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Jamberry Nail Stickers To The Rescue

I am in love with the invetion of nail stickers. Being a full time working mom has not been easy for me. Juggling between work, blogging, house work and taking care of a toddler; I hardly have the time for me time. All I want after those daily routine is a good night sleep. Getting my nail done is now like a dream come true.

It’s not till 6 weeks a go, when Kelly – Jamberry Australia Consultant – DM me on Instagram, asking me if I would be interested to receive a sample of Jamberry Nail Wraps. This is not my first Nail Stickers though. I have purchased a local nail stickers a year ago, but I did not really know how to apply it. Also, I still got the time to paint my nail back then. Hence, I forgot about it at all. Only now, I really grateful that there is such thing as nail stickers; so I can get my nails done in minutes! How good is that!

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Launched in 2010 by three sisters who wanted a cheap and fun way to keep their nails looking polished; hence, they created a line of DIY nail wraps in hundreds (literally) of colors and patterns.

Classic Pink Separator

Jamberry Nail Stickers

As explained above, it is nail stickers.

The Designs

There are more than 300 designs available to choose from, which are categorized according to the theme, such as animal instinct, around the world, holiday, simple & chic, etc; or you can also search the design based on the finishes that you’d like to get – clear/glossy/matte/tint, etc..

As you can see from the samples above, most of the patterns are bold designs and colors. So, it may not suitable for people who are conservative and old school, or working in a conservative environment like me (I work at school).

The Quality

the nail wraps are made with durable materials, so smudges and streaks are never an issue, and can last for up to two weeks on fingernails and four weeks on toes.

From my experienced, to get the best result of the Jamberry Nail wraps, you have to follow their instructions properly. I did mine my ways. Hence, I found one of it peeling off off my nail. Not to worry, you can fix it by applying a base coat or false lashes glue underneath the stickers, hold it for a while till the nail polish or the glue started to dry, and then top it with a top coat. However, I redid mine, following the instructions properly; so I can give you all a proper review here.

In case you wonder how to apply the nail wraps properly, here is the instructions:

  1. Clean unpolished nails with alcohol wipe and push back the cuticles.
  2. Match nail (finger or toe) to the nail wrap that best fits.
  3. Peel off nail wrap and warm with a mini heater or blow-dryer for 3-5 seconds or until soft and flexible.
  4. When warm, press the wrap onto the nail. Apply firm pressure around edges to adhere the wrap to the nail. Use rubber cuticle pusher to seal the wrap around the base of the cuticle.
  5. Trim the top with scissors and file off remaining wrap using a downward motion to remove excess.
  6. Apply heat and pressure to the wrap again until it is bonded to the nail.

The Size

Just like most nail wraps, the Jamberry ones come as oval decals in varying sizes to accommodate different nail shapes for both hands and feet.

The Packaging

Please accept my sincere apology, since the sample did not come in a full pack, as you can see from the picture below; I can’t review that here. But you can find out from other bloggers who have purchased it, such as BlogHer

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My sample

Continuing my story with Kelly, she contacted me about 6 week ago; when my grandfather passed away. I told her that I was overseas, and if she was okay to send the sample to Indonesia; she said okay. So, I waited for the samples. As time went by, I thought she did not send it, but it turned out that the post missed sent it to Malaysia. LOL!

Jamberry Nail Stickers

Anyway, I have a great time trying them out. As mentioned above, if you follow the instructions properly, Here are how they look on my nails <3

How the jamberry nail stickers look on my nails

Classic Pink SeparatorThe Stores & The Price

If you are on the north side of the world, you can get them online through their US & Canadian stores. As for the Asian Pacific area, you can get them through their Australian & New Zealand’s online stores. Other alternative, you can chat their appointed consultants

For the pricing, here is a link to their catalogue:

  • US
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

In this blog, I would review the pricing in Australian Dollar. The general designs, it costs $17.50/design; for Premium design it costs $21.00/design. Considering the quality offered, I would argue it is quite reasonable. Although I haven’t used it for two weeks yet (gonna update this blog in two weeks to prove its durability), but let me give you a comparison between Jamberry Nail Wrap & brand A ( A new brand which I just found yesterday at Summarecon Mall Serpong – an Indonesian shopping centre, and got myself some to try).

I just put on both nail wraps today, but I applied the Jamberry stickers two hour earlier than brand A’s. So, I used my hands with Jamberry stickers on to shower to test whether it is waterproof or not. And here is the result.

Then, I removed most of them, and applied the brand A’s sticker on, except those on my both little fingers. I did this in purpose to compare its quality with brand A. Besides, I need to switch it too because brand A’s design was more suitable for weeding. Anyway, so I used my hands with both brands nail stickers on to do my makeup for tonight’s event, cleaning up my shoes, shopping, went to the wedding, have dinner and cleaning my makeup, and typing this blog. Here is how both nail wraps doing:

left hand
Right hand

Fyi, I did not buffer the nails or tidying up the stickers at all before taking these pictures. So, the pictures are taken the way they are and are not edited as well.

As you can see on the picture, some of the coating from brand A’s nail wrap are broken, as well as the stickers itself; meanwhile Jamberry’s stickers are still doing well.


So, that’s all my Blog Post for the day. I hope you all having a great reading time, and find the information useful. Don’t forget to follow me on my social media for more beauty boosts and updates.

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