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Selena Gomez Inspired Look [Makeup Collaboration]

CALLING ALL SELENA GOMEZ’s Lover to come forward! Yesss… the title said it, I am back with another Makeup Collaboration! This month, the theme is Celebrity Inspired Look. Here, I am taking the western celebrity category, and as you all know, I am chosing Selena Gomez as my inspiration.

Selena Gomez’s Style

From her time in Disney up to now, Selena has been one of my favorite style icon. Her style is always inspiring. From Natural Look to punk street style; Classic Holywood or Glamour Holywood style, you name it; Selena has tried most of them.


In 2007, the 15 years old Selena Gomez attended the Premiere of High School Musical 2 with just very little makeup –  just a little Mascara and brown eyeliner. Well, she was still very young to wear heaps of makeup. So, she kept it natural and fresh. A year later, in 2008, she added one more item into her makeup routine, a lip gloss. Whatever the looks, Glossy Lips became her trademark for a year.

15 Years Old Selena Gomez, rocked very minimal makeup - eyeliner, brow pencil and lip gloss
15 Years Old Selena Gomez. Pic from Pinterest

2010 – 2017

Starting from 2010 onwards, Selena Gomez has three trademark styles that she rocks up till now. Only occasionally she wears other styles depending on the event. The first looks that Selena Gomez often pulls is Smokey Eyes. In fact, we can say that this is her go-to-look. Sometimes she also adds wings to the eyes to make it more dramatic.

Smokey Eyes Selena Gomez. Pic by PictureZimbio
Smokey Eyes Selena Gomez. Pic by PictureZimbio
Selena Gomez Smokey eyes with Wing Eyeliner. Pic: MTV
Selena Gomez Smokey eyes with Wing Eyeliner PIC by MTV


Second, Selena Gomez is also often caught rocking a smudged out black eyeliner look, which framed her eyes beautifully. This trick is very simple; yet, it makes her looks punk and edgy, especially in this picture. I think the curls compliment the look very well.

Smudge black eyeliner look with tan skin and curly hair. How edgy this look! Pic by Teenvogue
Smudge black eyeliner look with tan skin and curly hair. How edgy this look!Pic by Teenvogue

Third is Sleek Neutral Look. This look is my favorite. Personally, this is Selena Gomez’s best look ever. Here, she looks more grown up, indeed. However, this clean and fresh look lets Selena Gomez’s charm shines. The absence of smokey eyes, smudge black eyeliner, wing liner, and tan skin is a big prove that you don’t actually need heaps of makeup to shine. Makeup exists to help us enhance our good features, not to hide who we really are.


Sleek Neutral Look Selena Gomez Pic by DailyMail Uk
Sleek Neutral Look Selena Gomez Pic by DailyMail Uk

Selena Gomez Inspired Look

I was initially wanted to do the third look, which is the Sleek Natural Look. However, last month I just recreated Kate Middleton’s Look, which is similar with the third look. Hence, I decided to go with the second look, which was the Smudge Look.

To be honest, this look is so not me. It’s not my style. I am the natural type girl. Natural or Neutral look has been my go-to-makeup, even when I pulled smokey eyes look. So, instead of using the usual dark-glam-shades like blue, black, and silver;  I used the neutral and natural shades like taupe, gold, bronze, copper, brown, and beige. Hence, doing this look was really a challenge for me to get out of my comfort zone.


The biggest challenge has been to get myself felt comfortable with the look. It took me sometimes to get a good picture with the right expression for this post. I tended to go with the nice-sweet girl smiling on the camera; meanwhile, Selena Gomez’s smudge look was supposed to deliver a punk and edgy look with strong character. In short, I took about two hundred pictures of myself, I finale managed to get it. Not yet perfect, but I started to understand this Style better.


The Makeup

Here are the makeup I used to create the look; some of the makeup I purchased from Sociolla:

– NYX Spray Primer
– L.A. Girl Pro Concealer Natural
– L.A. Girl Pro Concealer Dark Cocoa & Classic Ivory
Maybelline FitMe! Matte + Poreless Foundation 
Makeover Cosmetics Translucent Powder – Porcelain
Makeover Cosmetics Contour Kit
– Jordana Peach blush

– Catrice Eyebrow Pencil – Dark Brown

NYX Eye Primer – White
– Sariayu Papua Palette
Mizzu Chrome Eyeliner Gel – Carbon Black
– Sailor Moon Pen Liner
– Benefit Roller Mascara
– No Brand Eyelashes

NYX Cosmetics Lingerie Liquid Lipstick no.8 – Bed Time Flirt

And here, is my gift for you – Discount Code from Sociolla! Feel free to use it as often as you wish! Simply, just enter the code on the picture below when you check out 🙂

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And here is the tutorial of how to get the look:


So, that’s my Selena Gomez’s inspired look for the Makeup Collaboration. In this collaboration, there are more Celebrity Inspired looks to check out. Like my friend here, Devi. Can you guess who inspired her? Go to her page now to find out!


So, that’s all my Blog Post for the day. I hope you all having a great reading time, and find the information useful. Don’t forget to follow me on my social media for more beauty boosts and updates.


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