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How To Get The Right Facial Treatment [Beauty Tips]

Hi ladies, today I would like to share about Facial Treatment . This article is especially dedicated to my friends who have been experiencing trauma from bad facial side effect, and also you, who may experienced similar issues.

All ladies must want to get a bright clean and healthy face. Therefore, many of us went Facial to get their skin treated by the professional. Unfortunately, instead of getting better, some of us experienced  break out after having a facial treatment like my friends – some got pimples, others got scars and the pores on their skin got bigger. Terrifying, wasn’t it? I myself got scared after hearing their stories.

Facial Treatment issues

But, let’s not generalized that all beauty clinics are bad, and facial is not always scary. Facial in general supposes to be one of solutions for our skin problems. Well, of course, if it is done correctly and is done by the right person.

Now, let me explain to you the reasons why my friends experienced Facial side effect:

Firstly, they were not well informed of their skin conditioned.

According to Dr. Uke from Gloskin, every beautician is actually ought to consult us before giving a facial session, especially on our very first facial session. This step is very important. It is because only through consultation, both  the beautician and the client can understand better the skin condition; hence, they can give us the  right facial treatment that meets our skin needs.

Further, Dr. Uke highlighted that there isn’t such thing as one treatment for all or miracle products and treatment. It is because everyone has different skin types and problems; even if, for example, you and I  have the same skin types; we must have different problems because we have different hormone condition, different lifestyles, different food consumption and so on.

Unfortunately, this service is only available  at Beauty Clinic. If you go to Beauty Salon like my friends, none of the beauticians there able to consult us. Well, they are not doctors; therefore, they won’t have the knowledge to consult.

Second, the beautician must inform us of the facial treatment procedures.

This is a very serious issue. Therefore, the clinic should make sure that we understand the procedures. So, we are clear of what will happen and how things will be done.

My friends, were not well informed. They were clueless. Therefore, they did not understand that each skin issues have different procedures and tools to treat. This is why they think that all facial treatment must be the same; hence, they can go to any  beauticians to get a treatment.

Third, they went to the wrong person to do their facial.

As mentioned above, they went to beauty salon to have the treatment, not beauty clinic; therefore, even though they might have the right tools, but if they did not know how to use it properly, it is harmful for our skin. For example, if injection for pimple is done wrongly, it will not only leaving scars, but it may leaving black spot on the skin too.

Another example is blackheads extraction. Some people find this facial treatment painful and traumatizing. According to Dr. Uke, this treatment is actually supposed not causing any pain nor trauma. There are two possibilities of why they found it painful:

  1. The beautician does not use cream peeler that can help to unclog blackheads painlessly.
  2. The beautician may be either attempting to squeeze out your unripe pimples or forcing your acne out, or trying hard to unclog your blackheads.

My Bareface

How to choose the right Beauty Clinic?

Now, how to find the right beauty clinic ? There is no other way, you have to search. Here is some guide that can help you in your search:

  1. Learn about the clinics
    Make a shortlist of beauty clinic. In this step, you may want to ask you family, friends, coworkers, or colleague if they have been to a beauty clinic before, and ask for recommendations. Then, browse it on the net, if the Clinic has a website. Nowadays, most clinic has a website already to help us learn about their Beauty Philosophy, Qualification, Achievement, Treatment and Facilities.
    Gloskin Founder
  2. Check out the treatments
    As mention above, most Clinic is now listing their list of service online. Do they have the treatments you need? If you are unsure, check if they have a live chat features, or go to the contact us tab to contact them. Then, tick off the clinic that do not suit you.
    Gloskin Aesthetic Clinic Facial Treatment Options
  3. Location
    Now, you should have fewer list of Clinics to choose from, or perhaps, you may have only one. If you still have some in the list, choose your preferred location.
  4. Contact Them
    For more information about their service and pricing, you may want to contact them through their Contact Page, or give them a call.

    Me with Dr. Uke from Gloskin Aesthetic Clinic Indonesia
    Me with Dr. Uke from Gloskin Aesthetic Clinic Indonesia



Once you have found the right Beauty Clinics, I highly recommend you to ask lots of questions before having the facial treatment. To help you, here is some questions that I always remind my friends and cousins to ask if they see beauticians:

  1. What is my skin types?
  2. What is my skin issues?
  3. Do I have skin Allergy? What am I allergic to?
  4. Is there any food that I need to avoid?
  5. Is there any cosmetic formula that I need to avoid or should not use?
  6. How am I suppose to do my daily skin  routine? Have I done it right?
  7. Is there any product recommendations that can help me improve my skin condition?
  8. Any other questions that you find necessary to ask.



To sum up, not all facial treatment is bad. Facial Treatment is exist to help our skin get better. However, some people experience bad facial side effect because they went to the wrong place to get the treatment, and are treated by not-certified beautician. Therefore, it is important to find the right Beauty Clinic and ask questions before having Facial Treatment; so, we can ensure that our skin get what it deserves.


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So, that’s all my Blog Post for the day. I hope you all having a great reading time, and find the information useful. Don’t forget to follow me on my social media for more beauty boosts and updates.


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