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RATU MAS Mangir Body Soap & Scrubs [SKINCARE REVIEW]

Two weeks ago, as some of you know, I wast invited by Mustika Ratu to attend the Putri Indonesia Grand Finale. I was so thrilled with excitement, because it was Putri Indonesia moment, and I got to see it live!

There, I got to meet with my fellow beauty blogger ladies, which I got to know from the beauty forum – Komunitas Beauty Bloggers & Vloggers Indonesia, and Beautiesquads. I was glad to have them in my life. Thanks to them, I am challenged to improve my blogs better; I was inspired and motivated to create better content regularly every week; I learned new knowledge and skills; also, I am challenged to get out of my comfort zones too. They are my true inspirations.

Back to our main topic, as Mustika Ratu guest, I received a beauty bag filled with full size goodies. All of us were given different goodies. Mine here is a mix of Ratu Mas body care products and Mustika Ratu’s newest lip product. Right now, I will share my thought of the Ratu Mas Body Care Products.

Ratu Mas

Ratu Mas is the child brand of Mustika Ratu that focuses on reserving the body care heritage recipe for genertaions . Delivering a fun and relaxing personal spa experience to your home, Ratu mas uses only natural ingredients fom Empu Rimpang Temugiring, Kemuning Leaves, Kunyit and Kenanga Flowers that are proven able to exfoliate dead skin-cells and dirt, brighten the skin and soothe the tired skin of pollution, UV rays and stress exposure.

Ratu Mas has a niche product category:

  • Ratu Mas Body Soap
    • Mangir
    • Sinangling
  • Ratu Mas Body Scrub
    • Mangir
    • Sinangling
  • Ratu Mas Lulur Kocok
    • Seruni
    • Srigading

Here mine are the Ratu Mas Mangir Body Soap & Scrub.

Ratu Mas Mangir Body Soap 

Their Claim

Mangir Body Soap is made from traditional ingredients for practical use and double function of cleansing the body and maintaining the health of the skin. Mangir Body Soap helps brighten the skin and maintain skin smoothness and make your body skin fragrant and fresh.


My Experience

My first impression was it has a good unique smells. The aroma was different than any other soap out there. It must be because of the traditional ingredients or herbs mix used in the ingredients. My body was definitely smell good after I have bath using this Ratu Mas Mangir Soap. However, the smell did not last long.

The Ratu Mas Mangir body soap bar has a Yellow-gold color, just like Tumeric. Well, it is because the soap contains tumeric in the mix. In the middle, you got an embossed word saying”Mangir”.

The texture of the bar itself is a little bit rough due to the herbs mix. The roughness was good for scrub though. You might think that I was weird, but I like that roughness feeling when using this Ratu Mas Mangir bar soap. It gave a clean sensationall the dirt and dead skin cells being scrub away from your body.

After using it for more than a week, I could see that my skin looked more clean and brighter; it looked more alive than before.

Ratu Mas Mangir Scrub Powder

Their Claim

Mangir Scrub Powder is powder to treat the entire body. It cleans smooth the skin so it looks clean, soft and fragrant.


Direction of use

  1. Mix powder with sufficient amount of water and apply onto arm, neck, body and legs.
  2. Wait until partly dry then gently rub off the Mangir Scrub Powder.
  3. Rinse with water

Recommended to be use once a week only.

My Experience

Just like the Ratu mas Mangir Body Soap, the Ratu Mas Mangir Scrub Powder is also have a unique aroma that makes you feel relax and fresh. In contrast with the soap bar, the fragrance of this scrub powder last longer. Perhaps, it is due to its mixture form. Once it’s mixed with water, it turned into a liquid form; hence, it’s easier to absorb by the body.

For the texture, as you can see from the picture below, it is in the form of powder. In difference with the bar soap, the powder has a cream shade. Once mix with water, it looks like a milk and has a similar liquid texture like milk instead of watery.

The liquid mixture takes a while to dry. So, do not use this Mangir Scrub Powder if you are in a hurry. I prefer to take this mixture to my favorite salon, and ask them to help me applying this scrub powder while having a good massage. It will be very nice for the body and mind to relax once in a while, especially if you just have a hectic week. Probably after work is the best  time to have a good-scrub-massage. Or if you prefer to do it at home, you can always order Go-Massage to have the therapy.

I really love the feeling of scrub. It makes my skin feels clean, fresh and bright. What’s more, I always feels good afterward, because I know that I just keep my body clean and healthy. Some people may not realize that it’s important to scrub your body once a week. Some just do not understand the importance of it. It’s very important because, your body is going through a cycle of regeneration everyday. Can you imagine how much dead skin accumulated in a week? Therefore, your skin looks dull, because the dead skin is blocking the fresh and healthy skin underneath. Hence, it’s important to have a good scrub once a week.



You can purchase it offline at your nearest supermarket – Giant, Hero, Transmart Carrefore, or your nearest mini market like Indomaret or Alfamart. Also, online from Mustika Ratu authorized onlineshop – Kosmetikcantik.com.

Ratu Mas Mangir Body Soap costs IDR 15,400.-* & Ratu Mas Mangir Scrub Powder costs IDR 7,300.-/saschet*

*Price is subject to change anytime without notice


So, that’s all my review for the day. I hope you all having a great reading time, and find the information useful. Don’t forget to follow me on my social media for more beauty boosts and updates.

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