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Hello beautiful, today I have exciting update! So, I recently got Blush & Lipstick package from ULTIMA II Indonesia. I know ULTIMA II has a very good Crème Foundation that I swear by.  In short, it has a very good coverage and staying power (I will post the detail on a another post, so stay tune!). Therefore, I have high expectation for their Delicate Blush & Lips collection.

Will they have the same staying power as the foundation? Are they pigmented? Do they have as great formula as they claim?
Read on to find out!




Ultima II Delicate Lipstick

The Formula

ULTIMA II Delicate Lipstick is a luxuriously rich and vibrant lipstick that is enriched with Vitamins C & E, and high shine polymers to keep the lips soft, shiny and moisturized. When buying lipstick, I think these qualities are very important to note, as cosmetics can dry up our skin and cause some problems that all of us would like to avoid.

As for the pigmentation, in general, ULTIMA II Delicate Lipstick has a medium to full coverage, depending on how much layer you build. From my personal experienced, 2 layers are enough to get an opaque result. I really like the shape of the lipstick, it has a pointy end; hence it allows me to apply the lipstick with ease, as it reached the end of my lips easily, especially since it has a soft, creamy and smooth texture.

I know all of us love a long-lasting lipstick. After testing it a few times, I find the ULTIMA II Delicate Lipstick has a mix longevity result. So, I find that the bold shades like Ruby, Plum and Fuchsia last longer – about 5- 6 hours, than the softer shade – Apricot. It is because the bolder shades stain on the lips, only minor touch up needed after eating. As for Apricot, it is gone completely after eating and drinking.


The Shades

ULTIMA II Delicate Lipstick comes in 15 vibrant stylish shades. I am so tempted to get all of them; it’s because all the shades match perfectly with our Asian Skin Tone. It’s very hard to find international brands that have friendly shades for our Yellow Skin Tone. Therefore, I can’t wait to share this post with you, who knows some of you are looking for the “perfect One” right now <3.

So, here is my four ULTIMA II Delicate Lipstick squad:

  • Plum – It’s not as dark and as purple-ish as the shade on the tube shows. It’s actually mauve pink with purple undertone.
  • Fuchsia – At first I thought it’s a hot pink shade, but it turned out to be a reddish-magenta shade with a soft fuchsia touch.
  • Apricot – Just the tube shows it, it is a nude – peachy- brownish shade.
  • Ruby – It’s an orangey- red shade



ULTIMA II Delicate Lipstick – Plum is a mature shade. Therefore, I find this shade as best to wear for sexy night look or an elegant formal look, except bridal. This lipstick is best to match with a hot pink blush shade.

Left: 1 swipe, Right: 2 swipes



Fuchsia can be worn for both day and night look, as the vibrant-ness of the shade gives a fresh effect. To get the most from this shade, try to combine it with a more natural blush shade like ULTIMA II Delicate Matte Blush – Nude. Do not combine Fuchsia with other vibrant blush shade, and keep the eye makeup simple. Otherwise, it will make you look over the top.

Left: 1 swipe, Right: 2 swipes



Among the other three shades I have, this is the only natural shade. I find this shade match best for natural day-to-day look than night look, which leans toward a sexy smokey eyes look or an elegant formal look, as it will wash you out. The best combination for this lipstick is a natural blush like ULTIMA II Delicate Matte Blush in Nude. If you have an Asian Beige Skin Tone like me, I won’t recommend this shade to you, as it will make you look pale.

Left: 1 swipe, Right: 2 swipes



Among the four, this shade is a universal shade that will compliment any skin tone and any looks. If there is such thing as one fit all, this ULTIMA II Delicate Lipstick – Ruby is it. For day look, it adds more freshness to the face, as it compliment the natural makeup; and for night look, it will definitely compliment your smokey eyes and make you look more chic.

Left: 1 swipe, Right: 2 swipes

The Packaging

It is packaged in a cute silver packaging, which I find travel friendly, as it is easy to keep. On the side of the body, it is printed the expiry date, which is very important to note. On the bottom of the tube, we have the shade label.

The Price

The Price is Rp 90,000.-


Ultima II Delicate Blush

The Formula

ULTIMA II Delicate Blush is a blush series that comes in two types – Matte and Shiny.  Both have a creamy-powdery texture. However, I find the matte blush has drier and more powdery texture than the shiny blush. As you can see from the picture below, the surface of the matte blush is more chalky and messy than the shimmery blush.

In regards with the pigmentation, the ULTIMA II Shiny Blush has stronger color payoff than the Matte ones. It is because the matte blush, as mentioned above, has drier formula than the shiny blush.

Despite of the differences both blushes have, there are similarities too. First, both blushes are very easy to work with. They are very easy to blend, and the shades are buildable. Therefore, even though the matte blush is less pigmented, but you can always build the color to achieve the result you want.

Second, the blushes compliment our yellowish Asian Skin Tone best than the western blushes, which lean more toward blue-tone. As you can see on the pictures below, it has a soft satin finish that makes you look naturally radiant, like glowing from within. What’s more, it feels lightweight to wear.

Third, when applied correctly, ULTIMA II Delicate Blush will enhance your cheekbones instantly. To help you achieving the best result from this blush, here I have a contour and highlight face chart guide. There are six face shapes shown there. Follow the guide that suits your face shape best. It is because each face shapes have different ways of contour and highlight.

Last but not least, in regards with longevity, it last up to six hours. Please note that I wore it to work at the office. So, if you have lots of outdoors activity, I am highly recommending you, especially to those who have oily to super oily skin, to apply setting spray to set and make it last longer.

The Shades

Here I have 2 Delicate Matte Blush in Nude and Hot Pink, and 2 Delicate Shine Blush in Baked Coral and Sahara Rose.

Figure 1: Under Natural Light
Figure 2: under direct sunlight
Figure 3: Under Room Lights

ULTIMA II Delicate Matte Blush – Nude

Nude is a pink medium brown shade. The pigmentation is very soft; hence, I have to apply about 5 – 7 swipes before I achieve the result above. I personally like a soft pigmentation better because it allows me to build the intensity of the pigment. It is much better this way, rather than trying to blend off over applied product. If you looked closely, ULTIMA II Delicate Matte Blush – Nude actually contains micro sparkle. Even so, it has a matte sparkly finish. This blush is perfect for Day look, as it gives a natural blushing look. To get the perfect look, try to combine it with red lipstick like ULTIMA II Delicate Lipstick in Ruby.

ULTIMA II Delicate Matte Blush – Hot Pink

Just like the name, hot pink is a hot pink shade. However, contrast with the name, hot pink is not as thick or pigmented as you thought. Just like Nude blush, you need to build up the pigment layer by layer to achieve the result you want. This shade is universal shade; it can be rocked by any skin tone. It has a satin finished. Use a natural lipstick shade (not nude shade!) or you can always rock a classic red lipstick as Ruby shade to compliment the whole look.


ULTIMA II Delicate Shine Blush – Baked Coral

Baked Coral is a peachy or orangey shade. It works best for people with medium light to light skin tone. It will definitely give your skin a natural hint of color. Therefore, I won’t recommend those with dark skin tone to wear this shade, as it will make your skin look ashy or washed out. This shade is perfect for both day – just apply slightly to give a natural flush on the cheek, and night look – will give a glamour sexy look with Smokey eyes. As for the end result, it has a sheen finish. Combined it with Nude lipstick as ULTIMA II Delicate Lipstick – Apricot.

ULTIMA II Delicate Shine Blush – Sahara Rose

Sahara Rose is a Coral Peach with golden sheen shade. Compared with Baked Coral, Sahara Rose has brighter and stronger peach tone. It has a shimmery finish. Compared with the other three blushes, Sahara Rose is the most pigmented one. With just one swipe, you have gotten a flashy cheek. So, be careful to not picking up too much product. I personally prefer to use Sahara Rose for Night Look only. This blush is perfect for medium to light skin tone. Choose a natural rosy flush lipstick shade to give the best compliment to your cheek.

The Packaging

Just like the lipstick, ULTIMA II Delicate Matte & Shine Blush is also packaged in silver packaging. The round compact blush comes with mirror and small brush, which is located under the blush.  I always like makeup packaging that comes with mirror and makeup tools. It is because they always come handy for travelling. The only thing that I don’t like from the packaging is the size of the compact. It is too bulky for travelling.

The Price

The ULTIMA II Delicate Matte & Shine Blush costs Rp 140,000.-

The Store

You can get them online and offline:


Matahari Department Store, AEON BSD, METRO Department Store, Centro,  Keris Gallery Puri Indah, Citrus,  Cahaya Bintaro, Sogo Kota Kasablanka, Sarinah Thamrin, Debenhams Senayan City, Star Summarecon Bekasi.



So, that’s all my review for the day. I hope you have a great reading time and find the information useful. For more information regarding ULTIMA II, visit their official pages:






Thank you very much, see you all in my next post


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