EMINA Cosmetic: Lip Color Balm

Emina Cosmetics is a brand new local makeup brand that I just came across recently on Instagram. I forgot whose IG feed it was, but when I saw the post, it intrigued me to check it out. For a local brand, their logo was unusual (in a good way); it is simple, yet very eye-catching – of course, it is Pink! <3 Even though Pink is usually linked with a girly image, but Emina’s pink, combined with the shape of the logo and lettering, delivers a good balance that leaves a maturely-girly feel. Therefore, I decided to check it out. In short, I was very happy that I checked them out. It felt like finding a precious gem.

pink-top-border-hiThe Brand

As explained above, Emina Cosmetic is a brand new local makeup brand that was launched recently in Indonesia. This brand is build with 3 simple philosophy: Love. Joy. Dream. and a slogan, “Born To Be Loved”.

The Product

Emina Cosmetic has two category of products: Makeup & Skincare (Coming Soon).


As for makeup, they have everything that a girl needs; however, I will only share about the Lip Color Balm here, and will update you all with the Emina Beauty Bliss – BB Cream & Emina Cheeklit – Cream Blush later on on the next post, once I have decided how I feel about them..

“My Favourite Things – Lip Color Balm”

As the title said it, it is a lip balm that also works as a lip color. So, it elevates the experience of moisturizing lips in a fun way.

Classic Pink Separator

The Formula

  • It feels very creamy at first, but the creaminess fades as time goes by
  • It transfers
  • It does not drying the lips
  • The color is very intense / very pigmented, except Picnic Queen; it’s quite hard to apply on the lips.
  • It stains, in other words, last long, but not that long if you wear it to eat and drink. It is due to its creamy formula, but you can still see some stains on the lips. Still, you need to top it up after having a meal.


The Shades


It available in 6 shades:
Terdiri dari 6 shades

  • Dancing Queen






  • Shopaholic Queen





IMG_4768 (2)

  • Socialite Queen






  • Picnic Queen


IMG_4754 copy



IMG_4756 (2)

  • Summer Queen





  • Library Queen





IMG_4731 (2)

pink-top-border-hiThe Packaging

It is categorized as chubby chic pencil. Besides its awesome quality, their packaging is one of the reason why I bought them. As you can see, their packaging is too cute to resist! Sooo…. cute and adorable <3

Anyway, in regards with this chubby chic pencil, Emina color codes the lip color balm on the box of the pencil. So, if you go to the counter, you will not find the pencil being displayed on the shelves like Silky Girl or Botanica, except the tester. Instead, you gonna find the cute color code boxes on the shelves.

Besides color code, Emina also designed the box individually according to the name code. For example, you will find the Dancing Queen box has designed related with the name. Therefore, none of the box has same designed on it. It differs according to the name code and color code.

As for the applicator, I really love the idea that you won’t need a sharpener! It really saves my time and energy. So, instead of sharpening the edges, you just need to twist the bottom of the pencil to push out the rest of the pencil. How good is that! Personally, it makes me keep reaching for it.

Lip Color Balm, dapat dikategorikan sebagai Chubbby Cip Pencil. Selain punya kualitas formula yang bagus, Pensil ini juga punya packaging yang girly dan lucu, sampai – sampai saya tidak dapat menahan diri untuk beli semua shades warna Lip Color Balm ini.IMG_5009


Classic Pink Separator

The Price & The Store

It is very budget friendly! The whole product price range is between Rp 25,000.- to Rp 50,000.-. As for the Lip Color Balm itself, it costs Rp 48,000.-/pc. What a great price, especially for those who just about to start their way into makeup world.

You can get it online at Sociolla and offline at beauty dept store like Watson


That’s all for now, hope you enjoy it 🙂

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