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New Beauty Blog~

Hello there, I’m Gracia~

 I’m an Advertising-graduate-turned-a beauty blogger

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A wife & a mother

baby boy

I lived in Indonesia but sometimes fly back to my second home Melbourne, Australia

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After a long consideration, I finale decided to start writing a beauty blog.
At first, I was not very sure if I want and can do this; however, my cousin and sister in law insisted that I should do it. So, I consulted with my husband. With his support, I finale decided to start blogging.

My goal for this blog is to reach out the many beauty lovers out there, who want to learn more about beauty, especially beginners; sharing beauty journey and passion together, and if possible, I wish to build a beauty community.

In this blog, you will find everything related to beauty:

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I hope you will join me in my beauty journey, exploring and maintaining the special gift of beauty that God has given to us, women.

Ps: Please do not hesitate to share your journey and experience here; it would be wonderful to here your story too~