. Therefore, I always keep some of my Emergency Makeup Kit ready in my bag.


I used to bring only small items like Mascara, Lipstick and Blotting paper only, as makeup can be very heavy to bring daily in the bag. However, with Toyota Sienta, I can now prepared myself better. If I can put it this way, I will say that Toyota Sienta is the most makeup-junkie-friendly car so far. I hope my husband does not read this because he won’t like what I am going to say. Oh well, most men will not like it. Anyway, Toyota Sienta new utility features allows me, not only to add more makeup into my Emergency Makeup Kit, but I can keep it in the car without worry that it may melt; thanks to its  upper dashboard feature that comes with cooler. Yup, you get it right! A dashboard equipped with cooling system! How cool is that?

For the lower dashboard, I will store my travel size makeup brushes and selfie ring light there, so I can have extra lighting when I do my makeup at night. As you all know, the car light is too dim for makeup. Of course, taking a selfie after makeup is a must! Not only it helps boosting your confidence, it is also helpful to check on your makeup, whether or not you have applied enough; so you will look good on photos later.

That’s not all though, this car is also have tray under seat. I really like this idea. It’s simple, but helpful. Sometimes we want to keep stuff in the car, but there is only little room. It must be especially helpful for couples with kids like my husband and I. When you have kids, there are heaps to bring, and you may want to keep a few toys too in the car to keep them busy when you are trying to focus on the road. Also, now I can keep my shoes in the car without having my husband complaining about it. I always keep a pair of shoes in the car because I do not like to drive with shoes or hills on. I find it more comfortable to drive with sandals. Well, it’s just my personal preference.

Another features that I find useful are the open tray and cup holder at the front seat. I can use it to put my makeup when I have to do my makeup on the move. If you find yourself mostly on the road, you must know how difficult it is to apply makeup while at the same time trying so hard to keep your makeup on your laps, or when you are looking for a makeup item, but you are not sure where you put it. So, these two features will come very handy for you, as you can stash the makeup first before applying them – the big size makeup like the compact powder, eyeshadow palette and blush can be stored on the open tray; whereas, the lash curler, brow liner, mascara, lipstick, blotting paper and eyeliner can go into the cup holder. It’s very handy, isn’t it?

Well, enough about the car features, without further a due, here are my Emergency Makeup Kit:

Laneige BB Cushion

I have been sworn by this BB Cushion for 5 years now. Before this, I have tried couple brands’ but finding no luck. Either it would not set, or it caked after in less than 5 hours. However, with Laneige BB Cushion, not only it lasted through the day very well, it also helped taking care of my skin too. Perhaps, it’s due to its water base formula that hydrated my skin and keeping it fresh all day. Further, it is also packed with SPF 50 & PA++ that keeps our skin from the harmful UV rays.

Wardah Concealer Palette

It consists of three slots (L-R): 1 bright concealer, 1 dark concealer and 1 eye primer. So, it’s perfect as Emergency Makeup; it reduces the item you need to bring. The concealer has a solid creamy texture with medium-high-coveragebut due to its solid texture, it is not spreadable. So, a little is enough to cover a spot. Don’t use too much if you don’t want to get a cakey makeup as it blocks your pores.

For the eye primer, it may not be the best, but it’s good enough for emergency. The texture is like a balm. You need apply it 2-3 coats to have the eye covered evenly. Unlike other primer that blends well with the skin, you can feel the primer. You can tell that you have coating on your eyes. However, it works well though. It helps even out the eyelid surface, and intensify the color of the eyeshadows to be more pop.

Catrice All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder

I was expecting this Matte Powder to have at least  a medium coverage; unfortunately, it has a low coverage. Hence, it could not be use alone. So, I tried to use it as a setting powder instead, and I found it worked like charm. It helped to keep my makeup seat nicely through the day, and my face was also not as shiny as if I did not use it. My top record, it lasted up to 10 hours without setting spray and touch up. Another thing I noticed, it helped even out my complexion too. For the finish, it has a satin-matte finish.

Maybelline Volume Express Turbo Boost Waterproof Mascara

Just like the name, Maybelline Volume Express Turbo Boost Waterproof Mascara lives up to its name. Now only it has as long staying power, but it really is giving volume to your lashes too. Of course it is waterproof, otherwise, it won’t be able to stay long. It’s not mentioned in the description, but this mascara is also have a lengthening effect, which I really like, because I have short medium-short lashes. As a result, my eyes look bigger and more pop. What’s more, the mascara is build-able, while it’s still wet. Once it’s dry, do not touch up, or you will get lump of mascara on your lashes.

In addition, let me give you an extra tip of how to clean it; it’s because I found it a little bit hard to clean once it’s totally dry, even micellar water did not work well. So, to clean, use Wardah Eye & Lip remover, or use an oil-based remover.

Maybelline The Blushed Nudes

Consisting of 12 shades, Maybelline The blushed Nudes allows you to create 13 different looks. I choose this palette as one of my Emergency Makeup Kit because it can multi-function as eyeliner,blush and highlighter too. So, it’s very handy for traveling. In addition, it comes with a dual end makeup brush – sponge tip on one end, and brush on the other end. Also, the size is arguably travel friendly too; not too big to fit in makeup pouch. For details of quality and swatches, I will post separately.


Makeover Cosmetics – Gel Liner

For Eyeliner, I highly suggest you to use pencil liner instead of liquid or pen liner. It’s because, the road is too bumpy for liquid or pen-liner application. You won’t be able to wing your liner straightly, even if you do it slowly. I believe you do not want to redo your makeup because of it, right? So, pencil liner will be your best friend. It is because it’s easier to control ,and is also easier to correct if you happen to make mistakes.

My favorite here is Penciliner Gel Base by Makeover Cosmetics. It comes in shades. For my Emergency Makeup Kit, I choose the black (code: Black Jack) one. It’s the perfect one for any makeup look – day and night look. For details of quality and swatches, click here.

Moodmatcher Lipstick – Split Stick Lip Color

If black is the perfect shade for eyeliner, Pink is the best shade you can choose for lipstick category. Some people believe Red is the best universal shade. Unfortunately, I have to disagree. It’s because Red can be intimidating sometimes. Plus, not everyone can work it out rightly. Meanwhile, Pink compliments any look you pull off; it’s very easy to work with. With natural day look it makes you look fresh. With smokey eyes, it makes you look elegant / femininely sexy.

I decided to go with Moodmatcher Split Stick Lip Color because it allows me to pull three different shades with just one lipstick. What’s more, it has great formula too – pigmented, last long and not drying on the lips. So, I do not need to worry for touch up after eat and drink. Therefore, it’s perfect as Emergency Makeup. For details and swatches, click here.


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