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NYX Total Control Drop Foundation [Makeup Review]

Have you tried NYX Total Control Drop Foundation? I first knew about it from Vinna Gracia’s Vlog at NYX Cosmetics HQ in L.A. Though it’s not really a new product, but I was glad that NYX brought it to the market at more affordable price than its  competitors (for now, who knows other brands will come with even more affordable price).

NYX Total Control Foundation

NYX Total Control Drop Foundation

Their Claim

“From sheer to full, your ideal coverage is just drops away with our new Total Control Drop Foundation! Fine-tune this velvety, matte foundation with the included dropper. Simply adjust the number of drops until you create the look you’re feelin’ today.” Want more coverage? Add more drops!

The Shades

It comes in a wide range of shades. They even build a special page on their website to help you finding the right shade, called the NYX Total Drop Control Foundation shade finder. Check it out to find your best matched shade.

NYX Total Control Drop Foundation shade finder button
NYX Total Control Drop Foundation – Shade Finder

My Experiece

NYX Total Control Drop Foundation is basically a liquid foundation. However, it is not like common foundation that we usually find at the beauty counters. The first difference is the texture. Unlike other foundations, NYX Total Control Drop Foundation has watery texture; therefore, it comes with a dropper instead of a pump. Nevertheless, you need to be careful. A little clumsy action can cost a big mess. Because the this foundation is really watery. I coincidentally nudged the bottle and spilled  the content; then, on another occasion, when I put on the

Next, the second difference is the design of the foundation. If other foundations are designed to give an instant coverage; NYX Total Control Drop Foundation is designed to deliver a custom coverage. Simply, this foundation allows you to decide the coverage level according to your mood. For example, on Monday, you feel like wearing less makeup, but you want a better coverage than what BB Cream can give you. With this NYX Total Control Drop Foundation, you can get a skin-like coverage with just two drop (light coverage). On the next day, you are having a reunion dinner, and you want to pull a nice flawlessly elegance makeup look. Hence, this time you use 4-5 drops to get a full coverage.

To help you get the ideas, here are the pictures  of my coverage test:

NYX Total Control Drop Foundation 2 drops coverage gives a BB Cream like coverage result
NYX Total Control Drop Foundation – 2drops


NYX Total Control Drop Foundation 5 drops, gives a full coverage result like high coverage foundation
NYX Total Control Drop Foundation – 5 drops, Full Coverage

In regards with Power, I tested it under 2 conditions: 1) without Primer and 2) with primers. 

Test 1 – Without Primer

Please note that I did not use concealer, contours and setting spray for my daily makeup to work. Normally, I used mattifying primer, BB Cream, Transluscent or sometimes mattifying face powder, blush, eyebrows, mascara and lip balm only. Since I was testing this watery foundation, I switched the BB Cream with NYX Total Control Drop Foundation. I was not using the primer; so I could find out the power of this Foundation to its maximum capacity, and I ran this test for three days in a row to ensure its power firmly.

I applied the makeup in the morning at about 08:30 a.m. before going to work. It happened I have indoors and outdoors activities on those days. Just the perfect timing to test this foundation’s power. Since I normally wore BB Cream, which has a medium-low coverage; I just used two drops as per-suggestion on the box. Surely, I got a nice medium-low coverage which looked skin like. I thought it  was better than BB Cream’s finish. What’s more, this foundation has a dreamy smooth velvety-matte finish. What’s more, it was so lightweight that my skin felt naked.

Unfortunately, in regards with longevity, this watery foundation did not last long without primer. It only lasted up to 4 hours indoors, and up to 2 hours outdoors, without touch up and no blotting papper. In short, my face felt very oily and looked very shiny on the T-zone area. It did not oxidize though, except the makeup on the nose, where my face got oily most; it melted. So, the rest of my makeup was not melting away.

Test 2 – With Primer

For the second test, I put on a full face makeup. So, I used 5 drops of the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation this time, full coverage. However, I did not use concealer and setting spray, but I contoured with contour powder though. Plus, I also used bronzer too besides blush.

This time, I put on my makeup at 09:00, and I only have indoors activities. With primer on, the makeup lasted up to 5 hours. My face started to get oily after the 4 hours, but still bearable. Afterwards, my skin looked very shiny on the T-zone area and felt very oily, but I did not use any  blotting paper nor touching it up just yet. The rest of the face was looking fine. It turned out the same, the foundation was not oxidizing, and the makeup was sit still on my face. Only the T-Zone, especially my nose area melted away.

Summary NYX Total Control Drop Foundation

Here is my experiment summary:

  • NYX Total Control Drop Foundation has a very watery texture that if you are not careful, it may cause a mess. Make sure to close the lid tightly after you finish with it, otherwise you may spill it like I did.
  • You can custom the coverage to get the result you wish to get – from skin-like coverage to medium coverage  and  high coverage. Just build it to your heart content.
  • It has a smooth velvety-matte finish
  • Without primer, it did not last even 4 good hours indoor, and 2 good hours outdoor on my oily skin
  • With primer, it lasted a good 4-5 hours
  • This foundation has no oil control formula; hence once my face started to get oily, the T-zone area looked very shiny and my face felt greasy.
  • It only melted on my most oily area, which was on my nose area.
  • It did not melt on the area which was not that oily.

Rating: 3/5 (minus 1 point for the price and 1 more point for lacking of oil control formula)
Repurchase: No
Recommendation: I recommend this for people with Dry-Normal skin. Not recommended for oily – very oily skin

The Packaging

NYX Total Control Drop Foundation is packaged in a black box. Inside, you will find a 13ml glass bottle, sealed with dropper cap. On the bottle, there is not much information as you can see from the picture below – NYX Professional Makeup on the top row, and the name of the product below. On the side of the bottle is the description of the product. Underneath, they labeled with a sticker the shade of the foundation. Most of the information, including instructions of how to use it and the drops recommendation, are printed on the box.

NYX Total Control Drop Foundation label the shades information at the bottom of the bottle packaging
Underneath label
NYX gives the details information on the side of their NYX Total Control Drop Foundation external box packaging
Side Box – Details Information
NYX gives their suggestion of how to get the best coverage from their NYX Total Control Drop Foundation . 2 drops for light coverage, 3-4 drops for medium coverage, 5+ drops for high coverage
Coverage Suggestion

The Store & The Price

It can be purchased offline at your nearest NYX Professional Makeup official retails, studio, beauty counters. Check the store locators to find the nearest to you. Also, you can get it online from NYX Professional Makeup official website, Ulta and more. In Indonesia, you can get it online from Sociolla.

Price: US$14 or IDR 275,000.-*

*Price subjects to change anytime without notice

For my Indonesian reader, here I have a Discount Code from Sociolla for you to enjoy. Simply, just enter the code on the picture below when you check out 🙂



So, that’s all my review for the day. I hope you all having a great reading time, and find the information useful. Don’t forget to follow me on my social media for more beauty boosts and updates.


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