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VER.88 Holiday Lip Pencil Set [MAKEUP REVIEW]

Does anyone ever heard of the brand VER.88? Some of you must have heard of Ver.88 Bounce Up Pact SPF 50/PA+++. If you don’t know or have not heard of it yet, it’s a face kit that has been booming on Instagram. I personally have not tried it yet, and am not interested to try. Why you may ask? Well, it’s because I have a very  oily skin, and SPF 50/PA+++ is not the best formula for my skin type, as the SPF formula will make my face looks too glowy at the end of the day.

So, instead of that, I will share with you their Holiday Lip Pencil Set that I got from their counter at Beauty Professional Exhibition a few weeks ago. Many of you may not know about it yet, as only the Bounce Up Pact has been sold online at Lazada.

Read On to find the Lip Swatches & Review!


The Brand

Ver.88 is a brand new Korean Makeup Brand. They just launched last year – 2015. All their products are manufactured in Korea. However, just like Cathy Doll, the brand is most well known and sold in Thailand. Hence, the brand decided to make Thailand as their main distribution HQ for Asia Pacific Area. It’s also no wonder, most of the reviews of this brand is written by Thailand beauty bloggers. The brand just entered Indonesia recently. Therefore, it’s not as famous yet.

I have been reading that many of you are worried that this brand is not safe to be used. I myself have been searching for the BPOM code as I saw some websites claimed that the brand has been approved by BPOM. So, I’d like to clarify that it’s not true. It’s because I have searched directly from the BPOM website and found nothing. However, I do find that the brand has got FDA approval, and their FDA registration Number is: 10-2-5903731. I found it from their official website, which you can access here.


The Products

There are not many products created and sold yet. Mainly, they have:

  • Ultimate Herbal Extract – It’s a vitamin believed to help us to be beautiful inside out.
  • Ver.88 Bounce Up Pact – It’s a Powder Foundation. Containing SPF 50/PA+++, it is claimed to sooth acne, cover dark circles,concealed and absorb oils, giving us a flawless looking for up to 18 hours.
  • Ver.88 Dewy Face Glow – It’s a Face Primer that functions to help our skin looks shiny and natural, while at the same time tighten pores residue. It should hold your makeup up to 8 hours
  • Ver.88 Liquid Foundation – It’s claimed to be waterproof and last up to 24 hours.
  • Ver.88 Holiday Lip Pencil Set – It’s a set of 6 lip pencils.

As mentioned above, I only have and ever tried the Lip Pencil Set. Therefore, the description above is written as per-their claimed on the brochure I got.


The Lip Pencil Set

They claimed it as Lipstick innovation with resistant and waterproof formula.

My opinion:

  • Pros:
    • It’s pigmented
    • It’s easy to apply
    • The shade is build-able
    • It’s rub-proof.
    • It lasts quite long as the shades stains
    • The shades are all wearable for both day and night looks alone / as based
    • The shades are perfect for our Asian skintones
    • It has cute packaging
  • Cons:
    • The shade transfers / not kiss-proof
    • It has funny smell that I don’t know how to describe
    • The formula dries out your lips
    • It falls in lines
    • It’s not really waterproof, I can easily clean it with wet-tissue

Ver.88 offers 6 beautiful shades to color our lips, namely:

  • No. 881 Summer Fling – It’s a peachy shade with hint of pink
  • No. 882 Sweet Spot – It’s a bright pink
  • No. 883 Plum Lush – It’s a bright purpleish pinky shade (this shade reminds me of the red dragon fruit)
  • No. 884 Pink Adobe – It’s a purpleish mauvy dusty pink shade
  • No. 885 Sable Smoke – It’s a brow pink  nude shade
  • No. 886 Indian Smoke – It’s deep mauvy red brick shade
(L – R) Sable Smoke, Plum Lush, Pink Adobe, Summer Fling, Sweet Spot, ,Indian Rose

Here are the swatches

Summer Fling (No. 881)
Sweet Spot
Sweet Spot (No. 882)
Plum Lush (No. 883)
Plum Lush (No. 883)
Pink Adobe (No. 884)
Pink Adobe (No. 884)
Sable Smoke (No. 885)
Sable Smoke (No. 885)
Indian Rose (No. 886)
Indian Rose (No. 886)

The Packaging

When I first saw it,my first impression was that it looks like coloring pencil set. Specifically, just like coloring pencil case, the lip pencil set is packaged in a square tin case and inside, we gonna find the lip pencils are lining tidily in its place, exactly like coloring pencil set. Well, I personally think it cute.

The pencil itself are packaged in a black design with color code at the bottom. Here is my favorite part, unlike many other brands that printed out the expiration date at the plastic wrap or on any other external packaging, Ver.88 printed out their expiration date on each pencil’s body near the color code. It is very helpful for me because I tend to forget to write down the expiration date. I know it’s my responsibility to myself and especially to my clients, but it will be very helpful if other brands can do the same too. I don’t know why they like to print it out on the plastic wrap. People will definitely miss them and throw it away before realizing that the exp date is written there.

Also, each lip pencil is sealed with a quite sticky stickers as a sign that it’s brand new and is never been used before. I think it’s clever and is less annoying. Imagine if it’s wrapped in a clear plastic sealed, you have to unwrapped each pencils one by one again.

Last but not least, ass we can see, the lip pencil is produced as tradition pencil. Means we ought to sharpen them when it’s finished. So, get your sharpener ready if you decide to get them.

The Store & The Price

It’s only sold online. I have seen the Bounce Up Pack sold on However, they don’t have this lip pencil set yet. As mentioned above, I got them at the Beauty Professional Exhibition a few weeks ago from their Official Indonesian Partner @sinwen_shop. I got it for Rp 340,000.- at the exhibition. The normal price is Rp 380,000.-. There are other online shops (websites) that sell them too, but their pricing is way more expensive. They sell it for about Rp 465,000.-.


That’s all my makeup review of Ver.88 Holiday Lip Pencil Set. I hope you find it useful and enjoyable to read. Please share this post if you like it, and let me know in the comment below if you like to see more post like this.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I do not get any commissions in any form from this post. All opinions expressed are unbiased and of my own.

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