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Top 3 Drugstore Face Cleanser For Oily Skin [Beauty Tips & Review]

Finding the right face cleanser is equally important as the cleaning process itself.  Even though you may have the best cleaning tools in the world, like Clarisonic for example, but if you do not have the right cleanser to use with, it won’t work.

I know it can be tricky to find the right ones. Therefore, I will share my tips and tricks of how to find the right products for your skin. Also, I will share my  Top 3 Drugstore Face Cleanser for Oily Skin.

3 Easy Ways

1. Get To Know Your Skin

As the title says it, you need to know our skin in order to find the right products. Many people Everyone has a basic “skin type”. Once you figure it out, it will help you determine what type of cleanser you should look for. Using the wrong cleanser for your skin type can make matters worse by further contributing to dryness, irritation or oiliness.

There are 5 types of skin:

At this opportunity, I would like to clarify that acne is not a skin type. Whatever our skin type is, all of us can experience acne. It is a skin disease that can be experience by wide range of people of various ages. For more information of how to fight acne, click here.

2. Select The Matching Products

Now that you know your skin type, you can begin narrowing down your search for a facial cleanser. It’s simple, all you have to do is read the labels of facial cleansers and dismiss all the products designed for other skin types.

For example, I have oily skin, therefore, I may want a cleanser with a low pH level, which will be more effective for gently washing away that oil. Hence, I will look for “Oily Skin” label on the packaging, or if it is not stated on the packaging, I will ask the sales person to help me finding the right one.

I am highly suggesting you to spend little time reading labels and researching product lines in your quest for an effective facial cleanser. It will definitely save you lots of money and efforts in the future, of course, your skin too.

3. Check the ingredients

While you are on it, check also for the ingredients listed on the packaging. Often, most items on that list will sound completely unfamiliar to you; yet, those information are actually very important. I used to ignore it too. It was till I noticed that my skin is allergic to fragrance skincare.  I believe I am not the only one that has this issue. Therefore, I would like to encourage you to find out and learn about the ingredients, so you may find the right products for your skin.

According to Health, the chemicals involved in the cleanser’s fragrance is known as phthalates, which are believed to have negative health effects on humans. Though the chemicals will definitely get washed off you, but they will make their way through our environment, means the environment is gradually get destructed. Hence, I think it’s a good idea to treat our cleanser and our fragrance as two different things, and to seek out an organic or eco-friendly brand, especially if you have sensitive skin.

My Top 3 Drugstore Cleansers

Since my face is the oily type, I obviously have to use the “Oily Skin” face cleanser. In my daily routine, I use 3 face cleansers from 3 different brands – local and international brands –  that have been acknowledge as eco-friendly, namely: Nivea, Wardah & Biokos.

Nivea – Clear Make Up 2 in 1 FOAM

As a makeup artist, I am bound to wear and to play with makeup everyday. Hence, a good face cleanser is my skin best friend. I found this gem when I was searching for an alternative face cleanser that is affordable. Well, nothing was wrong with my previous face cleanser, but if there was an alternative that could do the job with cheaper cost, of course I would go with the alternative.

What attracted me to get this cleanser was because of the name, a Clear Make Up 2 in 1 Foam. As the name said it, they claimed that this cleanser could remove makeup, and therefore, we did not need a makeup remover anymore.

Although I was attracted by the claim, but I did not expect too much. Well, I believe that there was no products that could do the job alone. Based on my personal experience, it took at least double duty to remove the makeup, especially heavy-water-proof-makeup.

True enough, after I gave it a go, as I expected, the cleanser could not do the job alone. To test the product to its maximum ability, I tested it with a waterproof makeup look, which I sealed with a setting spray. Of course I did not just created the look to test this cleanser. I wore it to work. In short, after I washed my face, I found that it did not work with waterproof makeup. I could see that most of my makeup was still there, just my mascara was melted and made me looked like a Panda. However, if I used it after I removed my makeup with micellar water first, this Foam worked very well as double duty. It took all the residue, leaving nothing behind.

On my second test, I only wore a daily makeup look, without setting spray, just you know, the normal routine – face primer, foundation, a little bit of concealer, setting powder, a little bit of blush, eyebrow. mascara and lip color balm. Sure enough, most of my makeup was removed. only a little bit of residue was left behind, like some dots of mascara under the eyes, but the rest of the face was clean. What’s more it did not have the tight feeling too.

For the quality they offered, this product costed IDR 32.000,- only, which I found cheaper that my expectation. I expected it to cost about IDR 45.000,- to IDR 52.000,-.

So, why I included it as one of my favorite? It’s because, I found my best double duty combo with the best budget ever. Plus, it worked very well as daily cleanser and makeup remover.

Wardah Lightening Gentle Wash

This was my very first skincare product by Wardah Beauty. I owned a few of their makeup products, their lipsticks and concealer palette were my favorites. However, as for their skincare, this gentle wash was my first, and I really like it.

If Nivea’s cleanser was useful as daily makeup remover for light makeup, Wardah Lightening Gentle Wash has different function. I found this cleanser leaned more to skincare category that functioned to maintain our skin condition than doing a heavy duty job like Nivea’s cleanser.

Containing Licorice and Vitamin B3, Wardah Lightening Gentle Wash functions to remove impurities, leaving the face flawless and radiant. Further, it also contains PH balance, which was very important in keeping your skin healthy and functions well – seal in hydration and exfoliate dead skin cells. If you washed your face with the wrong cleansers, it would take hours to re-calibrate, which leaved your skin red or overly oily or overly dry in the meantime. Hence, many brands were now making sure the formulas of their products were pH-balanced.

Personally, I found this cleanser suitable for oily skin. First, it was light in texture. It also felt very soft on the skin. Unlike some cleanser that might make your skin felt very tight, this facial wash was really gentle. My skin felt more elastic and brighter afterward. I like to use it as my morning facial wash. It was just perfect to condition my skin for makeup.

The only turned down was the amount of the cleanser. It only contained 60ml/bottle. However, considering the price, which was IDR 13.000,-, I could not complain. It was very affordable for such quality they offered.

Biokos White ‘N’ Clear Granular Cleansing Foam

Biokos White ‘N’ Clear Granular Cleansing Foam is one of the skincare in the Biokos White ‘N’ Clear treatment series. It is believed to help with hyper-pigmentation issue and makes your skin to look brighter and younger in 4 weeks.

As for the formula, it consists of active ingredients such as Bio-Mulberry extract, lactic acid, Vitamina A,C, E, Pro Vitamin B5, Gingko Biloba, Aluminium Silica, Double UV Protector. It also contains Vitamin E granule grain  to help preventing premature aging.

After using it constantly for two weeks, I found my skin looked more radiant already. The granule grain functioned like scrub. it scrubbed away dead skin and dirt, leaving my face felt fresh and healthy again. It felt so amazing, especially if you felt tired. I recommended you to apply it with gentle pressure in a circular motion, giving your face a good short-massage. That way, not only it helped the foam to spread better, but letting the granular grain to work better; plus, it helped the blood circulation to flow better.

I usually use this cleansing foam after the Nivea Makeup Clear Cleanser.  It was because not only the foam was useful for deep cleansing (because of the granule grain), but also promoted blood circulation too, which were important for brighter and healthier skin.

So far I have nothing to complain except the cap of the cleanser, which was broken after a while. In short, the cap was not closing no matter what I did. I did not know how it happened, but I noticed that after about two weeks that the lead could not be closed. So, I had to lay  it down, otherwise the cleanser would fall, as the lead was the “feet” of the bottle that helped it standing.

For The price, I thought that it was reasonably price. It costed IDR 23.000,- for 80gr of cleansing foam. I thought it would cost more as per-expensive-impression given by the packaging.

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