Kate Middleton Makeup Look [Makeup Collaboration]

Who wants to know Kate Middleton Makeup Look ? I am so inspired by this wonderful woman. Therefore, in celebration of Women Empowerment Day, which in Indonesia we know best as Hari Kartini, I decided to choose her as my inspiration for Makeup Collaboration with Beautiesquad. Kate Middleton Young, simple, elegant, graceful, smart, energetic, fashionable, […]

Royal Jelly Detox [Skincare Review]

Does anyone ever heard about Royal Jelly Detox? The first thing that popped in your mind must be, “it’s a food supplement!”, or “It must be one of diet thingy”. Am I right? It’s because that’s the first thing that comes to my mind. However, I am not going to share about food supplement though. […]

Ovale Micellar Cleansing Water [Skincare Review]

Aku menemukan Ovale Micellar Cleansing Water ini sekitar 2 minggu lalu diacara Beauty Festival Asia 2017. Saat itu aku melihat display besar di booth mereka pas lagi muter – muter BFA Vendors. Lalu, aku ditawari oleh Beauty Adviser mereka untuk mencoba produk baru mereka. Merasa happy dengan testernya, akhirnya aku memutuskan untuk membeli Paket Limited […]

ASTALIFT: Renewal Jelly Aquarysta [SKINCARE REVIEW]

  Have you ever heard about ASTALIFT Renewal Jelly Aquarysta? It basically is a Japanese Anti-Aging product. So, before this, I never tried any ASTALIFT product. Therefore, I don’t really know what to expect about it, except helping my skin to rejuvenate. However, after I came to their Beauty Blogger Gathering, everything changed. Why? It’s […]