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Emergency Makeup Kit

Have you ever been in a situation where you must be ready for something very important just in minutes? I have been in such situations very many times, especially in weekends. My husband’s family are always spontaneous. It’s very contrast with my family. My family like to have things plan ahead. For example, today is …

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Christmas Gift Idea- family & friends

Can’t believe how fast time flies away so quickly! It’s only 34 days to go till Christmas <3 Have you made your Christmast List ready? I have some ideas of what to give already for my family and friends. Of course, I have created my personal wishlist for myself ready too.

Tidak terasa waktu berlalu dengan sangat cepat. Tinggal 34 hari lagi, kita akan merayakan Natal <3 Apakah teman – teman sudah mempersiapkan Christmas List? Kalau saya, saya sudah ada ide hadiah apa yang akan saya kasih buat keluarga dan teman – teman saya. Tentunya, saya sudah punya personal wishlist buat diri saya sendiri juga 😀