Clinelle PureSwiss Thermal Spring Water Review

Sesuai janji, update blog post kali ini aku mau share pendapatku tentang Clinelle PureSwiss Thermal Spring Water. Facial Spray ini adalah produk terbaru Clinelle yang akan masuk di Indonesia secara resmi soon. Penasaran apa yang membuat Thermal Spring Water ini berbeda dengan facial spray lainnya? Apa benar face mist ini bisa membantu makeup jadi lebih tahan lama? Yuk lanjut dibaca.

Makeup Setting Spray [Beauty Tips & Makeup Review]

Many of you, who love makeup especially, must know how much effort needed to create a look, even the simplest one. Therefore, we need something that can seal them all and make it last through the day. Some of you may have heard a product called Setting Spray.  However, not all Facial Spray can be […]