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I initially wanted to write beauty tips specifically for winter season, as it is cold now on the south part of the world; however, considering that I am now back in Indonesia (a tropical country), and it’s summer season on the north part of the world; so, I, finale, decided to write a 4 season beauty tips instead. 

I used to live in Melbourne before as an overseas student; hence, I knew how stressful our skin could be, as it had to face a constant weather changes throughout the year. So, the following is my beauty tips based on my experiences. Hope it can help you to keep your skin healthy and bright on every seasons!

  1. Switch your skincare products & routine
    Just like we don’t wear the same clothing in December & June, we don’t want to use the same products & do the same routine too.Autumn – Winterautumn__winter-wallpaper-1024x768
    It’s the time to put away our oil-fighting cleanser, toners, moisturizers and treatments (like masks and peels), with hydration boosting products. The low temperatures and blustery winds are tough on our skin and hair, resulting in dryness, flaking and dull tone. Hence, I would suggest to use an oil-based moisturizer than water-based moisturizer. It is because the oil is useful in creating a protective layer on the skin that will retain more moisture.
    Your hair is more prone to breakage and dryness during this season, so try to wash your hair once a day ONLY because shampoo can strip your scalp of its natural oils. In my experienced, I found my hair became very dry; hence, I got more hair falls, end split & breaking alot; so, I like to use hair oil to keep it nourished. Also, limit your use of heated styling products like hair dryers (use the cool setting), flat irons and curling irons too.Body:
    As for the body, it’s the time to pamper the skin with moisturizer. Use the richest skin cream you can find, like body butter. Many often confused in differing body butter and body lotion. Here is a short explanation:

    Body butter has heavier, more emollient and have a more luxurious feel as opposed to lotions + the moisturizers in body butter contain lubricating ingredients and natural oil that coat the skin to create a barrier between the skin’s surface and outside element.
    Body lotion has lighter in consistency, have a lower oil content and are not lubricating; however, it preserves the moisture that is already in the skin.

    I personally love to use The Body Shop Shea Body Butter. It is a super-rich and creamy body butter, containing three additional Community Trade ingredients: cocoa butter from Ghana, Babassau oil from Brazil, and beeswax from Zambia.

    VLUU L200 / Samsung L200

    The benefit:
    1. Shea butter – Moisturizes and helps soften the skin.
    2. Cocoa butter – Is an excellent moisturizer that melts at body temperature, leaving the skin feeling soft and silky smooth.
    3. Babassau oil – Moisturizes the skin.

    So, it is very recommended, especially for those with dry – very dry skin.

    Important notes:
    1. It is fragrance, so if you don’t like something fragrance, I would suggest to try the tester first before buying it.
    2. It takes sometimes to sink in

    Spring – Summer

    On this season, we would like to use a water-based moisturizer or if you are prone to acne, try gel-based moisturizer instead. Here is a little trick that your skin will thank us for doing it, especially when the temperature is rising – keep the toner in the refrigerator; it will give the skin a refreshing burst of coolness 😉

    Just like winter, summer is one of the worst time of the year for our hair. The heat from the sun degrades the protective protein in hair; hence, it oxidizes the color of our hair to a brassy hue, wipes out the shine, and leaves locks brittle. Therefore, it is important to apply sunscreen on the hair too! Look for a sunscreen spray that has SPF in its formulation, such as the Apivita’s Sunscreen Spray for Hair (I haven’t personally tried it). Also, don’t forget to wear hat when you go out.

    As for the body, in contrast with winter, I will use lotion that contains SPF in it instead of body butter, unless you have a very dry skin that you need richer moisturizer. In this season, I personally like to use Nivea Rich Nourishing Body Lotion at night, as Air Conditioner can be very drying for the skin (Indonesia is always hot, even at night and my bed room does not have window), and The Sun Ultra Beach Protect Sunscreen SPF50+ for the day to work.

  2. Seek a specialist
    Why a specialist? Because a specialist can help us analyzing our skin-type, troubleshoot our current skin care regimen and give advises on the skin care products that we may need to use. I am not saying that the local drugstore salesperson is not helpful, but they are not helpful enough to give us the advises we need when it comes to certain issues; their knowledge are limited to products description on the packaging, training & their own experiences with the products that they have tried and they liked. That’s why, going to an esthetician or dermatologist even just once is a good investment.However, that does not mean that you have to buy everything high-end products. Not everything expensive must be good for our skin. In fact, the extra price we pay for the expensive stuff is often just for the packaging and marketing (I was an advertising students; so I know the tricks). What important is to find how our skin respond to the product, not how much money we paid for it.
  3. Use Sun Screen!
    This is very important! I can’t highlight it enough. If you really wanna preserve the health of your skin, you have to apply sunscreen before going out, including your hair. Yes, our hair needs love too! As mentioned above, try to look for styling product  that contains sunscreen. No matter what the season you are in right now, Sunscreen is very important; remember, our skin is prone to the UV exposure.As Indonesia is always sunny and hot, I like to use Nivea Sun Ultra Beach Protect SPF50+ Quick Dry Spray.
    NIVEA SUN Ultra Beach Protect Sunscreen Aerosol SPF50I know.. it has a very long name, but this Spray Lotion has an advanced formula in protecting our skin from sun damage and premature ageing. Th UVA/UVB filter system provides us with immediate protection from UV rays, Vitamin E to nourish our skin and to combat free radicals and premature ageing. What I like most, it is quickly absorbed and not greasy at all + it is also water resistant too; so we are free to play in the water without worry. However, I will recommend you to reapply it after a few hours, just to make sure that our skin is well protected. My mom loves this product alot. She has been using it for months now, every morning before swimming.
  4. Hydrate for your healthThere are countless benefit of water. Literally, water is life that none can survive without it. Here is some facts:1. Water is a necessity for our survival. None can live less than a week without water.
    2. Drinking water is actually essential  for our body to function and for circulation, as all the minerals, vitamins and nutrients in the body are distributed by water; hence, it keeps our skin healthy looking and clean.
    3. Drinking water helps to improve mood, because when we drink, our body feel refreshed that it actually improves our state of mind, as even mild dehydration can impact our moods.
    4. As mentioned million times by every beauty experts, water helps detoxing the waste in our body, by keeping our kidneys working properly. Imagine if our kidney does not function properly, all the waste from our body stuck inside us, just what will happen? So, make sure to drink regularly.
    5. It energize us. So, when feeling tired, drink some water. It is an alarm from the body that there is not enough H2O left; hence, we feel tired.
    6. It helps us think more clearly. When we haven’t been drinking enough water, it causes shrinkage of brain tissues; hence, our brain has to work harder to perform at the same level. So, when working, keep a bottle near you and keep yourself hydrate.
    7. Get your bubble bath ready girls! A studies found that the sounds of bubbling water is the most pleasing sound to listen; what’s more, the sounds of water flowing has also been found to have therapeutic effects! <3
    8. A warm foot-bath before bed can help us sleep.

    So, Drink regularly! 

  5. Get enough Sleep!One of the best way to maintain beauty is by getting enough night sleep. It is because when we sleep, our skin uses the hours to heal itself from the day’s damage. That’s why we look fresh and rosy when waking up.
    my lil baby <3
    This was my lil’ baby boy when he was 2 weeks old <3

    Some impacts when we don’t get enough sleep (I experienced these when I was in uni):
    1. One of the worst impact of lack of sleep is stress, which causes pimples and blackheads.
    2. Dark circles. It will definitely make us look like panda. Well, we definitely can hide them by applying a light layer of eye cream as a primer and then blend in a dot of concealer one to two shades lighter than our skintone; however, it won’t solve our panda eyes problem.
    3. As we pull an all-nighter, our skin will look more pale or blotchy. Sleeps encourages healthy blood flow to our skin.

    Here is a tips to be a sleeping beauty: Take a warm bath and pamper yourself with bubbles, oils or perhaps a body scrub; it will raise your body temperature a little. You will definitely feel sleepy afterwards as your body temperature drops afterwards. It feels very nice, especially in winter.


Hope my 4 season beauty tips may help your beautiful skin going through the rough season changes <3

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