Purbasari Hi-Matte Lip Cream [Makeup Review]

Hi guys, kali ini aku mau update my Purbasari Hi-Matte Lip Cream post. Pasalnya, aku dan beberapa teman dari Beautiesquad mendapat kesempatan kerjasama dengan Purbasari. Nah.. ternyata kerjasamanya itu adalah untuk mengreview Hi-Matte Lip Cream mereka yang lagi heboh itu.

Ngopi Cantik SEO Dengan Mba Shintaries

Hello girls, update kali ini aku mau sharing SEO Tips yang baru – baru ini aku dapat dari Mba Shintaries dalam acara Ngopi Cantik by Beautiesquad. I know.. topik kali ini totally unrelated dengan Beauty. Well, aku memutuskan untuk angkat topik ini karena aku berpikir bahwa sebagai beauty blogger, kita juga perlu paham tentang SEO.

How To Get The Right Facial Treatment [Beauty Tips]

Hi ladies, today I would like to share about Facial Treatment . This article is especially dedicated to my friends who have been experiencing trauma from bad facial side effect, and also you, who may experienced similar issues. All ladies must want to get a bright clean and healthy face. Therefore, many of us went Facial to get their skin treated […]

Campus Fashion & Beauty Ala Executive

Being stylish has become a lifestyle. Nowadays, people are becoming more alert of their appearance. Since in school level we must wear uniform, we cannot experience as much as when we get to university. Depending on which faculty you apply, each has their own characteristic. If we go deeper, it is even more choice of […]

My Lucky Weekend

December has been my favorite month of the year. Just look at the decorations, the lights, the music, the food, and on top of it, the gatherings. It’s one of the times where all of my family and friends are home for fellowship. That’s why I really love December. Talking about festivity, last Saturday, I […]