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Moodmatcher Lipstick [ MAKEUP REVIEW]

Don’t judge these Moodmatcher Lipstick by the color on the tube. It will definitely turn everybody down from trying it. Unless you are an unconventional person who likes to try new stuff, or simply, you’d like to appeal different from everybody else, I don’t think you or anyone else would wear this lipstick.

I was too intimidated by the color on the tube. I thought, “who the hack would wear yellow lipstick to work? Even for hang out, or a night out, it is still too much”. It was till I saw the review online, then I know that I was fooled by the packaging.


Moodmatcher Lipstick

As the name said it, Mood Matcher Lipstick is designed to give you a matching shade that suits you best. The brand has a very unique concept that transforms everyone’s morning makeup routine become more fun and entertaining to do. It’s because, the shades change every time you wear this lipstick. Isn’t that fun?


Moodmatcher Lipstick Formula

Mood Matcher has a unique formulation. Unlike other lipsticks, their formula works with our body chemistry and skintone to create a totally unique, customized, flattering shade that’s ours, and ours alone. Let’s say, the lipstick transform into a pink shade. Since my body chemistry and skintone are different than yours, hence, the lipstick may give a soft baby pink for me, but it may give a hot pink shade for you.

Further, Moodmatcher lipstick formula is also enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to deliver supreme hydration that will last all day. Therefore, your lips won’t go dry. However, though the lipstick won’t dry out your lips, I do find the lipstick go patchy if you don’t scrub the dry skin on your lips first. So, to get a perfect result, I do recommend you to scrub your lips first before applying the lipstick.

What’s more, Mood Matcher lipstick’s staying power has been clinically proven to stay put for up to 12 hours – with no touch-ups. You can eat, drink, smooch and smile without smudging, feathering, bleeding or fading. To be honest, I don’t know how they actually testing it, but I do know for sure that they do not have rendang or Nasi Uduk in America; the most oily food they could test with might not give as much effect as nasi uduk or rendang or other Indonesian or Chinese food which are more oily than Western Food. So, I tested it myself to prove how long lasting this Moodmatcher Lipstick was.

I tested it on three separate days. On my first test, I applied at 10 a.m.That day, I ate Chinese food for lunch. After eating,  I wiped my mouth with tissue to clean the food stain from the lips and found some lipstick stain on the tissue. I was not surprise to find the stain though. It was because Chinese food was more oily than Pasta. However, my lips were still looking good, as if nothing happened. In short, at about 10 p.m., I checked on the lipstick again. I found that most of it was still there, and there was no bleeding, smudging and feathering that  it would still looked nice on picture; people would not know that the shade was actually wearing off, unless they examined your lips.

On second day, I applied at 9 a.m. tested it with more oily food like udang goreng mentega for lunch. About quarter of the lipstick was gone. Well, I was not surprised, as waterproof products were usually cleaned with oil based remover. However, it still looked nice though that people would not notice that the shades were wearing off. If the majority of it gone, my colleague at work would definitely made a comment. It was because she liked to comment  on me and my friends if our lipstick was gone after eating. Then, some more of the lipstick gone after I ate fried banana. The rest of the lipstick was still look good without touch up until 10.30 p.m.

On the third day, I experimented to find a way how to clean the lipstick. First, I tested it by scrubbing it with tooth paste, and found some of the shades were wearing off, but it looked as if nothing happen. My lips looked like I just applied lipstick on. Second, trying removing it with vegetable oil. I tried to pat the cotton pad, and none were moved. Next, I tried to clean it by rubbing the oiled cotton pad, and found some stained on the cotton pad.  If you just rubbed it lightly, it would not have any effect; it’s because even when I rubbed it hard, the lipstick still would not lose. It took me sometime to make the shade wear off. To be precise, it took me about 5 minutes rubbing hard before the shade finale wore off.

So, basing on my personal experience above, it was safe to conclude that this Moodmatcher lipstick was last long with no touch up needed. if you ate anything oily, it would wear off a little, but it would not wipe all of the lipstick away. In this scenario, we could safely conclude that Moodmatcher Lipstick was proven waterproof and lasted up to 12 hours. Further, it was also not drying or felt drying on the lips.


The Shades

There are 4 kinds of Moodmatcher:

  • MOODmatcher® Lipsticks  – comes in 10 made-for-you shades
  • MOODpearl Lipsticks – comes in 6 shimmering & opalescent tones
  • MOODmatcher Luxe Twist StickTM Lip Color – comes in 6 colors
  • MOODmatcher® Split StickTM Lip Color – comes in 6 combinations

Mine here are Moodmatcher Lipsticks and Moodmatcher Split Stick Lip Color. The following is the description, hand swatches and lips swatches of the Moodmatcher Lipsticks that I owned. Please bear in mind that  the description of the shades are made basing on what I saw from the end result. Hence, it may not be the same with yours, as my PH and your PH are different. As explained above, it may give me a bright purpleish-pink shade, but it may look like Magenta on yours.

As you will find out below, the shades are cool-toned. Perhaps, it may have something to do with the color on the tube. I don’t mind it though. I find myself just fined wearing cool-toned shade. In fact, I found it cool to pull off a cool-toned look once in a while. It gave me a unique experience, as I always wear warm-tone shades on daily basis.

Anyway, here are the list and swatches of my Moodmatcher collection:

  • Yellow – It’s a cool-toned bright purpleish-pink shade on me
  • Black – It’s a  cool-toned bright berry shade on me
  • Blue – It’s a cool-toned bright soft-purpleish-pink shade on me
  • Red – It’s a bright soft-orangey-red shade on me

Left-Right: Yellow, Black, Blue & Red
Left-Right: Black, Blue, yellow & Red
Black Shade - it turned like berry shade on me
Black Shade – it turned like berry shade on me
Blue Shade - it turned to purple-ish pink shade on me
Blue Shade – it turned to purple-ish pink shade on me
Yellow - Similar with the blue one, but it's the brighter version
Yellow – Similar with the blue one, but it’s the brighter version
Red - It turned into an orangey bright red on me
Red – It turned into an orangey bright red on me


As for the Moodmatcher Split Stick Lip Color, I only have one. It’s the Gold/Magenta. As you can see from the bullet, it surely is a gold/magenta shade. However when you apply it on the lips, you may get 3 different shades:

  • Magenta shade
  • Goldish shade
  • red-orangey shade with gold sheen.

To get the Magenta Shade, simply just use the magenta side; and if you want to get goldish shade, just do the same; apply the gold side only. To get the third shade, use the middle side; then you will get the combination of both shades, as you can see from my swatches below.

L-R: Magenta, Gold, Combination of both
L-R: Magenta, Gold, Combination of both. I took this picture with natural light from the sun in the morning.
Me rocking the Gold/Magenta shade. Here I apply it using the 3rd method. It gave me a golden-pink shade
Me rocking the Gold/Magenta shade. Here I apply it using the 3rd method. It looks like red-orangey shade with gold sheen, perfect match for natural day-look.

If you notice from the pictures above, the lipsticks show different results for hand swatches and lip swatches. Further, I also found that the lipstick gave me different shade when I applied it in the morning, and it gave me another shade when I applied it at night. I think it might be because my lips PH were different. Therefore, I will not be surprised if you claimed to me that you have got different shades than me.


The Store & The Price

You can purchase them online at their official website, here and offline at beauty store like Guardian, Watson, and Ola Beauty.

For the price:

  • MOODmatcher® Lipsticks IDR 60,000.-
  • MOODpearl Lipsticks IDR 60,000.-
  • MOODmatcher Luxe Twist StickTM Lip Color IDR 100,000.-
  • MOODmatcher® Split StickTM Lip Color IDR 80,000.-


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