M•A•C Lipsticks Review

Hello, today I am gonna share my opinion of  some of M•A•C lipsticks

Classic Pink Separator

1. M•A•C Plumful (no. A54)

The color is a medium pinkened plum that has medium to semi-opaque coverage. The formula is moisturizing, creamy, smooth, and feels so nice on the lips. Unfortunately, this type of formula does not mean to last long; the longest is up to 4 hours.

2. M•A•C  Cremesheen Hot Gossip (no. A33)

It is a soft pink with just touches of lilac-purples in the mix, creating a very glamorous yet unique shade on the lips. On my Asian light skin (beige), it looks like a pink-frost color; therefore I tend to combine it with pencil-liner or if I use it alone, I try to build it to make it more opaque. However, it may be too frosty for some people. As for the texture, it has a creamy formula and a vanilla smell.

 3. M•A•C Angel (no. A34)

Like many other reviewers said, the colour isn’t a nude; it looks like light baby pink with silver shimmer on my lips. It has a metalic finish. Hence, it looks washing out for people with white or fair skin, including my Asian light brown skin. People say that I look pale in it. What’s more, I found their formula isn’t as good, the texture is quite drying that you gonna feel like applying a lipbalm after an hour.

4. M•A•C Relentlessly Red (no. BC3)

I am a huge fan of nude and mauve colours. As you can see from the first picture above, this Relentlessly Red is the only daring colors I have from MAC. Why I bought it? It’s because the color is unique –  it is pigmented red, but quite cool-toned. If it is compared with a Russian Red, it looks nearly pink; very vibrant, like a neon watermelon or reddish pink. I think this color will rock universally. In regards with longevity, it last for 5 – 6 good hours. As for the texture, although it is matte, but I found it dry that I feel like reaching for a lip balm to hydrate my dry lips. Too bad, I do like this color actually.

5. M•A•C FAUX (no. AA4)

Faux is a nude mauvy shades. It’s not too light, but it’s not too dark. It’s not too pink, but not to brown too. Many MAC lover calls it as the great neutral color because it doesn’t wash you out but it’s still pretty toned down; hence, people with pale skin-tone can still wear this color. This color is very similar with other MAC shades: brave, twig, & mehr. It has a satin finish that looked opaquely matte, but it doesn’t feel matte at all. As for the longevity, it lasts about 6 hours; I can eat and drink and it will still stay on. So far, this is my no. 1 favourite MAC lippies <3

6. M•A•C Brave (no. AB4)

Brave is a lovely nude pink color, but some people called it as light mauve. Specifically, it looks like a muted pinky-brown color in indoor lighting, and looks more like brighter, creamy pink in bright sunlight. For those who love Faux, will definitely love this one too (I do!). This lipstick is perfect for any occasions – looks very natural for a simple day look, and looks sexy with smokey eyes. As for the texture, it has a good pigmen; unfortunately, it’s quite drying, probably because of the satin finish, and it transfers to anything. Longevity, it does not last long, only stays up to 4 hours on me.

7. M•A•C Blankety (no. A23)

Blankety is a soft beige pink. It’s an amplified creme which provides full coverage. This lipstick swatches nicely on the back of my hand, but on my lips it looks like pale brown, which looks more nude than Angel on my skin.It has a creamy demi gloss finish, which means it applies effortlessly and stays put just as easily. It doesn’t fade throughout the day

Classic Pink Separator

I hope my review and swatches are helpful and that you enjoyed the photos!