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Bio-Oil Beauty Regime [SKINCARE REVIEW]

Hello again dears, now, on this post, I am gonna share with you my Beauty Regime for Christmas – Bio-Oil Beauty Regime. It is my part of Christmas Plan, as I believe it is equally important to get my skin ready for the big day. I hope you it useful! 🙂

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So, why Bio-Oil? It is because Bio-Oil is a specialist skincare oil. Specifically, it contains PurCellin Oil, Vitamin A & E and natural plant oils like Lavender, Calendula, Chamomile and Rosemary, which are good for our skin. What’s more, it is safe to use it on the face too.

I have been doing this regime for one month, and I can see some result already. Therefore, I decided to continue this routine for three months, i.e. till the end of December, to get the best result as suggested on the description box.

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Morning Beauty

1. Drink a tall glass of water

I like to drink a tall glass of water in the morning as a day booster. It is very important as not only dehydration may make us feel terrible, but it also messes with the quality of our skin too. So, drink a big glass of water,  preferably cold water, is key for kicking off our metabolism.

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2. Face Wash

It has been difficult for me to find the right face wash product for my oily skin. There are so many brands offering so many products. So, it can be tricky to find the ‘one’. So far, Laneige’s Multi Cleanser is my staple cleanser.

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3. Priming the skin

After a good morning shower, I like to prime my skin. It is a very important step to do that you won’t skip if you want to have a brigth and healthy skin. So, what I do:


I do the  3 simple steps before applying any makeup. Here are the products I use in the routine:

  • Cleanser: Nivea Makeup Clear White Oil Control 2in1 foam
  • Toner: Bioderma Sensibio H2O
  • Moisturizer: Laneige Waterbank Essence & Laneige Waterbank Gel Cream
  • Lip Balm: Maybelline Babylips Balm

So, why am I not include Bio-Oil on the list? It is because I have oily skin. I have tried to mix it with my foundation, but since it does not have oil control power, so it did not work on me; my face looks super oily and over glowy. However, I believe that it will work with people with dry -normal skin, or very dry skin.  Well, Bio-Oil does claim that individual results will vary.


I use Bio-Oil for shower. At first, I was not sure to use it for shower. Imagining how greasy it would be, I took courage to try it. Surprise, surprise.. It did not feel greasy at all! It was like using shower lotion, even better, because it was not slimy like shower lotion. So, I am gonna continue using it during shower, especially in the morning; so I don’t have to worry about forgetting body lotion as I rushed to work.

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Night Beauty

At night, I do the same 3 simple steps routine for my face, just I use different products combinations in the regime.


I call this routine as a double-cleansing routine. It is because, the cleanser itself is not enough to remove all of my makeup. Hence, it always leaves residue. So, I like to use baby wipes first before washing my face. Afterwards, of course, toning up the face; then, I like to use face oil – Bio-Oil, as moisturizer.

What I like most about bio-oil is that it is hypoallergenic. After using it for a month, I found it helpful in treating my uneven skin-tone, minimize pore, and makes skin brighter.



As mentioned above, Bio-Oil has become my new regime. What’s more, I like to pat some of the Bio-Oil on my hair to treat my split and frizzy hair. Moreover, I also like to apply it on my nails as cuticle care and hands. It’s easy, just massage a small amount of Bio-Oil into your fingers on daily basis

That’s all, and I am done for the day and ready for a sleeping beauty. Now, I have to tell you that the big secret of beauty is not in the product or how I do my routine. Those are important factors of beauty. However, the secret key is discipline. When it comes to beauty, it’s all about self-discipline. No matter what product you use, if you are not discipline; then, you get nothing out of it.

So, be smart in choosing the right product for your skin; be diligent with your beauty routine; lastly, drink enough water, eat healthy and get enough good night sleep.

My happy skin, happier life <3



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