Poppy Dharsono Liquefied Matte Lip Color (Review)

Hello beautiful, postingan kali ini aku mau update kalian dengan Poppy Dharsono Liquefied Matte Lip Color. Yess.. Poppy Dharsono keluarin seri Matte Lip Cream versi mereka. Seperti teman – teman tahu, yang namanya Lip Cream, especially Matte Lip Cream lagi heboh banget di Indonesia. So, apa bedanya Matte Lip Cream Poppy Dharsono dengan matte lip […]

Review 3 Warna Terbaru Lip Coat BLP Beauty

Yes, Lizzie baru saja keluarin 3 warna baru dari Lip Coat BLP Beauty. Aku yakin pasti banyak dari teman – teman yang sudah dengar atau lihat beritanya dari Sosmed BLP Beauty atau Sosmednya Lizzie. Otherwise, kalian gak mungkin Googling dan temukan Blog aku ini.

BH Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick [Makeup Review]

Most of you must not familiar with BH Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick. It’s because we hardly heard about BH Cosmetics in Indonesia, and only few their eyeshadows and makeup brushes being sold online. But.. Yes, they do have liquid lipsticks! Therefore, I take the honor to post the review here. BH Cosmetics For those who are […]

BLP Lip Coat by Lizzie Parra [Makeup Review]

Finale, I can get my very own BLP Lip Coat! The website was down not long after I purchased mine. Some of you must be wondering, what’s BLP? BLP stands for By Lizzie Parra. It’s Lizzie Parra’s (One of Indonesian famous makeup artist) trademark. Therefore, BLP Lip Coat means Lip Coat By Lizzie Parra. As […]

Mineral Botanica Lip Cream Matte [Makeup Review]

Hello there, today I am back with a makeup review. I know it’s been a while since my last makeup review. Also, please accept my sincere apology for being missing in action for a while. I am currently taking a makeup class. It’s more challenging than I thought, but I really enjoy it. I haven’t […]