Review Body Serum Nivea Extra White Radiant & Smooth

Kalau kemarin kita ngebahas skincare, hari ini aku mau membahas review dari body serum Nivea terbaru: NIVEA Extra White Radiant & Smooth Body Serum. Serum ini adalah produk terbaru dari NIVEA. Aku memutuskan untuk mencoba body serum mereka ini karena aku sudah lama banget hunting produk perawatan untuk kulit super kering, tapi tidak greasy seperti Body Butter. […]

My Must Bring Holiday Essentials

Hello everyone, today’s update is about my must bring holiday essentials. Before that, let me greet you Happy Idul Fitri for those who celebrate! I wish you all were having great quality times with your family and loved one. I don’t know how it goes overseas, but in Indonesia, Idul Fitri is celebrated as National […]


I initially wanted to write beauty tips specifically for winter season, as it is cold now on the south part of the world; however, considering that I am now back in Indonesia (a tropical country), and it’s summer season on the north part of the world; so, I, finale, decided to write a 4 season beauty tips instead.