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Vivo V5 – The Selfie Business: Is Selfie Important?

I decided to bring this topic up because I think it’s important to discuss. Nowadays, wherever we go, we will find people are taking selfie or wefie. Not only when we are on holiday, or attending events like birthday party, wedding or other events; hanging out with friends at a cafe, we will find at least someone is taking selfie or wefie. They may have someone helped taking their picture already, but they will still take a selfie or a wefie.

Feeling curious, why they still needed to take a selfie, I asked several people the question, and they simply said, “Of course we should take a selfie too! It’s just feel weird to not taking a selfie.” This answer made me think, why selfie  is so important? Is it really just a trend, or is there something else that we haven’t discover and understand yet?



The Globalization of Selfie By Public Figure

After almost a year, I finale found the answer. Michelle Phan (The famous Youtube beauty guru, and is now a business woman) was one of the famous figure that popularized the activity. It went back to years ago when she was still active making videos and interacting on her Instagram. If you followed her, you must know that she used to post lots of #selfie. I remembered clearly, there was once when she posted a bare face selfie with hashtags #bareface #nomakeup #nofilter, and encouraged her followers to do it too. She would like her followers to learn embracing their personal beauty, because she believed that nobody was created ugly. She always believed that beauty comes in many shapes and forms. Therefore, we should not be afraid nor feeling embarrassed to show who we really are, the way we are. Further, Michelle even posted a Selfie tutorial too, which she titled, “How to Take The Perfect Selfie“!

In the description box, Michelle explained that selfie allows us to have control in capturing the best version of ourselves. When we have someone else taking our picture, we cannot see how we looked in the camera until it was done. If we dislike it, we need to take more shoots. However, with selfie, we can manage to find the right angle; we can see whether our hair is tidy or messy; we can checked whether we have something on our teeth or not. Further, we also can see how we look and find our best expression too!

Another figure who promoted the globalization of #selfieculture is Kim Kardashian. Well, who does not know her? Probably, about half of the world population must know her, it’s because Kim and her family are always on Snapchat all the time. From the rise of the sun, till it set, the Kardashians documented almost every single move they make, and people follow what they do. The proof, there are many articles of how to take the perfect selfie like Kylie, posted online. Kylie is even named her #kween (or shall I say king?) of selfies. I think if they can snap while sleeping, they will definitely do it. In addition, if you have not heard it yet, Kim, Kylie’s sister, even made a selfie book to share a decade of her selfies in an intimate & artistic way.


Selfie Research Report

According to research done by Department of Psychology from University of Toronto, Canada (2016)regular selfie snappers reporting that they feel more attractive and liked than those who don’t selfie at all. To be precise, 198 college students —100 of whom claimed to be a regular selfie-takers — to snap a selfie with a smartphone camera, as well as pose for a photo taken by another person. Afterward, the students rated both pictures based on how they believed their friends would interpret the photos if they were posted to social media. A separate group, made of 178 members of the public, were also asked to rate the images.

In short, it was explained that both the selfie-takers and the non-selfie-takers thought they would be seen as more attractive and likable in the photos they snapped of themselves. However, the selfie-takers were reported to rate their attractiveness and likability significantly more than the non-selfie takers. In other words, those who regularly snap selfies have better self-confidence than the non-selfie takers. 

Another research of selfie was done by Irvine from University of California (2016). It was found that taking tons of selfies can actually boost your confidence. “smartphone picture taking and sharing can lead to increased positive feelings for those who engage in it,” said lead author Yu Chen, a postdoctoral scholar in UCI’s Department of Informatics. 

Shortly, at the end of the research, researchers collected nearly 2,900 mood measurements during the study and found that subjects in all three groups involved, experienced increased positive moods. Specifically, some participants in the selfie group reported becoming more confident and comfortable with their smiling photos over time, while another students became more reflective and appreciative as they took picture of objects, and others, who took pictures to make others happy, claimed that they became calmer and connected to their friends and family, which turned out helpful to relieve stress. In addition, it can also help you to be more motivated too.



The Selfie Business

Believe it or not, selfie has a surprising fact that may change your life. Besides the listed benefits above, in today’s digital era, selfie plays an important role in the business industry. Apart from being on trend, likeable, shareable content,  Selfie give a face to the digital world, they allow the person behind the account, the profile and the email to have a face. So, a perfectly placed selfie can turn the flat-boring companies, businesses and brands message to be more humanize. Therefore, many successful brands, nowadays use general-but-narcissist-individuals to be one of their face, like Michelle Phan for example, as their endorsers.

Before becoming a successful business woman, Michelle was like us, just a regular person who dream of success and better life. Yet, her makeup tutorial video, which she used to make with her build-in web camera on her laptop, has led her to new pathways. I do not know how confident she was, but I do know that as she regularly making videos and taking lots of selfies, she became more and more confident; also, as you can see from her videos, she discovered lots of self-discoveries – personalities and characters, which she might not find as much if she did not do whatever she did.

These discoveries are the identities that attracted brands to work with her. In short, brands are looking for connections from individuals. They will only choose individuals that have same characteristics with the image that they’d like to express. So, let’s take lots of selfies and discover yourself!



The Selfie Technology

Of course, we cannot forget the technology that has changed the photography game all together. Thanks to the finding and development of front camera on smartphone, we now can take lots of picture by ourselves. I do not know which brand started the whole thing, but I do know that most mobile phone are now having a front camera as their standard features, regardless of the price.

Not only my colleagues at the office, but our cleaners at the office, the waitress at the canteen to my son’s babysitter at home; they are having a smartphone that comes with front camera feature, and they are all love taking selfies. So, whenever they feel bored or tired, or simply having a short break, they will take a few selfies, edit it with filters, and then posting it on social media.

Back to when I was in junior high school, when I still used Nokia to take selfie. It was not as easy to do now. I have to use mirror to see if I got the angle right. Then, I switched to LG Viewty in 2007. Afterward, I stick with iPhone, up until now. Thanks to these smartphone with front camera feature, I can now create selfie easily, especially with iPhone 7 plus that comes with two back camera that shoot as one – 12MP wide-angle telephoto cameras, optical zoom 2x, digital zoom 10x and potrait mode. What can be better than that? I always think one can be better? But the developers of smartphones never stop amazing me. Whenever I think that way, that’s exactly the time when they come with another surprise!

True enough, a few days ago, I was invited by Vivo Smart Phone to their media launching of Vivo V5 – the first smartphone in the world with 20MP & Softlight Front Camera.What’s more, Vivo V5 is also equiped with the best camera sensor – Sony IMX376 (1/2.78-inch, f/2.0), which Vivo created together with Sony; a 5P lense with f/2.0 lens opener, and Face Beauty Mode 6.0 – an apps that Vivo develops personally to soften skin-tone when we selfie. That’s crazy right!? As I said, when I thought “What can be better than what they offer now?”, they come up with something even crazier! It seems they always have something under their sleeve.


As for the design of the phone, it has an elegant design, which I personally find looks like iPhone 6 a lot, but slightly smaller, slightly bulkier and slightly heavier. Specifically, the size of the screen is 5.5 inch with 2.5D curve. It has an HD display (1280×720 pixels). Unlike iPhone, Vivo V5 has a Smart Screen-Split feature that allows us to multi-task without switching applications when a message comes in.  What’s more, it is also equipped with finger print unlock.

In regards with, the OS, Vivo V5 is equipped with Andorid 6.0 Marshmallow with Funtouch OS 2.6, and supported with 4GB RAM and 32GB internal memory, which can be upgraded to 128GB max. Moreover, to make it easier to operate and lag free when you multi-task, Vivo V5 comes with Processor Octa-Core 64-bit. As additional benefit, Vivo added a special Eye Protection mode feature that filters the blue ray to protect our eyes, especially when we use it in the dark.

Besides camera, the other features that Vivo highlight was the Hi-Fi Professional technology as their audio technology. They believe that through that technology, music lover will be able to enjoy every music they play with the Hi-Fi special chip, the AK4376.

Just like their new slogan said it, “Camera & Music”, these two elements are inseparable. Through both features, people express their themselves. Hence,  photography and music have become more than just trends. It has become lifestyle, especially true for the millennial generation. Therefore, I will have to give my salute to Vivo for choosing Agnes Mo as their brand ambassador. She surely is the perfect candidate for this position. Not only she is an actress and a musician, but she is young, creative, energetic, fun and very lively too; she portraits both features perfectly, and inspires the youngsters to express themselves as boldly too.

For all the benefits listed above, Vivo V5 is surprisingly costed cheaper than I thought. I expected it to cost just slightly cheaper than iPhone. It turned out it costs IDR 3,499,000.- ONLY! For more information, you can check them from their website, here.

Another technology that comes into business thanks to selfie is, I called it, Selfie Photography Set. Conventionally, photography use flash light (build-in and external), backdrop, Hot Light and Soft Light, umbrella, and tripod. Modernly, thanks to, again, selfie, now we have Selfie stick, fish eye smartphone clip lense, and selfie portable ring light.

These crazy technology developments, for me, has proven that Selfie is more than just a trend. It has become a lifestyle, which has changed many industries landscape – from beauty industry, photography industry and technology and other gadget technology globally; hence, we have to admit that selfie is a serious business.


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