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BLP Lip Coat by Lizzie Parra [Makeup Review]

Finale, I can get my very own BLP Lip Coat! The website was down not long after I purchased mine. Some of you must be wondering, what’s BLP? BLP stands for By Lizzie Parra. It’s Lizzie Parra’s (One of Indonesian famous makeup artist) trademark. Therefore, BLP Lip Coat means Lip Coat By Lizzie Parra.

As a fellow lipstick junkie, I expect alot from BLP Lip Coat. So, will this new lip coat as amazing as Lizzie? Read on to find out!


The Brand

Adopted from her Instagram name, Lizzie branded her new lip coat under her own name, BLP Beauty (By Lizzie Parra Beauty). From branding perspective, it’s quite a straight forward one. According to Lizzie herself, as she explained it at Stylecon Asia 2016 last month, she did it on purpose to match her on going branding on Instagram. Hence, if she is going to launch another products again next time, they are all going to be launched under the same umbrella.

The BLP Lip Coat Formula

Old Formula

It has a creamy but very smooth texture that it glides easily on the lips. Since it is not a liquid lipstick, as Lizzie described it – it’s a lip coat, it has thicker formula. In my opinion, it is more like a lip cream. It reminds me of Mineral Botanica Matte Lip Cream but with better formula. In short, the BLP lip coat has good consistency and great pigmentation. If I have to put it in one word, I will say that BLP pigmentation is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! it is very pigmented that with just a swipe you have your lips coated already. As for the finish, it has a satin finish.

Unfortunately, despite of the amazing qualities I discovered above, there are a few issues too, Firstly, the lip coat takes time dry, even longer than Mineral Botanica lip cream ( click here for the full review). Second, it falls in line. Third, just like Mineral Botanica lip cream, this BLP Lip Coat transfers; it is not kiss proof. Therefore, it does not last long, especially if you wear it to eat and drink. It is gone as soon as you start eating. If you do not use it to eat, it lasts for about 4 – 5 hours. The good news, the lip coat is build-able. So, you can always touch it up after eating. Lastly, the lip coat on the inner corner part of the lips are chalky once it dries.

New Formula

The new BLP Lip Coat Formula is just as easily glides on the lips. It has velvety feels when applied. The consistency and pigmentation are as good as the old ones too. The shades are buildable. Yet, I will suggest you to reapply instead of touching up after eating. It’s because from my personal experience wearing matte liquid lipstick, including BLP Lip Coat,  the finish will not be as good as first application. However, there are some differences. The new formula has matte finish. It is also kiss proof. Therefore, it won’t transferred when you use it to drink and drink, unless you eat something as oily as rendang and nasi uduk.

BLP Lip Coat Shades

There are eight adorable shades, which I personally find it interesting. I think Lizzie purposefully designed it to match our yellow tone skin. It is because they look different than other lip cream or liquid lipsticks available out there.

  1. Peppermint Pink – it’s a nude pink shade
  2. Butter Fudge  – it’s a light nude shade
  3. Lavender Cream – it’s a mellow mauve shade
  4. Persimmon Pie – It’s a dark mauve shade
  5. Burnt Cinnamon – It’s a dark brick reddish-brown shade
  6. Beet Me – It’s a bold purpleish-pink shade
  7. Candy Apple – It’s a bright red shade
  8. Bloody Marry – It’s a deep vampy red shade
  9. Red Velvet – It’s a red with deep plump undertone shade (New Shade)
  10. Ginger Bread – It’s a brown shade with hint of peach shade (New Shade)*
  11. Maple Waffle – It’s a brown-mauvy shade (New Shade)*
  12. Pumpkin Sorbet – Its a very wearable Orange Shade (New Shade)*

Of twelve shades, I got Nine: Lavender Cream, Persimmon Pie, Burnt Cinnamon, Candy Apple, Butter Fudge, Red velvet, Ginger Bread, Maple Waffle and Pumpkin Sorbet. The following is the Swatches Video & Pictures of the first six lip coat I have.

*For the other 3 news shades that just launched on 9 October 2017, you can check it out here – Review 3 Warna Terbaru Lip Coat BLP Beauty.


BLP Lip Coat (L-R): Candy Apple. Persimmon Pie, Lavender Cream, Beet Root, Red Velvet & Butter Fudge
BLP Lip Coat (L-R): Candy Apple. Persimmon Pie, Lavender Cream, Beet Root, Red Velvet & Butter Fudge
Hand Swatch of BLP Lip Coat (L-R): Candy Apple. Persimmon Pie, Lavender Cream, Beet Root, Red Velvet & Butter Fudge
Hand Swatch of BLP Lip Coat (L-R): Candy Apple. Persimmon Pie, Lavender Cream, Beet Root, Red Velvet & Butter Fudge
Candy Apple lip swatch - red with blue undertone
Candy Apple
Persimmon Pie Lip Swatch - Dark Mauve shade
Persimmon Pie Lip Swatch
Lavender Cream - it's a mellow mauve shade
Lavender Cream
Burnt Cinnamon - It's a dark brick reddish-brown shade
Burnt Cinnamon
Red Velvet - It's a red with deep plum undertone
Red Velvet
Butter Fudge - it's a brownish nude shade
Butter Fudge

The Packaging

It is packaged in a plastic transparent plastic tube with BLP letter printed on it. It has a white matching white cap. Inside the cap is the applicator. Just like other liquid lipstick or lip cream, this BLP lip coat also comes with a doe feet applicator. I always find doe feet applicator useful to apply liquid or creamy type of lipstick.

Wand BLP Beauty lip coat
BLP Beauty Lip Coat Wand

At the bottom of the bottle, we have information label that informs us of the shade, the brand, BLP website, where it is made, the weight of the lip coat and last but not least, the most important information that we should check is the BPOM code. As for the batch and expiry date information, they are available at the box. So, make sure you get it before throwing it to the rubbish bin.

Well, the following information is actually not that important, but I noticed that the BLP logo printed on the tube is not consistent. On two tubes, the BLP logo is printed upside down, but it is printed the other way around. I think it was done accidentally by the manufacturer. Again, this is not essential, and I don’t find it annoying or disturbing at all. I am just saying, because I find it weird, that’s all.


The Store & The Price

It is sold at BLP webstore and Sociolla  for Rp 129,000.-/piece

*Price is subject to change anytime

If you are going to shop at Sociolla, here I have a discount code for you. You can enjoy this code every time you shop there. So, it can be used multiple times!


Overall, despite of the issues addressed above, I find it comfortable to wear. It does not feel tight on the lips once it dries. Although it transfers, but I like its formulation. I love the unique shades range that BLP offers. It matches our yellow skin-tone perfectly. However, I think the price is quite pricey, especially for a new brand in town. If we compare it with other brands such as Sariayu that has been around for a long time; with Rp 99,000.- we get a double ended lip color with two finish – glossy & matte. Their formulation is also arguably good too. I won’t compare it with Mineral Botanica, because BLP has better formulation as mentioned above. Ohh.. I almost forget, my favourite shades are Lavender and Persimmon Pie.

Rate: 3.5/5
Repurchase: Yes!
Recommendation: I will recommend this lip coat because of its unique and friendly shade range.


Have you tried it? What do you think? And what’s your favorite shades?


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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I do not get any commissions in any form from this post. All opinions expressed are unbiased and of my own.

*Updated 20/6/17


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