Terminologi Skincare A – Z [Bahasa Indonesia]

Siapa disini yang berpendapat bahwa untuk bisa merawat kulit wajah lebih maksimal, kita perlu memahami Terminologi Skincare? Saya pribadi merasa perlu banget untuk mempelajari terminologi – terminologi skincare. Kalau kita tidak paham terminologi – terminologi tersebut, gimana caranya kita tahu bahwa Skincare A lebih cocok untuk kita ketimbang skincare B? Oleh karena itu, lewat postingan […]

Evian Mineral Facial Spray Water [REVIEW]

Was I the only one who felt the weather has not been friendly lately? I think so, though the sky looked cloudy and rained down, but it still felt very hot and humid. Especially this afternoon, though it was raining for a while, but still.. I felt like a melting ice cream, sweating and sticky.. yuck! Then, […]

Skincare Review: Gizi Super Cream

Gizi, anyone ever heard a skincare brand name Gizi? Two things that first popped in my mind was balanced nutrition and children. It is because in Indonesia Gizi means a digestive process in which food is transformed into energy. Hence, I never thought that it is actually a local beauty brand. I was even more […]

Bio-Oil: Blogging Competition

Yay! I am really grateful for His grace & blessing for me. I could not believe it, I won the Runner Up position for the Bio-Oil blogging competition that was held last month! <3 I initially joined the competition just for fun. It just happened that I was doing a Bio-Oil routine last month, and was […]


I initially wanted to write beauty tips specifically for winter season, as it is cold now on the south part of the world; however, considering that I am now back in Indonesia (a tropical country), and it’s summer season on the north part of the world; so, I, finale, decided to write a 4 season beauty tips instead.