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Glamour Day Eyeshadows [Makeup Review & Tips n Tricks]

img_2554-copy-copyimg_2554-copy-copyEyeshadow is one of my favorite makeup products that I am obsessed with other than lipsticks. If you’ve been to my makeup studio, you know that I have one drawer full of them. Yup, you get that right! Well.. but I believe I am not the only one.. LOL! 😛

Anyway, today I am back with an affordable colorful eyeshadow palette that is perfect for both day and night look. Read on to find out!

pink-swirly-hiThe Brand

The eyeshadow brand that I am gonna share with you today is by the Makeup Academy Professional (MUA Professional). Some of you may have heard of it. In Indonesia, this UK based brand is not as famous as Morphe Brushes, Makeup Geeks, Maybelline or Revlon or NYX. However, their name has been around for years now.

Their philosophy is to deliver the highest standard but at a super low cost. Colour, fun and innovation are at the heart of every piece of makeup they deliver to us. Also, they guarantee that their products are always easy to use, adaptable and accessible, yet fashion-forward. What’s more, their product is cruelty free!


The Product

So, just like other makeup brands out there, MUA Professionals also have various full-face makeup products – face makeup, eyes makeup, lips makeup,  – and makeup brushes and accessories to offers too. However, as mentioned in the introductions, I am gonna share one of their eyes product only. If you are interested, you can check them all here.

MUA Professionas is actually have heaps of eyeshadow to choose from – single, trio, palettes and MUA Luxe Palettes. The eyeshadows palette alone, there are 36 them to choose from. What makes me excited most is that none of them are the same!  I wish I can get them all. They are all pretty and cute.

Mine here is the Glamour Days Palette. The palette contains a collection of 12 highly pigmented eye shadows in shimmer and matte to suit different skin tones to create a glamorous day look.

My Experience


  • Very pigmented
  • Buildable
  • Easy to blend
  • Good thing they add matte shades for transition and highlights
  • Good shades combination
  • Affordable
  • It lives up to its name – Glamour Days Palette. Though the shades are arguably vibrant, but they are wearable for day look / not overpowering.


  • The matte shades are very powdery; hence, they got very messy upon application (as seen below)
  • Does not come with mirror
  • MUA Professional may want to consider to replace one side of the brush with feathery brush instead of giving us sponge tip brush on both end like they did now.



Here I tried to create a few look that we can create with the palette: natural day look and glamour day look. Well, of course, the glamour look can be rock at night too, as it is initially created to be as night look instead of day look. However, as the modern people have been very opened for self-exploration and self-expression, now we can rock that smokey eyes at day time too.

Please pardon my messy brows. I am currently letting them to outgrow, because I’d like to try the trading service at a beauty Salon recommended by my friends.

Hand Swatches. Please forgive me for not mentioning what are they, because MUA Professionals does not name the shades.
Hand Swatches. Please forgive me for not mentioning what are they, because MUA Professionals does not name the shades.

Here are the looks I created

Natural Day Look
Natural Day Look

Glam Pink Look
Glam Pink Look

Green Smokey Eyes
Green Smokey Eyes


The Tips & Tricks

I never know that Glamour Look can be rocked till I tried this palette, as I was intringue by the name. So, here are the tips & tricks that I learned as I created this post:


  • Pick the right colors that suits not only your skin but the occasions too. You won’t want to rock dark-heavy colors for day look. I think this is why MUA Professionals does not include heavy dark shades in the palette; they only include one dark shades to create the smokey effects. That particular color is also not that dark too, just dark enough for day look.
  • Blend.. blend.. blend.. The key to perfect eye look is to blend properly
  • Use the right tools! I know the double ended brush they provide is not enough, but trust me the investment is worthy. So, if you wanna get the look, invest on the right tools!
  • Build layer by layers. The key to smokey eyes is to build layer from light to dark shades
  • Use tape to help creating the perfect cat eyes


  • Never do your eyes lok in hurry. If you wanna get the best result, take times to do your eyes. If you don’t have the time, skip the eyeshadows and the eyeliner part, and just go with Mascara.
  • Never do your makeup, especially the eyes part at a very hot and humid place, as the sweat and the oil produced will peel out the products. Your makeup won’t stick, as the products cannot be absorb by the skin.
  • Don’t forget to use Eyeprimer! Indonesia is too hot and humid for us to wear eyeshadow alone. Not only it will help bring the shades out, but it also helps to keep the eye look for the day.


The Packaging

The packaging is very simple and straight forward. Nothing fancy about it. Well, considering the price, it’s arguably nice and looks quite professional. As the picture below shows, it’s packaged in a black plastic pan, with transparent lid. It also comes with a double ended sponge tip brush for application. I think Maybelline picked up the ideas for their Maybelline 12 pan palette from them. It’s because the way they design the palette is similar, and improve it from there – the palette is more solid, and as for their brush, Maybelline also gives double ended sponge tip brush, just with different shape. Check out the Maybelline Dare To Be Nude Palette review here.

pink-swirly-hiThe Store & The Price

MUA Professionals do not have a physical retail shops in Indonesia. So, if you wanna get it, you can either purchased directly from their official web-store (they ship internationally), or you can get them from Indonesian online re-sellers. I forgot where I got it from, but I have checked that there are a few online shops that sell them:

  • Mooishe
  • Lazada

All of the shops sell them at about the same pricing, Rp 160,000.-


That’s all my makeup review of MUA Professionals Glamour Day Looks Eyeshadow Palette. I hope you find it useful and enjoyable to read. Please share this post if you like it, and let me know in the comment below if you like to see more post like this.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I am not affiliated in any ways with any of the shops mentioned above. Therefore, I am not responsible for anything that may happen during and out of your transactions with the shops. All opinions expressed are unbiased and of my own.

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