Review Peel Off Nail Polish ElshéSkin

Hi guys, hari ini aku mau share tentang Water Based & Peel Off Nail Polish. Aku yakin, produk yang satu ini adalah salah satu produk yang penting untuk dimiliki, khususnya buat kalian yang beragama Islam. Karena, wanita mana sih yang tidak suka dengan kutek? Karena itu, aku yakin sekali bahwa kehadiran Water Based Nail Polish yang peel […]

Gift Ideas for Beautyholic

As promised on my last post – Gift Ideas For Family & Friends, today I am gonna share with you Gift Ideas for Beautyholic like me. Hopefully, the following list can give you some idea of what to get for yourself, family and friends who love makeup 🙂 Seperti yang telah saya janjikan dalam post sebelumnya […]

TUTU NAIL – Nails Art in Minutes!

I can’t believe it! It’s been a year since my good friend told me the launched of Tutu Nail. Time surely flies away. Initially, I went to Mall Sumarecon just to get my membership card from Birds & Bees – a baby shop. Who knows that I am gonna bump into her. What a pleasant […]

Love your hands: homemade hand-mask

Hello, Today, I would like to share with you all a Homemade skin care Recipe that I came across recently on Instagram by Copia Beauty.  Most of the time, we focus and spend more time on our face that we forget about our hands. Sure, we all like to paint our nails with different colors and decorate it with […]