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Silisponge Review [Makeup Tools]

Who has tried Silisponge? I have been wanting to get myself a silisponge since the hype broke the net. Guess what, a few week ago, an old friend of mine, the owner of @sweetenme, contacted me;  she asked if I interested to try Silisponge. As you can guess, of course, I said yes to her!

Cut the story short, I was surprised when I opened the package; I was only expecting a Silisponge, but she sent me two of them! Thank you so much dear. Now I have a pair!





Silisponge.. It may be the most silliest beauty product name I ever heard. Nevertheless, it’s not as silly as it sound. Silisponge is a beauty applicator that is designed to help us applying makeup with lesser amount of products.

Originated from Molly Cosmetics, Silisponge became hype after Huda Beauty posted online a shot of herself using boob insert as dupe to apply foundation.



Silisponge VS Beauty Blender

So, most of you must wonder, what’s the difference between Silisponge with Beauty Blender? Why do we need another applicator, if we already have beauty sponge and makeup brush? Let me answer those questions for you:

  1. The main difference between Silisponge and Blender is the materials. Silisponge is made of Silicon. Therefore, they call it Silisponge. On the other hand, Beauty Blender is made of sponge.
  2. Since it is made of silicon, it does not absorb products; hence, nothing is wasted. In fact, it helps us saving money because we can now use lesser amount of products. In contrast, since beauty blender is made of sponge, it, of course, absorbs products.
  3. As Silisponge does not absorb product; therefore, we get better coverage.
  4. It is more hygiene.  All you need is either makeup remover tissue and sanitizing spray; then you can use it on another client or model immediately.
  5. I believe you can imagine how easy cleaning this beauty applicator. It literally is taking less time to clean and need less effort! No more rubbing thing under lukewarm water with soap.
  6. Silisponge is more durable or longer lifetime than Beauty Blender which needs to be replaced after a while; so, disposing is minimized!

Silisponge and BB Cream


My Experience

It’s been 3 weeks now since I started using Silisponge in my makeup routine. However, I have been in a love and hate relationship with it; therefore, I took my time to write this review; so, I could give you better review.


  • It worked! I used less foundation with this Silisponge. I used half the amount of foundation than I normally do, compared with applying with brush, my fingers or beauty blender (Save money!)
  • It was seriously super easy to clean. I used baby wipes to clean it. The alcohol contained help to sanitize the Silisponge, because I didn’t have sanitizing spray. Plus, it was quicker that way too. (Time management)
  • I got better foundation coverage because it did not absorb product  (Save money)
  • Although I still needed to re-blend it with beauty blender, I still used half amount of foundation I normally do! Therefore, I am still keeping it (Save money)
  • Since it was made of silicon, it is not easily broken, means it is more durable; so, we don’t need to replace it as often as with beauty blender  (Save money).
  • The material of Silisponge that @sweetenme sent, is MDS (Medium High Grade) Premium Quality.


  • The most annoying thing that I don’t like from Silisponge, the sponge is flat and there is this plastic lining on it. It is not comfortable and cause streaks.
  • The finish result looked not natural.
  • It tooked longer for product to absorb.
  • Don’t be fooled by the shape. Although the shape is oval, but it does not  really reaching all the places you need to, like under the eyes and the corner of your nose. This is due to that annoying plastic lining mentioned earlier.
  • It creates an extra step in the makeup doing process. With beauty blender, you apply and blend; done! With Silisponge, you apply and then go over it with the blender to get the result desired. Therefore, I still use beauty blender to pat afterward to help the products to be absorb better and to get natural look finish.



How To Use Silisponge

After a long trial, here is the quick step of how to get the most of this tool:

  1. Dot little amount of your cream or liquid product on the face (this will take some experiment to figure the right amount of products for each products you have, as pigmentation of each products is different one from the other).
  2. Go in circular motions or back and forth to spread the product until it stop spreading further.
  3. Tap repeatedly to blend and settle, or absorb enough by the skin to build layer.
  4. Repeat the process until you get the coverage you needed (optional)
  5. Use your favorite beauty blender to set the product, and give a nice and natural finish.

To see Silisponge in action, check out my Pink Spring Makeup Tutorial:



To sum everything up, as mentioned above, Silisponge is a beauty applicator that is designed to help us applying makeup with lesser amount of products. Despite of the negativity mentioned above, I find it works just like they promised! I know many people complained a lot of how disappointing this Silisponge; it took so long to blend, and how they got unnatural finish. I can relate and understand with them because I used to think like that too when I first tried it. However, I have to remind you all that delivering such result is not the main purpose of  Silisponge being created in the first place. Read again the description above, nothing about delivering a natural or airbrush finish result ever mentioned. You can also check online if you do not believe me. The only promise  Silisponge ever promises, is to help us applying makeup with lesser amount. 

Personally, after a long love and hate relationship, I decided to keep using it because it helps me to get a better coverage, and it also helps me saving some money / cutting my monthly shopping budget. Besides, all of the cons mentioned are bearable; in other words, none of the issues are crucial matters.

Ratings: 3.5/5

Recommendation: Recommended for those who want to save shopping budget like me!



The Shop & The Price

You can get it online. I haven’t heard if it is available  offline. Please let me know if you know where to get offline. Mine is from Instagram Online Shop – @Sweetenme. They sell it at IDR 55,000.- *

PS: Pssstt… they currently have a Buy 1 Get 1 Promotion! Simply, follow this step to claim the promotion**:

  1. Re-post one of pictures from @Sweetenme post on your IG
  2. Write a caption to promote @Sweetenme
  3. Use hashtags #silisponge #jualsilisponge
  4. Screenshot your post and send to their line @Sweetenme (use @)

*Price may change anytime without notice

**Promotion may end anytime without notice


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