Chi Chi Chandelier Lips

I haven’t actually heard a lot about Chi Chi Chandelier Lips review, nor finding their swatches, except from Shaaanxo on her YouTube channel.

Based on their description, Chi Chi Chandelier Lips are Lip Lacquers containing rich concentration of ultra-reflecting micro-pearls, which will leave your lips sparkling. In my opinion, it is a super glassy lip gloss that contains glitters in their formulation; hence, it makes your lips look sparkling.

Chichi Chandelier Complete-3

There are 12 shades in total:

  • The Glitterati – Clear Crystal Pearl
  • Brat Pack – Golden Nude Crystal Pearl
  • The Jet Set – Pinky Nude Crystal Pearl
  • Lah-De-Dah – Peachy Apricot Crystal Pearl
  • Lady of Leisure – Pinky Coral Crystal Pearl
  • Valley Girl – Candy Pink Crystal Pearl
  • Socialite – Baby Pink Crystal Pearl
  • Nouveau Riche – Soft Purple Lilac Crystal Pearl
  • Old Money – Hot Pink Fuchsia Crystal Pearl
  • Rich Biatch – Blue Based Red Crystal Pearl
  • The Privileged – Berry Crystal Pearl
  • Money Bags – Orange Crystal Pearl

However, in this blog, I will only review 3 shades: The Socialite, Rich Biatch & The Privileged




The Socialite



Just like the description said, it is baby pink in color – pink base with purple glitter. It looks good on the packaging and  when you swatch it on your hand, but it looks pale when applied on the lips. It will be a good topper to make your lips look glazed. I won’t recommend this for people with light and fair skin color (I got fair / Asian Light Beige Skin Color), as it will wash you out, unless you wear bold color lippies as based.


Rich Biatch



Basically, it is red in color with a hint of red and purple glitter. So, I have to disagree with their description that stated that it is a blue based red. Unlike Socialite, this lippy can be rocked universally. As for the application, it can be wear alone or as topper. Personally, I like to combine it with Mauve Lipstick to enhance the color to be brighter.


The priviledge

IMG_8043 IMG_7997

This Berry Crystal Pearl is actually a pigmented dark navy purple with purple & red glitter. Even though it is pigmented – can be wear alone or as topper of lipstick – it is not that dark, when applied, it looks like mauve-berry color. So, if you a fan of mauve lippies color, you gonna love this one. I like to combine it with nude lipstick as base; my favorite combination for simple daily look <3.


The swatch

First of all, I would like to apologize to you all, because I cannot give you a proper lip swatch yet. I have been trying to capture a good shot of it, but unfortunately, the results were not as good as I wished it to be. I promise that I will update this post when I succeed. So, for the moment, here is the hand swatch of the three Chandelier Lippies:

IMG_8036 IMG_8036(Top – Bottom: Rich Biatch, Socialite, The Privileged)


Pricing: $12.95 AUD

Shops: Available Online ( – they ship internationally) & Offline (K-Mart, Target, Myer)

Rating: 3.5/5

In summary, I am actually quite surprise with myself for liking these lippies. In short, I am not a lipgloss person. I won’t use it unless necessary, because lipgloss, not only it is sticky, it tends to transfer into anything; therefore I don’t like it. However, I like this Chi Chi Chandelier Lips because of even though it is glassy & do transfer into anything too, but it is not as sticky as other lipgloss out there + I love their unique colors. Will I repurchase it? Yes, I will! I actually would like to get the rest of the colors to complete my collection.

Hope my review bless you all 🙂


PS: This is not a sponsored review