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Hello everyone, today I am back with a beauty box review. This is my very first receiving a beauty box. Therefore, I am just as excited as all of you. What’s more, it’s not just a beauty box, it’s a Korean Beauty Box! So read on to find out what’s inside! <3


As the title said it, I receive the beauty box from CHARIS. It’s an influenced based E-Commerce Platform in Korea. So, yup, I receive the box directly from Korea. As a beauty platform, CHARIS has a mission to maintain the beauty of its customers around the world. Therefore, they are not working with just anyone, but they work with Korea’s best makeup artist. What’s more, they also carefully handpick the most reliable and effective premium products.

Since this is my very first beauty box from CHARIS , I was very excited to find out. I was very sure that it would be very exciting. It’s Korean cosmetics after all! So, here are the products they sent me.


Beauty Sponge – Blending Puff

The sponge comes in a clear plastic packaging, which I found very cute. I have to admit that I am all about beauty sponge. It is my number one beauty weapon for makeup applications for foundation, concealer and contouring. Not only it keeps my hand clean, but it have also been helping me getting an air-brush-like look. Further, it also makes makeup application less time consuming too.

About the blending puff, it has a very soft texture. Perhaps, it’s one of the softest beauty sponge I ever tried. In regards with the size, it’s about the same size as Real Technique’s beauty sponge. I know there are many beauty sponge with the same design in sizes (bigger, smaller and same size) being sold in the market with cheaper price. However, they are not alike. I happened got one from a friend; therefore, I can tell you that they are different. The difference is that this Korean Blending Puff is more flexible and easy to squeeze. Therefore, the pointy side can be easily squeezed to reach the side of the nose and the under-eye area, which my old ones was very difficult to squeeze; hence, I got difficulty to reach especially the side of the nose.



Dr. Flora – Flora Cream White Freshness

I have to admit that I never really thought about Fresh Cosmetics as much as thinking of Fresh Food. It surely rings a bell in my head when I read their statement, “As fresh food is good for health, fresh cosmetics are good for skin.

Dr. Flora presents organic cosmetics.So, there are no artificial coloring or fragrance used in the cosmetics. Using only the freshest products, Dr. Flora delivers only the top quality, organic floral water that is even safe to eat.

The White Nerolli Floral Water Cream is made of organic Neroli flower extract. Neroli flower extract is known for renewing and balancing the skin, brightening the complexion and refining the skin texture.



Klavuu believes that beauty comes from within. Hence, just like their name’s meaning, which stems from two Swedish words – Klar (which stands for clean) and Vuu (which is a metaphor for perspective/belief) means “Clear and Transparent belief” – Klavuu skincare is extracted from the purest of oceans.

Here I got three sachet of each of their products:

  • Klavuu Pure Pearlsation Revitalizing Facial Cleansing Form
  • Klavuu White Pearlsation Special Divine Pearl Serum
  • Klavuu White Pearlsation Enriched Divine Pearl Cream

The main job of the set is to help revitalizing our skin and preventing 5 signs of aging.


INSby N – Deep Aqua System Mask BX

Got an interesting design printed on the front side of the mask, INSbyN offers a deep aqua system mask BX. Believing in the mystical power of nature, the brand is using Coconut as their main ingredients for skin problems solution.

First, I have to warn you, be very careful when pulling out the mask from the packaging, and when opens it up; it is overflowing with essence. I did not know if it was only mine, or if all of their masks are like that. As for the sheet mask, it is very thin, and felt more like white plastic bag instead of like a sheet mask. Unlike other sheet masks that I ever tried, it really was light and soft, but it has a good adhesiveness that it stick very well on my face.

I highly recommend this mask for anyone who has a rough and dry skin.


Missha 3D Mascara

This was my very first time hearing that there was such thing as 3D Mascara, and did not know what to expect. After doing some research, I found out that Missha was launching two kind of mascara – 3D Mascara that I got, and 4D Mascara. Both created with different purpose. The 3D supposed to give us a bold and volumising effect, while the 4D supposed to give us longer, denser and richer volume eyelahses

They claimed it as waterproof and lump-free mascara. After doing some experiment, unfortunately, I have to disagree with their claim. First, it’s not volumising at all. Instead of giving some volume to the lashes, it is more like lengthening mascara. I don’t mind it though, because I got medium length lashes. However, it may be a turn-down for people who purchased it because of its volumising formula.

Second, still discussing about its formula, it’s quickly dry. Therefore, you don’t have to worry it goes lumpy when coating it up. In other words, it is lump-free and  build-able. So, we can go crazy with the mascara; why not building a skyscraper high lashes?

Third, sadly this is another bad news. It’s not waterproof. Though the mascara is quickly dry up and lump-free, yet, it’s not waterproof. The mascara moved when it’s flowed with water. I will highly suggesting you not to rub your eyes when you cry. Dab your eyes gently with tissue instead; so the mascara won’t transfer to your hands and face.

Last but not least, the mascara has a slim and long wand with a pointy end, which I found quite helpful to reach the lashes in the inner corner of the eyes, and made lower lashes coating easier too.

Overall, this mascara is not great, but not bad either. I am personally don’t mind having this mascara because of its wand design and it’s lengthening and lump-free formula. It’s really unfortunate that this mascara won’t give you any volume and is not waterproof.


The Store & The Price

CHARIS can be purchased world-wide as it’s Online Based Store (E-Commerce). To shop, you can access their website here. I have been receiving of how to shop there on my Instagram. So, I think, I will give a quick step-by-step here:

  1. Go to CHARIS website here
  2. Browse their products just like you normally do on other e-commerce sites.
  3. Add the products that you’d like to purchase to the basket
  4. Click Pay once you are done
  5. All the price will be paid Dollar Based; so, what you see is what you pay
  6. For the Payment method, they accept
    1. Credit Cards (VISA/MASTER/JCB)
    2. Paypall
    3. Wechatpay
    4. Molpay
    5. PATSBUY

I hope this quick steps help!



So, that’s all my Shopping Tips. Hopefully, it may help you untuk Shopping Irit. I hope you all having a great reading time, and find the information useful. Don’t forget to follow me on my social media for more beauty boosts and updates.

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