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Hello, as promised, here is my update on Emina Cosmetics – the Beauty Bliss BB Cream. Before hand, I would like to warn you that my review is subject to my skintype, which is the oily type. So, if you find it differently, please keep it in mind that our skin type may be different. Also, if you have tried this BB Cream as well, please feel free to share your thought on the comment section, who knows it may be useful for other readers 🙂




The Formula

Unlike the Korean BB Cream, which is more cool toned, Emina’s BB Cream is very friendly with our Asian warm toned.

Their claim


Beauty Bliss BB Cream is a combination of moisturizer, primer, antioxidant and foundation for a glow and luminous complexion effect.


My thought

After trying this BB Cream for two weeks, I found it more like Tinted Moisturizer than BB Cream. I concluded it based on what Emina claimed and of my experienced during the trial weeks. Unlike Korean BB Cream that tends to look more like grayish-ghostly + oily end result, Emina’s BB cream has a natural dewy finish – more into glowy than oily. However, it only last for about 2 hours before it gets oily. For your information, I used this BB Cream to work, and it just happened that there will be a huge event at my work place, so I have to go in-and-out of of the office to check on the preparation on daily basis. Therefore,  I could test this BB Cream to its max capacity – air-con condition, UV exposure and Indonesia’s crazy hot and humid weather; hence, I would recommend this BB Cream best for people with dry – normal skin. As for people with oily – very oily skin like me:

  • I would highly recommended not to use it for outdoors activity such as sport or if you travel alot.
  • Recommended if you work behind the desk and stay in a full air-con room, this BB Cream will help your skin stay moisturized.
  • Use mineral powder to set it.
  • Use blotting paper after about 2 hours, when the skin will get oily and touch up with mineral powder again to keep it natural / greasy.


Just finished makeup at 9 a.m.
My makeup at 7pm

Can you tell the difference? Even though it looked quite good, the second picture, but the difference is quite obvious. On the first picture, my face looks matte but has a healthy glow; however on the second picture, my face looks oily. It may not look that oily on the picture, but at least, I could tell you that I could feel how oily it was, and it was very gross (iuhhhhh…); just imagine, I had been out side for sometimes, being exposed to UV + pollution + sweaty.. However, if you are inside / indoor, it may not be as oily and gross.

The consistency

It is more runny than I expected; therefore, just with one – two drops, it may be enough to cover the whole face and neck, unless you need more cover.


IMG_5245 IMG_5246 IMG_5247

As you can see from the picture above, I dropped too much.. hahaha.. so I ended up covering half of my hands, including my finger tips. LOL! Anyway, the plus points of this Emina Beauty Bliss – BB Cream:

  • it is very easy to blend.
  • It is light formulated
  • Quick to absorb
  • Does not feel sticky
  • Has a natural finish

The downside:

  • It only comes in two colors: Light & Neutral, so it may be the greatest turn down for people with dark skin.
  • It is not really suitable for people with oily skin like me, whose work or activities require them to be outside most of the time; unless you live in a very cold area like in Canada, which is cold throughout the year.


The Packaging

The packaging is very cute, I thought it was another Korean product, which turned out to be Indonesia’s! What a surprise! So, here is my comments:

  • It’s Pink! (calling to all pink lovers <3 this one is a must have)
  • Simple but cute design (especially for a local product, this is breakthrough!)
  • The size is travel friendly
  • Unfortunately, it is made of plastic tube. (Hopefully Emina read this, please produces it to come with a pump, as it is more hygiene)



Classic Pink Separator

The Price

As I told you on the previous post, Emina Cosmetics is very affordable. The price range is between Rp 25,000.- to Rp 50,000.-. As for this BB Cream, it costs Rp 32,000.-. It’s arguably very cheap for a BB Cream, and the quality is also arguably good too!

Will I repurchase this? I would, although it may not be the best option I have, but why not? It can be my travel buddy & as I work mostly in the office (only for this month I often go outside the room to check on event prep), this BB Cream can be a saver.


Classic Pink Separator

Where to get this?



Aeon Mall BSD

Classic Pink Separator

Thanks for reading my post, I hope you enjoy & find it useful 🙂

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