BLP Beauty Dual Eye Definer [Makeup Review]

Siapa disini yang sudah coba BLP Beauty Dual Eye Definer? Buat yang bingung, jadi ceritanya BLP Beauty, setelah sukses dengan produk Lip Coat mereka yang booming itu, kini mengembangkan line produk mereka ke eyes makeup. Keep on reading to find out more about BLP Beauty New products & also for Bonus Makeup Tutorial!

Sweet Makeup Lebaran [Makeup Challange]

Phew, gak terasa sekarang sudah waktunya Makeup Challenge lagi. Sehubung bulan Juni tahun ini bertepatan dengan masa lebaran; so, as you all can guess, tema kita kali ini adalah Makeup Lebaran. Dann… kali ini aku bukan hanya berkolaborasi dengan Beautiesquad saja, tetapi juga dengan Surabaya Beauty Blogger, Bandung Beauty Blogger, Bali Beauty Blogger dan Jogja […]

Emergency Makeup Kit

Have you ever been in a situation where you must be ready for something very important just in minutes? I have been in such situations very many times, especially in weekends. My husband’s family are always spontaneous. It’s very contrast with my family. My family like to have things plan ahead. For example, today is […]

LA Girl Indonesia [ Makeup Review]

LA Girl Indonesia surely knows how to make a surprise. So, here is the thing. I went to Cosmbeaute Indonesia 2016 last month. Not knowing that I would won anything, I went around the booths, checking heaps of beauty products. It was really amazing. Think I should have spared 2 days for the exhibition. It […]


Hello, today I would like to share my thoughts about Make Over Gel Eyeliner. it’s been a while since I post my last makeup review. Please accept my sincere apology. My days have been hectic with endless flows of work. Also, since I have been receiving lots of invitations lately, hence, as you all know, […]