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My Lucky Weekend

December has been my favorite month of the year. Just look at the decorations, the lights, the music, the food, and on top of it, the gatherings. It’s one of the times where all of my family and friends are home for fellowship. That’s why I really love December.

Talking about festivity, last Saturday, I spent my weekend with my beloved husband at Alam Sutera. Not knowing that it would be our luckiest weekend, we were just excited to have quality time together. It was because we rarely have a chance to date. You might be confused and thought us as weird. But, if you have kid, you must know what I am talking about. Things change when you have kid. That’s why, it feels very nostalgic for us.

That night, the air was quite chilled. Perhaps, it was because Tangerang has been getting lots of rain lately. I like it though, it felt really nice and refreshing. Enjoying the festive night, we strolled around Flavor Bliss. There, we visited a Pop Up Playground by Toyota. My friend told me that they have been displaying their new car, Toyota Sienta there for sometime now. So, why not checking it out while we were there?

I was not really into automotive, but my husband was a big fan of automotive. He followed and watched lots of automotive channels and videos. He loved especially Top Gear. When he was busy, he would download the series so he did not miss a thing. I thought it was comparable with my addiction to beauty. Hahaha..

So, at the playground, my husband was happily checking out the new Toyota Sienta – the new design, utilities, spec, safety and other new features they added. I usually got bored when he stopped at a car display like this. However, not this time; Toyota Sienta successfully caught my interest. Could you guess why?

Yup, as the picture showed it; it was their spacious luggage space that attracted me. They smartly decorated it with many beauty related items! Just looked at it; I wish I could arranged my car like that. I really like their idea of having a beauty closet on the road. I could get ready for different occasions in no time, especially when I trapped in a traffic jam. It never occurred to me before to arranged the back seat like that.

Not only that, Toyota was also giving out free goodie for those who took a selfie at their playground, and uploaded it to Instagram. As you knew it, which beauty blogger or vlogger would refuse when they were asked to take selfie? So, here I was taking pictures at the playground. Yes, you got it right, pictures! Not a picture.. LOL! I was getting carried away.

After taking pictures, we then went to the allocated booth, and showed the uploaded picture to the personnel there. The goodie was a cute little bear wearing Toyota T-shirt. I gave to my son later on. He was very happy that he shouted “Hoo… Rayyyyyy!” I really could not resist from throwing him with kisses. He was so cute. I should have recorded it and showed it to him years later.

Besides playground, we were also entertained with live music and fashion show by one of the bazaar tenant. Please pardon my poor quality pictures. Not only it was dark, but the models were only stopped for less than a minute. Therefore, it was hard to take pictures. Plus, I did not know their walking route too. It was much easier to take pictures during runaway, because you knew where they would walk, and their speed was much steadier too.

After the fashion show, we were challenged to play a Game, where 3 people would compete with one another. My husband was volunteering himself, and was joined by two other participants. The game was very simple. They were asked to pack stuff into the Spacious Toyota Sienta Luggage Space, and placed all the nine bottles provided on to the 9 slots available in the car. Before it, the Toyota personnel was showing them how to fold the back seat first; it was because the participants must fold the seat by themselves. The quickest and tidiest participant would receive a IDR 500,000.- Shopping Vouchers that could be used at selected merchants.

In short, my husband was the last to go. While waiting for the first two participants, he was blindfolded; so, everyone had the same chance to win, otherwise it would be unfair for the first participants, who had to figure things out without strategy. Even though he was the last, but he calmly worked things out. It was probably because he got use to pack half of the house into the car. Again, if you have a kid, especially a toddler, you must know how it was.

Anyway, surprised, surprised! My husband was the winner! I knew that he would be either the first or the second winner because the the other guy was very slow, but I did not expect he would be the first! The other competitor was a girl. But, never underestimate her, though she was a girl, but she was pretty quick. Plus, she knew her way around car. If it was me, she would definitely won. Oh well, I was very excited and happy because my husband WON! Wohooo.. thanks to him, we have IDR 500,000.- extra for grocery shopping now! #feelinglucky.

As mentioned earlier, there was a bazaar too. It was fashion bazaar to be precise. Although not much, but there were lots of options to choose from.  Trust me when I said it was hard to choose which clothes to buy. It was not apple to apple. It was like comparing apple with apple-berry; if you knew what I mean. So, each tenants have their own style and trademark that I found hard to compare with one another. I had to choose which one to get. At the end, I bought nothing, believe it or not! Hahaha.. It was because my husband would not wait for me; he was too hungry for that. So, we left for food! #foodforthewin! LOL!


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