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ASTALIFT Liquid Foundation – Photogenic Beauty [MAKEUP REVIEW]

Hello, I am back with another Astalift photogenic beauty product today, The ASTALIFT liquid foundation: Lighting Perfection Moist Pure Liquid UV Foundation SPF25 PA++. Phew.. What a long name, doesn’t it? Well, it does tell you the quality they offer straightly though.

When I receive this product, I was really excited, because I never use any Japanese makeup base before. I was having a high expectation because the Jelly Aquarysta I received was the bomb! In just a night sleep, it already showed me great result. So, kind of expecting a surprising result too from this ASTALIFT liquid foundation.

ASTALIFT Liquid Foundation

Just like the name said it, Lighting Perfection Moist Pure Liquid UV Foundation SPF25 PA++ is Liquid type foundation. Using Light Analysis & Control Technology, Fujifilm created Astalift Sakura Aura powder that helps to effectively reflect and cut-off yellow light, leaving the skin looks radiant and fresh; perfect for photogenic beauty.

Unfortunately the instructions, ingredients and other information on the box are all written in Japanese, and I can’t find the detail on their website as well. Therefore, please accept my sincere apology for not being able to deliver the details. I will update this post once I found any information at all.

My Experiment

I tried this ASTALIFT Liquid Foundation on two occasions: 1 without primer and another with Mattifying Primer; so we can see the comparison. Basically, I found that this foundation:

  • has a runny liquid texture (see picture below)
  • Contains SPF 25 PA++ (Not Oil Free)
  • Spreadable, a little goes a long the way
  • is easily absorb and quickly dry
  • has medium-low coverage and does not cover dark circles, dark spots and redness, so you still need to apply concealer
ASTALIFT Liquid Foundation – 1 layer
  • build-able, so you can layer up the foundation to get the coverage you want
  • light to wear
  • has a smooth satin finish
  • waterproof, as if there is a transparent film
  • Oxidize, so it does not last long without setting spray
  • last about 3-4 good hours without primer
  • last about 4-5 good hours with primer; the T-Zone area starts to look shiny after 3 hours
ASTALIFT Liquid Foundation – Waterproof Test

My Suggestion

After trying it for 3 weeks, I think the primary reason this ASTALIFT liquid foundation does not last long, even with mattifying primer on on oily my skin because it contains SPF 25PA++. Remember, SPF contains some oil in the formula. People with oily skin like me, are highly recommended to use oil free/matte formula makeup, otherwise our makeup will blot badly, and in a few hours, our face will look as if we use too much highlighter.

Another thing that I’d like to warn you is if you have oily – very oily skin, I will highly suggesting you to not build too much layer, because it will  clog your pore and cause blotting. Perhaps, 2 layers are enough. If you want to get better coverage, it’s much better to use other foundation that has better coverage formula.


Some of you may wonder of what I say, and get confuse as other reviewers, including those with oily – very oily skin say that this Astalift Liquid Foundation stays long and does not breakdown. Well, firstly, they must stay in a 4 season country like Japan and Australia, or somewhere else with colder weather. Therefore, it works well on them.

Unfortunately, I live in a vey hot and humid tropic country, where the temperature hardly goes below 28 degree celcious at night, and during the day the weather can go up to 40 degree. Only once in a blue moon the weather at night drops to 22 degree. Therefore, we have different experience with the product. Even the Japanese lady said at the gathering that her skin went oily quicker in Indonesia.

In conclusion, this ASTALIFT Lighting Perfection Moist Pure Liquid UV Foundation SPF 25 PA++ is not really recommended for people with oily – very oily skin that live in tropic country. It is Recommended for people with Dry – Normal skin that live in tropic country.

Rating: 3.5/5

The Shades

There are not much shades available. ASTALIFT Lighting Perfection Moist Pure Liquid UV Foundation SPF 25 PA++ only comes in 4 shades: OC 1, OC 3, OC 5 & OC 7. Mine here is the OC 3.

ASTALIFT Liquid Foundation shade OC3 – Full Face Makeup with Transluscent Powder

The Packaging

It comes in the ASTALIFT ‘s trademark red theme. To be precise, the body of the tube is colored red with ASTALIFT logo and the name of the product is printed in white. As for the pump and the lid are both colored in black. The colors combination are very Japanese, aren’t they?

What I like most from ASTALIFT’s packaging is the pump. I love any cosmetic that come with a pump. It’s definitely a plus point. It is because I tend to dispense too much product. Hence, many are wasted; therefore, it becomes unnecessary cost for me. Therefore, I always consider products with pump dispenser as my first consideration.

ASTALIFT Liquid Foundation Pump

Another plus point, this ASTALIFT liquid foundation comes with a sponge, complete with a sponge box to keep it hygiene. What’s more, I think it’s perfect for traveling. I usually have to prepare a plastic to keep my makeup sponge clean, as well as toprevent the sponge from ruining my makeup pouch too.

ASTALIFT Liquid Foundation Sponge + Sponge Box


The Store & The Price

On overseas, like in Singapore for example, you can purchase it online from their official website. In Indonesia, you can purchase it offline only at your nearest Sogo.

For the price, I think Astalift is localizing the prices. It’s because in Indonesia, it costs +/- IDR 500,000 (I forgot the exact price, let me update you once I got the details); meanwhile, in Australia, it costs AUD$82 and SG$72 in Singapore.


So, that’s all my review for the day. I hope you all having a great reading time, and find the information useful. Don’t forget to follow me on my social media for more beauty boosts and updates.


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